after they start dating otabek totally develops a fixation for yuris hands

he loves them. loves the way yuri’s long fingers feel whenever he cups otabeks face, loves the smooth way they feel against his own palm when their hands are interlaced, loves the way they look whether yuri’s wearing rings or bracelets or any shade of nail polish

he loves pressing his lips to yuri’s knuckles, or turning his head to kiss yuri’s palm whenever yuri holds his hand to his cheek, or spontaneously grabbing yuris wrist and kissing his pulse

and when he sees yuri with ice cream on the corner of his lips and grabs yuri’s hand and guides it so yuris thumb can swipe it away, and then guides his hand to his mouth and licks the ice cream off, well. he realizes that maybe he should get his fixation under control.

(or not, because yuri’s face is an adorable shade of red right now, and he would like to see it again.)

okay but i was just thinking

imagine being one of the older people who were around to witness the heyday of the Former Extra Duo™ aka victor nikiforov and christophe giacometti. you probably still have a clear imprint of you palm on the side of your face from facepalming so much. imagine that beautiful feeling of relief because okay, while vitya will never stop being Extra™, he’s obviously settling down with the love of his life (who seems like a pretty calm person thank god) and chris… well, he’s still doing his mature eros butt thing but let’s be real you’re pretty much used to it by now and he’ll most likely retire in a few years.

so things are looking pretty nice and peaceful compared to what they were some years back! right?

now imagine hearing the first notes of welcome to the madness and feeling that familiar dread creeping back in. oh dear god no. not again. there’s heavy metal! sunglasses flying into the audience! is that the 15yo gold medalist stripping on the ice?! gloves are being ripped of! with teeth! and what’s up with the finger guns??

you fit your palm into it’s familiar position on you face and sigh.

looks like there’s a New Extra Duo™ in town.

Ohh right I had a dream where I was cast in overwatch as an omnic named Siren like it was like I was doing an interview about being the voice of Siren and like. I think it sorta combined with my omnic pirate oc idea and got mushed up in my brain and anyway it was super cool she was like reverse Lucio and her ult was Brainwash and anyways I apparently really want to be in overwatch if I’m dreaming up OCs to voice.

Voltron Season 3 Trailer

[several galra sitting in an office meeting room. haggar the druid is standing at a presentation board. the words on the board read “Black paladin”]

HAGGAR: The previous black paladin is missing. The former red paladin is taking his place.

HAGGAR: There’s only one thing worse than the black paladin—

[haggar rips of a piece of paper below the words, to reveal the words “Keith”


[camera pans to lotor sitting at the end of the table. a quick zoom into a close up of his face. eyes widening, he looks horrified]  

LOTOR: *gasps* A CHILD 

[muffled, in the background] No—

anonymous asked:

How do you stay motivated to work out and be fit? I've been trying at this summer bod for weeks with zero improvement 🙂

progress is always slow.. starting to workout consistently for a few weeks isnt gonna have some noticeable changes and numbers are gonna go down the thing is when you motivate yourself based on short term results your not gonna stick it out and your drive will die your motivation needs to be built on something more concrete i have friends who motivate me, i have fitness icons i can look up to hell i even have fictional characters that fricken inspire me TRUST ME you can do it! take progress photos because when you look at yourself everyday you cant even see it but trust YOU ARE IMPROVING 

The same woman who did the press interviews for (that hidden remote I think) basically got to see 2x11 and will do a review over the weekend. 

She said in a tweet “ Guys. I just finished 2x11. I need some time to process all of these feels. It’s good. Like, real good. 2B kicked it up. “ then added “ I’ll get a proper review up over the weekend, but I could watch these first 2 min on repeat for an hour. And I think you will be very happy. “