Apparat: “Granular Bastard” (Duplex, Shitkatapult 2003)

The first track from my favorite Apparat album, now almost 10 years old.

Ulli Bomans — Sort by Dragging (Shitkatapult)

Like many in the Shitkatapult orbit, Ulli Bomans doesn’t have much in the way of a readily available discography but his roots in contemporary German music run deep. Hailing from the winemaking town Landau near the French border (also the birthplace of political cartoonist Thomas Nast, incidentally), Bomans found an early enthusiasm for EBM and industrial that led to musical endeavors far and wide: Kassel, Berlin, Marseille, Andalusia, Hamburg, Cologne, he’s resided (and created) in them all. 

That nomadic life has only recently paid off with music that sounds less like a genre exercise and more like an amalgam of his long-winding influences seems appropriate. That it’s come under his given name seems inevitable. 

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Apparat - Komponent



so glad I picked up this album…

Apparat does such a great job blending melodies and percussion. Makes me jealous as shit. Most of the tracks have a Pantha Du Prince-esque (his track “Welt Am Draht” is on there) feeling to them. Including a list of amazing artists like Ramadanman, Burial + Four Tet, Thom Yorke, Joy Orbison, etc etc. Lots of wide, colorful, suspense-building sounds and like I said before, some DAMN good percussion. Pick it up, DL it, ask me for a copy. Do what you gotta do.

and just look at that hair! So jealous…


Das Bierbeben - Der letzte Pinselstrich


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