shitjericasays - "The Black People of the Hunger Games"

So, I decided to rant about the Hunger Games, while trying to write a damn essay. What pissed me off was the racist comments about the fact that Rue and Cinna were both portrayed as black in the movie and people got mad over it. Really? We live in a country where supposedly we’re more advanced. Then, this happens and proves yet again, people will never change. And add the fact that in the book, Rue is described as having brown skin… i did not picture her as a white girl at all. In my mind I saw a little black girl, dark skin and dark hair. People need to read the book more carefully. The people that were talking about how the fact that Rue was black didn’t make her death sad at all… *takes a deep breath* Are you fuckin serious? Are you one of those people who says they’ve read the books, but really, you didn’t. Cause any normal person wouldn’t have been so stupid and racist. Who the fuck are you to sit there and say that the movie was ruined for you because there were black people in it. Like, really? Why is it so wrong to be black? Why does that all of a sudden make it wrong or stupid or ugly? FUCK YOU! As for Cinna, his race was never discribed… so, there for, it wouldn’t matter if he was white, asian, black, purple…whatever. People need to seriously get the fuck over themselves. Shit like this gives me no hope for the world!