Everyone always asks me if I hate Bakura or Malik. Why would I hate them?! I really, really like Yami Bakura. I just don’t draw them because I always start and end up doing someone else ;< ;< ;< ;< (Yes, Itachi, you!)

Have some shitty sketch of Bakura being all nice so you guys stop saying I hate him XD 

So... road to ninja

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Am I the only one who really, really wants Itachi to be the most evil bastard ever? Yes?  

The movie is supposed to be AU, right? We all know that in canon, he is peaceful…I want my RTN!Itachi slaying everyone and having fun while doing it. I want him to enjoy killing and I want him to basically be Akatsuki’s leader and laugh sadistically and provoke war. YES YES YES.

Then again… is the AU supposed to be “everything we ever wanted and more” for Sakura and Naruto? Then maybe Itachi will be there with Sasuke, that would be really nice but… honestly, I want Psycho!Itachi.