Our Trip - Ocean View

What I enjoyed the most about the trip was seeing more of the Pacific. I’ve only seen Santa Cruz, Monterrey, and SF, which I love but driving up one, all you see is ocean and the horizon. And right across the ocean is Asia. I feel like in America, especially the Bay Area, we live in a bubble and don’t get to see how big the world really is.

5 random things

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1. I’m almost 23 and still don’t have my driver’s license.
2. The reason I wanted to study journalism is because it involves writing, photography and traveling.
3. I’m helping with the production of my schools vagina monologues this year.
4. My favorite book as a kid was the Giver and I’m afraid they’re going to ruin it with this new movie.
5. When I was thirteen, I wore a jacket everyday, even when it was hot because I was that self conscience about my body.

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Media changes the way we view our bodies - Spartan Daily

Unrealistic images in the media can alter the way young girls view their bodies in the future.

hey guys! here the think to my latest column piece. All semester long I have been writing a column I called “Phenomenally Femininist.” I have discussed issues revolving around race, sexuality, gender and just dumb mysognist things. This column has definitely helped me develop a voice when writing opinion pieces.