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Everyone is loving the “things for us” email and I’m over here sighing about this gem.

Thinking about you.
To: Ryder
From: Liam

Just so you know.


(Liam has included a list of media titled Thinking about you. It’s mostly post-First Contact romantic comedy reboots. Liam notes “When things got crazy and great.”)

the signs as types of friends
  • *use moon and venus too*
  • aries: will fight anyone who hurts you, encourages you to be yourself and never apologize for it
  • taurus: will always be there for you and won't judge you for your mistakes, very loyal and caring
  • gemini: the one you talk about everything with, willing to change for you, your personal cheerleader. can be the goofiest person ever or dead serious depending on the situation.
  • cancer: turns their ringtone on before they go to bed so they can answer u if u have a midnight breakdown
  • leo: shares their food with you and makes you laugh, the friend that gives you flirting advice and gives u the courage to talk to your crush
  • virgo: will try to help you in anything they can and will put your needs over theirs, gives the best advice
  • libra: wanna lay on the couch and watch netflix? (s)he's your gal. wanna go out and have fun? (s)he's your gal. they'll adjust their mood to yours
  • scorpio: has deep talks with u (especially about the past) and forgives you if they think you're truly sorry
  • sagittarius: you do crazy shit with them and never get bored, always tells you the truth no matter how ugly
  • capricorn: protective af, makes you think about your future and what you want and helps you get it.
  • aquarius: makes your weird side come out, "fuck what people think, it's your life!", motivates u to be unique. asks if you're okay and mean it.
  • pisces: encourages you to love yourself and gives you the best compliments. super empathetic. gives you presents even if it isn't your birthday

anonymous asked:

Hello! Mind doing mccree hanzo and lucio with a s/o who's impulsive as hell ?

I absolutely can do that for you.


  • Doesn’t mind you being impulsive
  • For one, McCree himself is impulsive too
  • That is how you two started dating
  • For another, McCree too is impulsive in a fight
  • So the two of you usually work quite well together
  • Plus you drive the team crazy
  • Both of you are always doing crazy shit together
  • Getting yourself into trouble
  • Running into the heart of the battle because something inside tells you too
  • Everything you do is an impulse created by a sudden emotion
  • The chances of you thinking out your decisions are slim to none
  • Same goes for him
  • The two of you are a lot more cautious when it comes to the other though, so that’s the only way to tune both of your craziness down


  • Is pretty relaxed and easy-going
  • Doesn’t mind how impulsive you are
  • Wishes that sometimes you would air on the side of caution
  • But usually he can keep up with you
  • He is very good at determining how high your limits are
  • So if the two of you are in battle and you run into trouble
  • He usually knows when to step in 
  • Or when you can handle yourself
  • He’s also impressed by how you run on your emotion
  • Your a very passionate, emotion-driven person
  • Reacting before thinking is a big thing for you
  • And he’s never been disappointed by what it tells about you
  • Or how much you care for others
  • Always has your back


  • This boy is exasperated
  • While he does like your drive 
  • And how your instinct usually leads you before rationality in some cases
  • He cannot understand how you can be so reckless
  • In the heat of battle, your impulses will make you run ahead or go to cover someone out of reach
  • Hanzo is always scared of how being impulsive might make him lose you
  • Its difficult to focus for him when he feels like he needs to keep an eye on you too
  • At the same time, he loves you a lot
  • He knows what a good fighter you are
  • And he knows that anything you do, you do out of worry and for the safety of others
  • Even if you forget your own safety
  • That’s why he is your partner, because he will always watch your back, even when you can’t

Dere he is, the Jotatonist that’s somewhat based on Giorno (Lol I should REALLY read Part 5).

Like what Anon said. “ he’s a yakuza tuff wannabe who’s violent tendencies caused his initial arrest to be “a little” more warranted and said violence was a shell he built out of fear of ridicule for his beautifully artistic soul”

He has a key-interest in visual art which makes me him BFFs with Yusuke (was highly fucking pissed/offended in the Madarame arc) and is also into coffeemaking…SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. HE GONNA BE WITH HARU.

….Also he has to defeat Haru’s 7 evil suitors in order to continue dating her.

And his name is…. Jon AnJolo….He’s Japanese-Italian (The J in his last name is always capitalized)

dennis reynolds was born to be an eighties movie villain

i want a verse for purely platonic best friends like two people who would do anything for each other / are ride or dies / get into crazy shit / will always be there for each other but will never have anything but platonic feelings for the other / are platonic soulmates pLS i will give anything for this i will sell my souL GIVE A THOUSAND FRIENDSHIP THREADS !!!

You guys are SERIOUSLY unbelievable. Just out of nowhere, you guys poured in and made my days pretty awesome you know? This is the start of week two, and I’ve already gained almost 200 followers !

When I returned to the roleplaying community, I wasn’t expecting this overwhelming wave of praise and compliments. Now this is my chance to be able to give back and promote you all ! I’m still in awe of how much you guys can do to boost this little blog up with the confidence I need and I truly relish the new contents on my dash each day that passes. It’s an amazing opportunity to be on the spot as my favorite Gorillaz character and portray her in the silly manner she is. That’s all thanks to you lovelies out there who can make that happen !! But enough ramble. Have this lame promo banner and I’ll be on my way!! 

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ya I miss long nails my nail lady was always trying to get my to get crazy ass shit tho but she was always vaping SUPERSTAR OG oil when doing my nails so i geddit

transdadlovesyou-deactivated201  asked:

you stated that sombra doesnt know "real" friendship (or somehting on the lines of this) how do you think she would react to someone actually trying to get to know her and be her friend! Like, they genuinely want to help and stuff

- She’d be constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s not like she doesn’t know what friends do, she’s seen movies at the very least, it’s just that she’s expecting a hook and try to figure out where it is. 

- So she’s super fun to be around with, always down to pull off some crazy shit that might get them arrested, but equally content to have a lazy day in and watch movies and gossip. But she’d be on the lookout, constantly and calculating very carefully everything she asks for because in her head she has this complex system of favours rendered and favours asked and she doesn’t want to indebt herself.

- For her to realise that friendship doesn’t have to be exploitative and, for that matter, there’s a difference between exploitative and mutually beneficient, she’d have to be around a larger group of people. She’d have to see first hand that people do things for each other because they like to and sometimes they say now when something’s asked of them, even if it’s technically on them to provide a favour.

- In a lot of ways she’s just behaving like you would in a normal friendship, maybe even get close to the people around her. But she’d feel that there are limits as to where that friendship reaches. Even if her friend makes an effort to ask about her problems and offer assistance, there’ll be a very clear cut line as to just how far this friendship reaches. Even if she trusts them with her life, if shit hits the fan she’d deal with the problem herself rather than asking for help.

- Because no one has ever bailed her out when she’s in trouble and so to Sombra friendship is a superficial affair. It’s there for the funtimes and minor assistance, but once things get serious, you’re on your own.
And that’s why you need powerful people in your pocket, who won’t have another choice but give you what you need.


iHeart Calum

Requested: yes

Paring: reader/Calum

Smut: not in this part, but eventually

Edit: Part 2 is up!! 

iHeart Calum Part 2 – Calum Hood

A/N: So this is a 3 part imagine, and depending on how many notes this part gets I will post part 2 tomorrow night. - Sarah (@5SOS1DTMHT)

You and Calum had not been the closest friends but you had always been best friends with Luke. When they started the band you thought you got along pretty well with all the boys, but Calum had always acted slightly strange towards you. You were disappointed because you kind of fancied him. With his dark hair and gorgeous brown eyes you couldn’t help but be drawn to him. But his actions made it clear that he could not stand you. You tried to be friendly with him, but with nothing from his side you ended up basically tolerating Calum for Luke’s sake, you wanted his band to go somewhere. It was now almost 2 ½ years later and you had flown out to join the boys on tour while they were finishing the American leg of the Where We Are Tour. Your week with them had been fantastic so far apart from Calum’s slightly strange actions. You had chosen to ignore them and just figured it was his way of being protective of you, just like Mike and Ash were. The boys were on a break from the tour to perform at the iHeart Radio music festival and you were so excited to see them on the stage. You had left them backstage and come around to the festival stage they would be performing on. You were a couple of bands early so you just slowly made your way through the crowd until you found a spot that you liked for the performance. You stayed there and enjoyed the artists playing and dancing around with the other people in the crowd.

One guy had caught your attention and you had been dancing with him for a little bit and kind of talking between sets as the crew set up for 5SOS to come onstage. You continued to be friendly with the guy but once the boys got on stage your attention was all on them. They started their set and you danced and sang along to each song. Luke found you first in the crowd and smiled at you giving you your special wave. Then Mike found you and made a weird face before continuing singing. He was such a dork. Ash had no hope of seeing you behind his kit as he furiously drummed away, but you looked over and saw Calum slowly looking over the crowd. You ignored him, knowing he would only do something to irritate you, and you went back to dancing with the guy. As they were singing their last song you looked on stage and connected eyes with Calum as he made this face (See picture above). You tried to decipher what it meant but you couldn’t figure it out. Guess you’d have to ask him when you got back on the bus tonight. Once 5SOS finished their set they thanked the crowd and left backstage to do more interviews.

You stayed for one more artist then said bye to the guy you were dancing with and went back to the bus. You and the boys were going to watch One Direction perform later but you just wanted to chill and maybe play some video games on the bus before you went out again. You show your all access artist-guest pass to get back through security and find the bus. You climb on and hear Michael yelling at Luke from the back lounge. You laugh as you can tell its about Fifa, and walk back to join them. Michael and Luke are sitting next to each other on one couch staring at the tv screen while Ashton is in the single chair with his headphones on, oblivious to the argument. Leaving Calum on the other couch and the only open seat next to him. You sigh and walk over figuring you may as well ask him about that look from earlier.

“Hey Cal,” you say as you sit down, “everything okay with you?” “Yeah, why?” he says rather harsh. “You made a weird face at me on stage during the last song and I was just wondering what it was about, don’t have to be so rude about it, geez” you say getting up and walking out of the lounge towards the front of the bus. You sit in the front lounge and soon Ashton joins you.

“Hey Ash, what’s up?” you ask. “Don’t take Calum’s words to seriously, he just has an issue telling you how much he likes you. And if you tell him I told you that I will deny it until the end of days” he says as he retreats to his bunk, presumably to FaceTime his girlfriend. Well that was weird, and can’t be true you think to yourself as you grab a can of soda from the fridge and sit down. “YYYYYY/NNNNNN” you hear Luke yell out, “Yeeeeeeeeessssss Lucas?” you respond. “Come back here and beat Michael at Fifa please? He’s being an ass and needs to be put in his place” you chuckle to yourself as you stand up and take your soda back with you to the back lounge.

Luke has moved to the seat Ash was in and Michael is now taking up the whole couch. “Mike move your ass” you tell him. “Fuck that, sit next to Calum. I am the king of Fifa and as such I require an entire couch, which is why Luke was banned to the corner.” You roll your eyes and go and sit next to Calum again. “So are we gonna play or are you scared that you’re gonna lose your grown to a girl Mikey?” you taunt him. “Fuck that, I can still beat you. Girl or not, I am the king of Fifa and you will not take away my crown.” Michael brags. You grab the remote from the table and you and Mike begin to play. You score on him twice in the first half, then he scores on you before you score again ending the game. “Looks like your reign is over Clifford,” Calum teases from beside you, “You just got your ass handed to you.” Calum smirks as Michael flips him off and gets up. “Screw you Hood, I’m getting food” Michael pouts as he stomps out of the lounge to the front of the bus.

You, Luke and Calum sit in an awkward silence for a minute before Luke says “Uhhhhhh I’m gonna make a sandwich too.” and quickly leaves closing the door behind him. You and Calum then sit in silence for another minute before you turn to him and say, “So are you ever going to answer my question without snapping at me?” He says nothing as he runs his hands up and down his legs like he is trying to dry them. “It’s nothing, but I’m sorry if you thought I snapped at you. I’m just tired. I should probably go sleep I guess.” He says as he starts to get up. “Oh no you don’t get to get out of this that fast Hood. Sit your ass down” He groans as he sits back down and stares at you. “So what?” he questions. “I may have been told that you’ve been so weird this tour towards me because you may or may not feel something for me.” You say carefully, trying not to get Ashton in trouble. “You’ve ‘been told’ have you, by who?” “I’m not revealing my sources, just answer the question” Again Calum is silent as he stares at you contemplating his answer. “So what if I said yes, it’s not like you feel anything for me but annoyance most of the time so there’s no point-“ “No point in what Calum?” you cut him off.

He sighs before saying, “No point in telling you how insanely jealous I felt when I saw you dancing with that guy during the set today, or how damn protective I feel over you whenever you are with us because of all the crazy shit that can happen. Or how I always get jealous when Luke skypes you for hours on end and you talk to him and are happy to do so but as soon as you see me you shut up and say barely anything at all. How jealous I am that you get on so well with Mike and Ash but can’t seem to stand being around me. It kills me that you will probably never feel anything close to how I feel about you, and have felt since we met.” Calum finishes speaking to the ground before he takes a breathe and slowly raises his eyes to look at you. “Or how I can tell that that is the last thing that you ever wanted to hear and now I feel like a complete idiot and I’m gonna just go” he says quickly, standing to leave. You stand quickly and place yourself between him and the door. Without thinking twice, you bring your hands to his face and your lips to his as you stand on your tip toes to reach. His eyes go wide, then realizes what you’re doing and his hands move to your waist. You kiss him sweetly before pulling away.

“I’ve wanted to hear you say something like that for a while Cal” you whisper. His eyes light up as you lean in to kiss him again. This time he leans down and meets your kiss so you’re not on your tip toes. You reach your hands up and tangle them in his hair deepening the kiss. His hands find their way to your lower back again as he plays with the hem of your shirt. “Who knew it would take 2 ½ years for you to make a move Hood,” you tease him, “You’ve kept me waiting.” “You won’t have to wait anymore” he says darkly as he locks the door into the back lounge and pulls you back towards the couch.

Part 2? 

iHeart Calum Part 2 – Calum Hood