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Had some free time in the office today to doodle this! Cleaned this up a bit, posted the hella rough one on twitter. 

Harley’s Big Sister

Requested by twiilight-loveer : Could you write one where it’s Joker x Reader x Harley, where the reader is Harley’s twin sister (Identical or Fraternal, you choose) and the joker doesn’t know Harley is a twin until he breaks her out of Arkham while reader is visiting her and when he meets her he decides he doesn’t just want Harley but also her sister you can make up the rest from there.

Warnings: Some swearing, and sexual suggestive content but that’s about it for this one??


You let out a small sigh as you got into your car and drove down to Arkham, you didn’t live in Gotham anymore, haven’t for a while until you heard that your twin sister Harleen was locked up. You knew she had lost it when she started helping out Mister J, she became Harley and lived a beautiful life with J, killing, stealing and having the many luxuries. But when she moved out to live with him, you moved away, you had your own business and didn’t need to add any drama between you and your sister, and the man you’ve yet to come to know.

She had called you, she was all whimpery and sad, something about having missed you, needing some girl talk and afraid the man she’s come to love won’t come back for her. So you did what any twin sister would do, you packed up and drove back, things with your current mob boss weren’t great so you needed a change in scenario.

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Recently I was in a concert. A lot of people kept pushing the crowd and it was awful and I got squished. Can you do Gom and Kagami protecting their s/o during a concert? ^^

omg bb i hope you’re not hurt and sure i can :D

AKASHI: He would most likely bring bodyguards. Otherwise, he would keep his arms around you, unless you were fangirling over the musician playing while throwing your hands in the air. He would glare at the other patrons, not that it would make that much of a difference, but he would ensure that nobody shoved you because he would shove the other person back. He would create a gap between you and the crowd so you wouldn’t get squeezed.

AOMINE: As he enjoyed the music, he began to notice that you were struggling amongst the throngs of people. With a growl, he pushed away some of the people who were stuffing up against you. If push came to shove, literally, he would lift you up and place you on his shoulders, legs dangling down. You would blush and tell him to put you down but he told you that this was the safest place.

KAGAMI: This baby would be so considerate and he would put you in front of him to make sure that he could make some space for you and that nobody would push from the back. He, like Akashi, would attempt to make a small gap between you and the crowd and would move away those who tried to squish up against you. Seeing the terrifying guy with flaming red hair, people would most likely try to keep him happy, which meant keeping you safe.

KISE: Kise always loved being surrounded by people, however, this one case bothered him because it was suffocating you. Frowning, he would pull you closer towards him and ward off anyone who tried to come close. “Stay away from my _____-chin.” Instead of concentrating on the musician playing, he would end up concentrating on your safety, not that he minded because you were basically pasted on him.

KUROKO: Being invisible had its disadvantages, mainly during concerts. He was annoyed by the fact that nobody noticed his trying to protect you because they all ended up shoving you here and there. In the end, when his presence was seen because he was radiating such a terrifying aura, people would be scared shitless at the guy who wasn’t even there before and shift away. “That’s right, y’all better back off.”

MIDORIMA: Maybe this was the reason why Midorima never liked crowded places. Sweaty bodies, screaming, and you risking your wellbeing. He pushed up his glasses and used his tall body to defend you and pushed away those who got too close for comfort. He wouldn’t even care about the musicians at that point. “Get your hands off of her.” That day really was not in his favor.

MURASAKIBARA: People would back away from  you and that was why you loved going to concerts with Murasakibara. His huge body would create just enough space for you to be comfortable standing. Otherwise, if you couldn’t see the stage, he would instantly lift you up to his shoulders.

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Please realize that normal people do not vandalize, and cause chaotic dangers to the innocent. I strongly believe that the people of Baltimore need change and Freddie needs justice, but harming others and THEIR own community, when it should have been a peaceful protest ISNT what is right. Therefore, yes they are criminals. Criminals do those actions, people who want change and justice would rather make a POSITIVE difference. That tweet is not racist.

going to a riot gets a black guy beaten shitless and a criminal record and gets a white guy a look of disapproval, Also if a bunch of white guys did this everyone would be backing them. This protest isn’t supposed to make white people happy the point is to anger them. YOU are literally valuing a persons life less than literal objects. But I mean they’re black so being valued less than literal inanimate objects isn’t new ☕️🐸

The signs and what they do on walks

Aries: Skips around making awkward eye contact if they happen to see someone

Taurus: Tries to have a normal walk until they’re scared shitless by the guy who just rounded the corner

Gemini: Purposely goes by houses with dogs outside them to yell “fight me” when one starts barking

Cancer: Gets distracted and then dismantles a stump to make a Kokiri Shield

Leo: Imagines everyone they see naked

Virgo: Diva walks staring people down based on fashion choice

Libra: Powerwalks and tries to race against people who don’t know they’re racing

Scorpio: Walks around edgily, doing edgy things

Sagittarius: Trips over literally everything

Capricorn: Accidentally gets involved with someones yard work

Aquarius: Gets lost in thought and ends up 13 miles away on some mountain trail

Pisces: Doesn’t walk

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Reactions to you being really into horror movies and scary stories, but also being a huge scaredy cat.

S.Coups: he would use this to his advantage and show you loads of horror movies to make you cuddle with him but then you both would end up being really scared but he would lowkey not mind because you kling to him during the night

Jeonghan: he would be such an asshole with this omg, he would tell you all these horror stories that would leave you so scared but he would only do it on the nights he couldn’t stay over so he would leave you terrified but when he receives a call from you in the middle of the night he always apologizes and talks to you until you fall asleep

Joshua: he would always tell you that it’s a bad idea every time you ask to watch a horror movie but you’re so persistent but afterwards you’re so scared but you refuse to admit it but he knows so he stays over every time and sings you to sleep

Jun: he would use this as an excuse to make out and hold you close when you’re scared. He would constantly suggest that you two make out and tbh you don’t really complain because who says no to a make out session with Jun?

Hoshi: he would be really scared too but you would convice him and you two would be clinging on to each other all throughout the movie and he would be really embarrassed but he wouldn’t move because he really likes being held so close to you and he just !!!!!!

Woozi: he would pretend he’s not scared at all and be like “if you get scared I will protect u ok” but on the inside he’s so scared but he refuses to show it so he’s really relieved when you hold onto his arm and rest your head on his shoulder because he feels a bit calmer then too but yeah he would be scared shitless lmao

Wonwoo: this guy loves his horror movies so he wouldn’t mind at all, and he’s never phased by them. Ever. So while you sit there shivering in fear he will be thinking about how he’s sad that the snacks are running out. And every time after the movie is finished he will say that it sucked, no matter what movie it is or how scary it was.

DK: he would just be screaming. Like he would start screaming and then he wouldn’t stop so you would have a really hard time concentrating on the movie but honestly you’re kind of happy to have something distracting you because you don’t get as worked up from the movie then

Mingyu: he would be so scared throughout the movie and he would sit there shivering with you but once it’s finished he will be like “pfft I wasn’t scared at all what are u talking about hahahha” and you would just be like “lmao Mingyu it was super obvious stop playing” and he would be a bit embarrassed but then he would retort with “but you liked having an excuse to hold me all evening didn’t you?”

The8/Minghao: he would be really worried and be like “oH no I will get really scared, should we really do this ?????” and you would be like “heLL YEAH” so when you two finally sit down and watch it he will be really scared but he will constantly be checking in on you like “are you ok??? are you sure?? beCAUSE I’M NOT” but he will suffer through and afterwards you two will be cuddling in front of cat videos to make yourselves feel better

Seungkwan: he’s the type to ask you questions all the time about what’s going to happen like “whY would they go to a haunted house?? who is this?? whY ARE THEY THERE???” and you would be so irritated omg because this boy just won’t shut up and then he will scream because of a jumpscare and scare you in the process. Basically you two watching a horror movie would be a mess

Vernon/Hansol: you two would be playing horror games together because you two love to torture yourselves but you kind of like the thrill of being in charge of what’s going to happen, though you will always be so surprised by the jump scares and you might jump on him and you two hurt yourselves and it’s all just a mess but at least you can have a lil laugh in the midst of your fright

Dino: we think he would really like horror movies?? he would really like the thrill he gets from watching them and he would constantly be recommending new movies you two should watch. He’s also the type to tell you all those weird rumors about which house is haunted and that one alley where 4 people were murdered and leave you really scared and when you tell him he’s like “oH NO I didn’t mean to scare you” but when you tell him you really like it he’s like “you sure?? ok because I’ve got loADS to tell you ok”

Admin T and E

[[Continuation with doctortragersoffice]

[ doctortragersoffice]

“A few missing fingers? Don’t be an asshole, Trager. Unless you’ve come to replace my fuckin’ fingers, I got nothin’ to say to your ass.”

He made a motion to point at him with his right hand, then realized with a grimace that his right index finger was nothing but a stump. He took a deep, sharp inhale of breath, his pride nearly blown, and lowered his right hand to raise his left hand to point at the doctor instead.

“Listen, ‘Buddy,’ either you fix this, or I’m kicking your greasy balls into next Tuesday! You get me?!” He snarled through gritted teeth, looking very much the angry dog that was infected with rabies. Truth be told, he was scared shitless of this guy, but he sure as Hell wasnt going to show it.