Jarvis: Doc, the code red. Repeating, code red.

Stephen: shitshitshitshitshit

Stephen: *appears in Stark tower*


Stephen: babe, it’s okay. it’s a natural th…


Peter: *opens the door*

Peter: hey! what is going on with dad?

Tony: *leans on Stephen and cries*

Stephen: he had a gray hair.

meeting daisy ridley

i barely ever write posts but i believe this is worthy of one

last thurdsay, 2nd november, i was fortunate enough to meet the absolute love of my life miss daisy ridley at the world premiere of murder on the orient express

now this was the biggest premiere ive ever been to and i had to get on a coach from catdiff to london on the tuesday night and arrived on the early hours of wednesday morning and i was K N A C K E R E D and cold and hungry but i was like nah this is hopefully gonna pay off, baring in mind that the last i heard was that daisy was still in montreal filming chaos walking so this whole thing was a massive gamble and i was going down on my own

anyway, premiere day arrives and i am sO nervous, i couldn’t eat or drink, i was shaking from the moment i woke up and i was literally just on edge the whooooole morning

fast forward to being behind the barriers waiting for the premiere to begin, an important looking woman on the red carpet turned to another important looking woman and told her to add daisy’s name to all of the lists because she was now 100% coming and i was there like shitshitshitshitshit this could finally happen

anyways the cast all start to arrive then suddenly lorraine kelly is like WELCOME DAISY RIDLEY TO THE CARPET and i lost my SHIT i was like jesus she’s here and so am i???

she eventually makes her way up the carpet and goes on the stage so im like RIGHT HERE’S MY CHANCE and i hold my sign up that reads “I’VE BEEN HERE FOR 40 HOURS TO MEET DAISY RIDLEY” and like 10 seconds later i see her look over and mouth the words then look shocked and points and waves and im like bloody hell i am GONE and then the interview begins and lorraine mentions that someone’s been there for 40 hours and daisy said that she’s not worth it ???!??!? like bby g i would have been there even longer if i needed to

anyway that wraps up and daisy walks off the stage and im like shit where’s she gone and tHEN SHE IS THERE SHE IS LIKE 10 FT AWAY FROM ME AND IM LIKE FUCK and someone moves the rope to let her over and she points at me and comes straight over and gives me the biggest and best hug ive ever had and says “nobody should have to wait 40 hours to meet anyone” and i LOSE it i am SOBBING and then she told me to not cry like girl ive cried over you 10x more than ive ever cried over anyone and she thanked me for waiting and i was like omg ive written you a letter but…shit ive lost it one sec and she was like don’t worry and whilst im looking for it she shouts “THIS GIRL HAS BEEN HERE FOR 40 HOURS, THIS IS THE GIRL OF THE NIGHT” and im trying to find my letter still and also literally DYING because she just called me the girl of the night and finally i find the fucker and i hand it to her and then we take a selfie which i fucking LOVE and then im like fuck can you sign my phone case? which says ‘okay but daisy ridley though’ and she laughs and asks for my name ?????? i was like hold me so i tell her it’s abbie and she asks if it’s with a double b and obvs i say yes like im not gonna say no obvs and she writes my name and then puts thank you and signs it along with two kisses and im like almost on the floor and then she signs a picture that i had of her as mary debenham and i think that was it like something else could have happened but that’s literally when i just WENT AND I HAD TO LEAN OVER THE BARRIER AND JUST CRY

she was so damn lovely, i felt so damn appreciated by her like that i genuinely meant something and i have not stopped smiling since, i have not felt this happy in such a long time and it all couldn’t have gone any better for me, i’m so glad that this is the woman im in love with, i wouldn’t change anything

moral of the story is that daisy ridley is the best

Sidekick!Adrien AU (3)

A compilation of all the things contributed by @mirthalia, Anons, myself, and a myriad of others yesterday. Also linking to posts one and two and the drabble I did. If y’all want to see the amazing fan art and fics people have done so far, check my sidekick!Adrien AU tag! (And if you contribute any yourself, please tag me so I can reblog it!)

  • In this AU, whenever Adrien isn’t modeling he tends to wear hoodies, beanies, and glasses. The baggy clothes help hide his AMAZING BODY later on.
  • Adrien originally starts hacking because he wants to get as many glimpses of Ladybug as possible.
  • He decides to toughen himself up after a mission where Ladybug almost gets seriously hurt and all he can do is pace and worry and pray that she’s all right. 
  • The first time he tries to fight someone, he gets his ass kicked. Obviously.
  • He’s fond of buying and trying out all sorts of things that don’t work, like smoke bombs. (Ladybug is exasperated by this, but grateful for the bulletproof jacket he invests in later.)
  • Adrien doesn’t actually know how to trick out his motorcycle, so he takes it to part-time DJ/mechanic Nino Lahiffe. Nino is #suspicious, but this dork is so pure that they become friends.
  • Adrien likes to gush about how awesome Ladybug is to his new best friend.
  • Ladybug is happy that Adrien is happier!
  • Eventually Adrien has to meet his bf’s gf, so Nino introduces him to Alya… and her best friend, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
  • Marinette: *SCREAMING INTERNALLY* (Which brings us to…)

The Adrinette Edition

  • Of course Marinette knows her partner when she sees him. She’s probably kissed every inch of that stupidly handsome face of his two or three times over.
  • Marinette: shitshitshitshitshit TIKKI THIS WASN’T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN
  • Tikki: Well geez Marinette what did you think was going to happen lol *insert sagelike advice here*
  • To make matters worse, Alya is absolutely convinced Marinette fell in love with Adrien at first sight and that’s why she was being so shy around him
  • So Alya’s trying to play matchmaker
  • to get Marinette together with her own boyfriend
  • while Adrien thinks Marinette doesn’t like him for some reason
  • when in fact he has had his tongue in her mouth on more than one occasion.
  • On the one hand Marinette is glad Adrien is loyal to his Lady love, but would it kill him to have just a tiny crush on her civilian self??
  • Insert ridiculous amounts of dramatic irony and comedic tension.

But how will the reveal go down?

—At a fast food restaurant.—

Ravenclaw: They are looking at you.

Slytherin: What? Who?

Ravenclaw: You know who.

Slytherin: I don’t understand—— *turns beside them*

Hufflepuff: *glares intensifies*

Slytherin: …!! *blushes being caught up*

Slytherin: They are looking at me!

Ravenclaw: That’s what I told you.

Slytherin: But what——

Hufflepuff: *Suddenly stands up and approaches*

Slytherin: *shitshitshitshitshit*

Slytherin: *Tries to give Puff a seductive smile* What’s up——

Hufflepuff: Sorry, are you going to eat that?




Slytherin: No, you can have it *cries inside*

IkéSen Imagines: Cuddling With the Warlords | Oda Forces

So, I do headcanons and imagines and absolutely no one ever asks for them on either of my blogs, so I’m doing them now, and I’m starting with the best of the best - cuddles. This is part one, with Nobunaga and his bois -w-

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anonymous asked:

Headcannons for the paladins s/o training them and just lots of flirting and joking and no actual training being done, if you want x

Aw, this is a cute prompt!

-Paladins training w/ S/O (but mostly just flirting)-


  • His and his S/O are sparring partners most of the team, each helping each other improve hand-to-hand combat.
  • However, due to his arm, he has an advantage.
  • Luckily, his S/O knows how to get to him.
  • At first, he just tries to ignore the constant winks and blown kisses every time he gets closer to them.
  • But his S/O is relentless, and it gets harder to remain focused as they carry on.
  • Cheesy pick up lines, suggestive looks, hits that are more playful than anything else…
  • It all comes to head when he lands a hit and they let out a yelp.
  • S/O: “Babe, not so rough! Save that for later~”
  • He CAN’T.
  • He flushes bright red, and sinks down, his face in his hands. His S/O is laughing beside him, apologizing to him and rubbing his back.


  • Him and his S/O are fighting a training bot together, each in unison with each others moves.
  • It’s almost a competition between them, to see who can get more damage in before it’s defeated.
  • And his S/O knows EXACTLY how to win.
  • After fighting for a while, they take a couple steps back, watching Keith from a distance.
  • Finally, they speak, cupping their hands around their mouth to carry their voice.
  • S/O: “DAMN Keith, your ass looks GREAT right now!”
  • He stops and STARES at his S/O.
  • WHAT did they just say?
  • He’s about to ask when WHAM! The training bot sends him flying across the room.
  • S/O: “shitshitshitshitshit COMPUTER END SIMULATION”
  • Keith’s okay, just flustered
  • His S/O runs over to him, asking him is he’s okay, apologizing for distracting him
  • Keith: “I’m fine… but… what you said… was that just a way to distract me, or..?”
  • He’s a dork. 
  • His S/O confirms that yes, he has a great ass.


  • It’s just them picking up random weapons and using them for things they are not meant not be used for Lance swords can nOT BE THROWN LIKE JAVELINS THAT DOESN’T WORK-
  • His S/O and him try to come up with the most ludicrous ideas for new uses for the weapons and training equipment.
  • Lance: “What if instead of shooting the bad guys, we just kinda sick the training bots on them? I think that’d work a lot better. Honestly why don’t we just bring the training room stuff with us to every battle. They have fighting robots, why can’t we?”
  • S/O: “Go OFF babe.”
  • When they do actually try to train, it always ends up as “let’s see who can tackle the other and land on top of them first”
  • Lance’s S/O usually wins
  • S/O: “Man, this view is great.”
  • Lance: “I love you???”


  • Most of the time, he’s pretty good about training.
  • He needs to keep up his training in order to protect those he loves and the universe on top of that…
  • But his S/O knows how to get him distracted~
  • He was working doing push-ups with when he hears his S/O come in. He’s gives them a grunt as a greeting, and flashes them a quick smile before continuing his work out.
  • Yeah that’s not gonna cut it Hunk.
  • It isn’t long before he feels a weight on his back… like, a REALLY heavy weight.
  • His S/O is laying down on him, their whole back against his.
  • Hunk: “Ugh… hey honey?”
  • S/O: “Hi. I missed you.”
  • To his S/O’s annoyance, he just chuckles and continues with his push-ups.
  • S/O: “… babe our butts are touching.”
  • Yeah that got him. He’s on the ground IMMEDIATELY, laughing with his S/O cackling on top of him.


  • Does hide-and-seek count as training?
  • Well it does now!
  • According to Pidge and her S/O, it’s good for practicing stealth and hiding for gathering intel and spying.
  • S/O always says that Pidge is cheating because she always hides in the vents where she can’t be reached. Pidge says her S/O is cheating by turning up the air conditioner to near FREEZING to chase Pidge out of the vents.
  • It’s like. A huge deal to them. The whole crew knows to snitch on the hiding places, lest they suffer the other’s wrath.
  • They keep a journal full of times and wins and rules.
  • It’s kind of ludicrous, but it’s HELLA fun.

Thanks for the request, hope you enjoy!