hey there lovelies! are you a person of colour in the shadowhunters fandom? do you want to hang out with other pocs who probably have other things in common with you? then this is the network for you darling!!

and one x-tra lil bit: this lovely banner was made by @ravensreyes go love her


  • to bond and shit in a gc
  • meet other pocs in the fandom
  • just hang out and talk. share hcs and love each other
  • idk man this is for fun shit


  • follow me
  • r e b l o g this post (likes count as bookmarks)
  • fill out this form (i tried to keep it short)
  • 30+ notes or else i’ll cry and pretend this never happened
  • have a tagging system of some sort (it doesn’t need to be super intense just have a tagging system and remember that some members may have triggers or phobias so please be nice)


  • you meet other people!
  • more friendships!!
  • mutuals!! and people to love you!!!
  • a place to vent and ask advice or be nastie


  • always feel free to send me an ask
  • i’m thinking about 5-8 members get in?
  • ends by september 5, 2016
  • track #docgc i guess? (it stands for #downworlders of colour group chat) (unless someone comes up with something better)
  • remember that you’re lovely