shits heavy

“I’m glad my jetpack isn’t burning my legs off.”

“Good thing I’m a robot, or else I’d be going straight to the hospital.”

“Look, if fate decided to give me king-sized hands for no practical purpose, the least I can do is gratuitously show them off, alright?”

“I’m just gonna stand here and-get out of the way Rider. *ahem* I’m just gonna stand here and look impor-no seriously get out of the way Rider.”


also its finals week n i miss u guys

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Summary -  After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

Warnings - Heavy Abuse, Cursing, Talk of Injuries

( Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 )

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there seems such a cruel irony in how 13 reasons why is a netflix series - 13 episodes, released all at once, for us to work our way through in the same way as the 13 could. did you binge watch all in one night, like alex? or did you have to watch it in bits and pieces because it was all too horrific, like clay? is it doing things to your head too? is everyone talking about it at school? is everyone talking about hannah baker again? 

The only thing that puzzles me about the Heavies designs/genders/etc is that they all started off as generic Egg Robos, and it was the Phantom Ruby (the name of the new MacGuffin, apparently) that transformed them. So was the Ruby itself thinking:

“Alright, I’m gonna make these guys the biggest, baddest robots you’ve ever seen… And I’m also gonna give this one a bow-tie, cause I like bow-ties. I’ll make this one a girl too… That one over there can have a gun… Oh yeah, and by the way, I REALLY like Motobugs, so you know…”

Now I’m imagining the pre-transformed Egg Robos having civilian identities with shitty backstories before getting transformed into the Heavies, like a Batman villain.

Gary Omelette, once the timid attorney, is now the great Heavy Gunner, the ultimate authority on law and order!

The world laughed at the down-on-his-luck Sean Yolk, but everything changed when he became the dreaded Heavy Shinobi! Now no one shall dare to speak ill of him!

Disgraced by her fashionista peers, Maria Cluck turned the tables as the illusion-spawning Heavy Magician! Dare you play tricks with her?

Rachel McCracker was known for cowering away as a lowly secretary, but as the Heavy Rider, she charges into every situation, no matter the danger!

Karl Enzyme was formerly the washed-up boxer… But no more, as the Heavy King will punch out anyone standing in his way!

Together, they fight noodle-limbed hedgehogs at the will of the mighty Eggman! Together, they bring the future of tomorrow, full of industry and potential! Fight, Hard-Boiled Heavies, for everlasting tyranny peace!

okay wait.

lena threw a microscope?

like…threw it?

i dunno how many of you have held a microscope, but like, those shits are heavy. like, i’m a field scientist right, so i have a field scope that comes with me onto every site i work and seriously, those shits are  h e a v y. like, 20-30lbs. plus they’re cumbersome af and unevenly weighted and, just.

she threw it. just…threw it. like.

look, my point is lena luthor is secretly backing some guns of fucking steel, and could probs arm-wrestle james and give him a run for his money, okay?