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Marvel?  Waves!  How ya goin there buddies? 

Still going with what Scott said? 

“The thing I learned, we’ve had a few test screenings, and overwhelmingly I’ve learned that people LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch in this movie. They just love him!… They love the visuals, they love the action, but more than that, they love Benedict. And he is Doctor Strange.”

Again, I’m just reporting on what I’m seeing.  There is no desire here to see BC’s career fail.  I’d like to see Marvel address and fix the issues instead of the stupid damage control that has created more damage that we’ve been seeing.  And relying on Benedict bringing in the audience regardless.

So, I’m just pointing out - that if Marvel thought bringing in the waning Cumberbitch fandom would save this film?  ^^^ They might want to consider that the other audience, the comic book fan audience - might not be quite as favourable to the CumberLord as they think.  Saying.

So, Marvel?  What are you “fixing”?

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Hi! Do you still read/reread any Tiva fanfiction? If yes, what would you recommend me to read? Thank you!

I haven’t in a long time anon. If I do reread any fics, they’re probably the ones in my favorites on fanfiction, which is at this link: Be warned, there’s currently a shitload of Captain Swan on there as I’ve been mostly reading them, but I still have a lot of good Tiva fanfics on there. Nothing terribly recent, I’m afraid.

You can also check the “favorite fanfiction” and “favorite drabbles” links on my blog, but again, you’ll probably find a lot of Captain Swan and probably a shitload of X-Files and Olicity in there, as well as … well shit, honestly pretty much everyfuckingthing I ship.

And as always, you’re invited to read any and all of my fics, because I’m a shameless self-promoting comment/fave/review-whore. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful and give you like, specific fics, but I’m terrible at remembering fic titles. I hope this helps at least a little bit anon.

So anyway, if you are seriously bitching about a Red Head Mary Jane, you should probably spend that time wondering why you’re a racist who is being that anal about hair color while doing a shitload of reblogs of Scarlett as Natasha Romanoff.

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Have you ever eaten shitload of bluberries and shat blue/green shit for a week? #tellusaboutyourpoopmaster

Well, actually I have never had blueberries before so I have to dissapoint you, I’m sorry.

More morons are complaining about Maya-centric episodes, so here we go.
  • There are 64 aired episodes of GMW (including Bear and GLONY). And there are only about 9 god-damned episodes centered entirely around Maya. The rest of the 55 episodes centre around Riley, Farkle, or the group as a whole, or both Maya and Riley.
  • MJ :) has :) said :) that :) girl :) refers :) to :) both :) of :) them :)
  • In BMW there were a shitload of Shawn-centric episodes and arcs. Back then, nobody complained because they weren’t as thick-headed he’s Cory’s best friend—he’s got just as much learning to do about the world.
  • At no point has Riley done nothing in an episode. At no point has she ever been pushed to the very ends of the earth, just lying around in her couch while Maya was out doing stuff with everybody else in her episodes. In Riley-centric episodes, Maya’s there. In Maya-centric episodes, Riley’s still there and she happens to be important.
  • There are more Riley-centric episodes in the show anyway—y’all are just biased and petty.
  • “lmao there were a couple maya-centric episodes in a row” well my dear, that’s what we call an arc. Maybe if you didn’t watch The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse very often, you’d understand how television works.
  • You know Girl Meets Gravity? Ah, yes. That one episode where Riley and Maya understand that the earth doesn’t revolve around them—ergo, episodes can centre around anybody. They understood that—you? Not so much.

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I love that “And you think that gives you power over me?” line from dark knight rises. This capitalist guy Bane accepted a shitload of money from warns bane that his revolution is getting out of control, Bane says fuck off, the capitalist guy is like “but I gave you a shitload of money dude” and bane turns to him super dramatic and then dark evil music cues and he goes “And you think that gives you power over me?” and fucking snaps the dude’s neck. It’s supposed to show how evil bane is.

It’s meant to be anti-communist propaganda and it’s a true insight into the fears of the scum bourgeoisie: “will the poor, incarcerated, and exploited of the awful world we’ve created for them be grateful, when the time comes, that we occasionally gave them jobs and shitty places to live and gave them our table scraps?” No, we won’t.