Honestly my favourite quote from a Pro Lifer, ever, has to be
‘Theres a life after childhood’
In response to children being abused and hurt in the foster care and adoption system.
So what happens in a person’s childhood has no effect on their lives later on?
No effect on suicide rates… On mental health…
How the Hell can you justify abuse like that? How can you claim to be for children when you toss away children suffering and the ones who are actually in need?
Disgusting. I am utterly at a loss how someone can say that, purely to justify abuse, purely to further their own agenda as some kind of point.
Adoption is a great alternative to someone who does not want to take care of a child. To someone who can afford the pregnancy, and is stable enough to take it. Many children find beautiful families and homes and live long fulfilling lives.
Many children are also abused and neglected.
The adoption system is shit and the sooner people accept that the better. The sooner people become proactive to change that the better. Just because a family is searching for a child doesn’t mean they are entitled to a pregnancy, does not mean they are entitled to someone else’s body.
I remember an amazing analogy made a little bit ago.

Telling an unwilling pregnant person to feel blessed by a pregnancy because there are people out there who can’t have children is like telling a drowning person to feel blessed by the water because some people don’t have any.

There are over 100,000 kids waiting for families.
Let’s make sure they’re safe and provided for.
Lets make sure they have a childhood.