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Chose Wisely (Mitch Rapp x Reader)

A/N: What up bitches?!?! This is probably the most I’ve posted in like years so be fucking proud of me. Haven’t seen American Assassin YET but I’ll probably go with my friend to see it on Friday.

Pairing: Mitch x Reader, Stiles x Reader (mentioned)

Fandoms: American Assassin x Teen Wolf (will I ever write normal fics again??)

Warnings: smut, blow jobs, fingering, teasing, squirting the usual, some smoking and a lot of cursing, ANGST

Word Count: 8000+


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anonymous asked:

Does Haisute has an official online shop that I could buy their stage goods?

Sort of.  They’ve just recently made some goods available on Animate Online.

Please note that you will need a proxy as they do not ship overseas (the Animate International shop ONLY has the DVDs for overseas shipping).

The goods only go as far back as the Revival show (so no goods are available for the first run and its rerun).  And not all the goods that were available then are available online (e.g. the acrylic standees).  But for Winners and Losers and onward, all goods that were available at the theater are available for order/pre-order online.  

Family Reunion

Old Man Luke: [sitting on a rock on Planet Ireland, staring out into the horizon despondently] 
Rey: Look, I uh, I’m really sorry about…whatever Tragic Backstory the writers have come up with for you now, sir, but don’t you think you could…find it inside yourself to try again? You know…so we can defeat the Dark Side? Hmm?
Luke: [flatly] I dunno. What’s the point. [gnaws disinterestedly on a still-frozen Hot Pocket]
Rey: I…I think you may be depressed, Master Skywalker. 
Luke: What makes you say that?
Rey: Well for one thing, your robe is actually a burlap sack. That says “Aunt Mabel’s Superior Quality Puffin Feed” on it. 
Luke: [listlessly] Well, my other robe had a bunch of grease stains on it.
Ashoka’s Force Ghost: [creeping through the shrubbery] 
Rey: Oh! There’s another one of…those, those ghost things.
Luke: [looking up at Ahsoka] Who are you?
Ahsoka: SHHHH. [whispering] Listen to me: I’m Ahsoka Tano. I couldn’t just…sit here and watch you do this to yourself anymore, so a couple hours ago I figured out how to become a ghost. [grabs the Hot Pocket out of Luke’s hand] I’m here to help you, but you can’t –
Luke: [loudly, excitedly] AHSOKA TANO?! My dad’s apprentice?! You’re…a legend! 
Ahsoka: [still whispering] SHHHHHH!! Look, I will help you get your life back together, but you need to be quiet. Is there somewhere private the three of us can talk?
Rey: [looking around at the isolated landscape] Uh, I think this is about as private as it gets, really.
Ahsoka: No, I mean somewhere where, uh, we won’t be…overheard. Look at me, Luke: we need to work quickly. The First Order is gaining strength and you can’t be just…sitting around with crumbs in your beard. [looking over her shoulder nervously] And I love them, but we’ll deal with them later. Otherwise it’s gonna be a whole big thing and we don’t have time for it
Luke: [confused] There’s nobody else here, unless you count–
Anakin’s Force Ghost: [wandering over] Hey Luke? We’re out of pancake mix and OH MY GOD. OBI-WAN! GET OVER HERE! 
Ahsoka: [pained smile] …Master
Obi-Wan’s Force Ghost: [sticking his head around a corner] AHSOKA?! 
[they both run over and hug her enthusiastically and fuss over her] 
Ahsoka: Masters…yes, I’m happy to see you too, but I really need to help–
Anakin: This is great
Obi-Wan: I know!
Anakin: She can move in with us again! 
Obi-Wan: It’ll be like old times! 
Anakin: Movie nights! Handstand contests! 
Obi-Wan: Another person to help me take care of you!
Anakin: And to help me take care of you!
Obi-Wan: And help us settle arguments! 
Anakin: [smugly] Siding with me because I’m her Master!
Obi-Wan: [pointedly, slightly annoyed] Siding with me because you tried to kill her. 
Ahsoka: [sighing with grudging fondness] …good to be back. 

you guys know that post i made abt rad and raymond having a “bonding” episode? well, im no physic but…

in 2013, the day before pokemon announced pokemon amie in x and y, i delighted in sitting down on my swingset and daydreaming about how awesome it would be to be able to pet and bond with your pokemon in-game

in 2016, the summer before pokemon sun and moon came out, i made a joke online about how cute it would be to see red and green again, and how they could come together for some sort of “tournament” and honeymoon combo. if you’ve paid attention to sun and moon, you’ll probably know how that came out

in september this year, i sat down in my bed and thought “if there was an episode title everyone freaked out over that hinted at radmond, what would it be called?” I thought of multiple things, but couldn’t come up with something. little did i know my question would be answered just a week afterwards when “rad likes robots” was presented on the october episode list.

im no physic. I dont believe in that stuff, but i guess ive got some sort of knack for expecting things. dont take it from me, but maybe rad likes robots… will be that bonding episode

Strings of Fate - Part 6

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Soulmate AU
“Funny how I finally got what I always wanted, but it was given to you instead.”

Warnings:  swearing

Word count: 1954

A/N: Im sorry this took so long to write! I know it’s a bit of a short chapter but it’s really important so pay attention

Originally posted by hospitalheaven

“So… want to tell me what’s happening?”

Steve’s voice cuts trough Bucky’s thoughts like glass, effectively making him turn around to face him. There’s a roaring headache starting on the base of his skull and the pain has been increasing in the past hour.

Shutting his eyes tightly, Bucky leans his elbows against the kitchen island and shoves his now empty glass of water to the side. He can feel a hollow ache in his bones and chest but tries to push it down as best as he can, ignoring the pain coursing through his body and concentrating on his friend’s face instead as he grits his teeth.

There’s a look of mild concern in Steve’s features as he puts a hand on Bucky’s shoulder and he winces at the contact. His body feels hollow and his head is threatening to explode from the pain, but most important is the burning sensation in his metal arm and the feeling in his chest; the hurt he feels and can’t explain because the emotions coursing through him don’t seem his, and neither is the pain in a limb he no longer has.

“Pal…” Steve beings to say, furrowing his brows “you don’t look good”

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so no one cares about what I’ve been up to this week but I’m gonna tell you because I have yet to stop crying about it

(all yelling kept respectfully below the cut bc I need to learn how to shut up)

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1601013~ [TRANS/Yoongi]       Q: What does Min Yoongi see more? (1.Appearance 2.Body 3.Both)                                                   A: Personality (He added this himself and checked it+stated personality is most important)


  • isak: i'm not gay
  • also isak: *starts to develop feelings for another man, kisses him, fucks him, breaks up with him and gets heartbroken bc he accidentally fell in love oops, kisses him again and kind of gets together with him, checks into a hotel and fucks him again, then he sits with him, naked, on the floor and eats hamburgers while they talk marriage(it's crazy how straight this guy is lmao), gets heartbroken again when shit goes down bc he is crazy about this guy, gets back together, then this guy practically moves in with him.*
  • isak: lol

Now that I’ve seen Stranger Things 2, I’m gonna come right out and say that the friendship of Will Byers and Mike Wheeler might officially be my favorite thing in the entire series.

I’m almost done drawing the end of ‘What a captain’, but fret not, I’ve got two new Iwaoi comics on the works, both already have their first few pages done!

And this time I’ve upped the quality,
no more messy quick doodle comics (`・ω・´)9  ☆ 

I might even do some colored pages into them~ Stay tuned~!

I’m Moving!!

Hubs was offered a new fancy job this morning at the headquarters for the company he works for! He’s gonna be one of those guys who flies on jets every day and tells people what to do across the country. (He started at the very bottom rung of the ladder with 2 other jobs 8 years ago, no college degree, worked up the company on hard work and sweat, and recently people in HQ were practically fighting over him!) I’m so proud of him. I always told him, “I bet you will help run that company some day,” and I think he just might.

We are going to try to buy our first house, and and and, he starts the first week of june! Like… holy hell! 

I’m so excited and also want to vomit all over the place. I have so much to do… SO MUCH TO DO!

So when’s T@ylor Swift gonna accept responsibility for the fact that she made a black man, with a mental illness, look paranoid and crazy on purpose…. 

Getting a little deeper over here, but…

The way people are criticizing Taylor for the LWYMMD video, saying that “she can’t get over things, etc.” really reminds me of when people do something shitty and selfish to another person and then act like the other person shouldn’t be allowed to have a reaction for whatever reason. “It’s been over a year” or whatever the reason, they expect her to just drop it!! Why?!

I’ve seen this so many times, in so many different settings, where it’s expected of the victim to deal with the BS thrown at them and when it comes time for them to react, they get so much shit about being “crazy” and “overreacting” being a “psycho bitch” because they voiced an opinion about the treatment they received, and the abusers don’t like being stood up to.

The world can’t expect her or others to just let go of something because it seems insignificant to them and attempt to belittle their experience because they want to feel superior.

Fucking so tired of that shit.

Criminal Minds is my favourite show but this happens to me every fucking time!!

Unless u watch criminal minds u won’t know this struggle

me playing breath of the wild, a beautiful peaceful game about exploration and communing with nature, where you never ever have to do the main quest and still can’t get bored: INTENSE ANXIETY

me playing majora’s mask, arguably the creepiest zelda game, which is all about the apocalypse and the inevitability of death, the personification of which hangs over you, creeping closer every waking minute: aaah how relaxing


Word Count: 3.6k

Warnings: (mentions of) attempted sexual assault, slavery, etc.

A/n: The princess and the emperor finally meet! Can you smell the angst from here? Kylo has a big secret and nothing is simple in the Roman Empire, so you can be sure shit is about to get crazy from here on out! Thanks for sticking with this series, I am so glad to be writing this and I am overjoyed from the positive responses I’ve been getting from the first chapter! x

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worldofsansars  asked:

What do you think about the chapter 94? Can you share your predictions about any future events? ( P.S.: I love your blog so much. Please don't pay attention to people insulting you, I'm sure there are a lot more those who love you, your way of writing and ideas and they respect it. I do.) \sorry my english\

Your English is absolutely fine, don’t worry :) (Well, I’d like to hope so, even though my notes usually speak another language)

Under a Read More bc SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 94!

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