shits about to get crazy

1601013~ [TRANS/Yoongi]       Q: What does Min Yoongi see more? (1.Appearance 2.Body 3.Both)                                                   A: Personality (He added this himself and checked it+stated personality is most important)


  • isak: i'm not gay
  • also isak: *starts to develop feelings for another man, kisses him, fucks him, breaks up with him and gets heartbroken bc he accidentally fell in love oops, kisses him again and kind of gets together with him, checks into a hotel and fucks him again, then he sits with him, naked, on the floor and eats hamburgers while they talk marriage(it's crazy how straight this guy is lmao), gets heartbroken again when shit goes down bc he is crazy about this guy, gets back together, then this guy practically moves in with him.*
  • isak: lol

this website is literally so toxic and negative like 99% of the time

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Hey guys

People that are having an issue with certain USWNT’ers flying in first class: