concept: Bakugou walks in on the whole bakusquad saying “hewwo?” to each other, and he doesn’t know what the fuck is going on and he’s too afraid to ask.

Or even better, he says “DIE YOU FUCKING ANNOYING SHIT!” and everyone looses their mind because its the closest they are going to get to someone telling them “then parish”

Later on Kirishima is talking to Camie and mentions the whole situation and she just slaps him on the back all “thats my boy!” and fucking Bakugou is just confused as hell save the boy.

I don’t think Mark understands the UNSPOKEN but HOLY rules of fandoms.

You don’t reblog the stuff you were not meant to see in the first place

Cause the tag is for us to share stuff about him, not necessarily for him.

So anyways anyone wanna make a secret tag for the stuff that still falls under the markiplier tag but not for THE markiplier to see cause I’m up for it.