shitennou in crystal tokyo

One day, Neo-Queen Serenity decided to shake the box of rocks on Endymion’s night table. When she figured out who they were, she asked “Are you sorry?” And they said yes. Then she asked “Are you ever gonna do it again?” And they said no. So she promised she would forgive them… if her friends did. And she gave the Shitennou a second chance.


So here is my first question: did the Crystal Palace always have these human-sized pedestals waiting for the half-dead bodies of the senshi to be laid out on them?

And my second question: who put them there?  Who carried Endymion and the senshi inside the impenetrable fortress where it was safe, laid them down, and lovingly folded their hands over each other?  Since they were all caught in the same blast, obviously nobody in this room had a hand in that.

But that all goes back to a more important question that people have been asking of Crystal Tokyo for years: where are the Outers and (if we believe they eventually will be brought back) the Shitennou?  

I think there is an entire world outside of Crystal Tokyo that still needs protection.  I think there were refugees who escaped the initial blast but needed to be moved away from the Black Crystal before it poisoned them.  I think the Black Moon would not have turned to time travel if they truly had the rest of the Earth under their control.  I think Endymion’s projection has been doing more than standing around in the shadows.  He’s been coordinating agents all around the world while they protect what is left of humanity.  

Imagine King Endymion telling them to leave them all there, barely alive, trusting in the Crystal Palace to keep them safe.  Imagine them leaving their Queen, their King, the Inners, in the middle of a wasteland.  Knowing that the only thing that could save them is missing, that the only person who could use the ginzuishou even if it were found is unconscious, that the Crystal Palace might just become a tomb instead of a symbol of hope.  

Imagine that they knew they’d already lost the war with the Black Moon the moment Neo Queen Serenity fell, and they fought to protect the Earth anyway.

Presenting: The Crystal Tokyo Challenge

So I was inspired by the 40 Days of SM challenge created by @youstupidprick. They had a wonderful challenge filled with wonderful, thought-provoking questions. I wanted to do something similar, and I had the idea to do it with a Crystal Tokyo theme given that the original 40 Days had somewhat of a Sen/Shi theme!

There are only a few rules: first of all, feel free to skip any questions you want. I in no way want to force you to do all of them. Also, you don’t have to do them all at once. Feel free to take as long as you like! Maybe a question or two a day if you want? Second, absolutely NO bashing each other’s headcanons! We all have different interpretations, and I made the CTC to celebrate that! Third, please don’t submit your answers to me; just put them on a post if that’s okay (I just don’t want my inbox clogged with answers). And these last two are just requests: first, can you tag your answers as #crystal tokyo challenge ? i would love to read the wonderful headcanons everyone comes up with! Also, if you’re interested, can you please reblog this post to spread it? I’d love to have as many people do the challenge as possible!

And, without further ado, the questions!

  1. Your favorite adaptation of Sailor Moon
  2. The canon you pull most headcanons from and why
  3. Your general opinion on Crystal Tokyo
  4. Your favorite Crystal Tokyo fandom trope and why
  5. A random Crystal Tokyo headcanon you have that differs from typical fanon
  6. The characters you tend to focus on the most when making headcanons
  7. Your headcanon on how Crystal Tokyo was formed
  8. Your headcanon on Neo Queen Serenity’s influence on the world (is she the queen of the entire Earth, or just a small nation? Bonus points if you include how other world leaders see her!)
  9. Your headcanon on the Senshi’s roles in the government
  10. In your view, do the Senshi other from Usagi have any children? Which ones, and how many?
  11. In your view, are the Shitennou reincarnated and citizens of Crystal Tokyo? If so, what are their governmental roles?
  12. If Crystal Tokyo never happened, what would the Senshi’s careers be? (Feel free to include the Shitennou in this if you want)
  13. Your headcanon on the Sailor Quartet’s powers (bonus points if you include some attacks!)
  14. Your headcanon on the Sailor Quartet’s civilian names (bonus points if you say the meanings and why you picked those names!)
  15. In your view, does Chibiusa have any “outer” senshi? (Bonus points for names, descriptions, and powers!)
  16. What kind of queen do you think Chibiusa will make?
  17. In your mind, what is Hotaru’s role in Crystal Tokyo (if she has any)?
  18. In your mind, what is Kousagi’s role in Crystal Tokyo (if she has any)?
  19. Challenge: Design a new fuku for Chibiusa and her team! (If you’re not an artist or if you don’t want to draw, then feel free to just describe it or use a maker on Dolldivine)
  20. How does Chibiusa interact with the Quartet? Are there any of them that she gets along particularly well with?
  21. Your headcanon on how the Quartet deals with their less than perfect past
  22. Your headcanon on how the Quartet does their hair every day
  23. Your headcanon on how the older Senshi interact with the younger Senshi
  24. In your view, are there people living on the other planets far into the future?
  25. The most likely of the Senshi to have a mid-life crisis
  26. If you were to ever write a Crystal Tokyo season for Sailor Moon, who what sort of tone would it have and why?
  27. Aesthetic-wise, which adaptation’s version of Crystal Tokyo is your favorite and why?
  28. In your mind, how powerful have the Inner Senshi become by the 30th Century? What kinds of attacks do they have at this point?
  29. In your view, what kind of powers does Chibiusa have when she grows? Are they similar to her mother’s, or different, and why?
  30. In your mind, what is Helios’ role in Crystal Tokyo (if he has any)?
  31. Who would be the next generation of Senshi after Chibiusa and her team?
  32. What kind of villains do you think the Senshi of Crystal Tokyo will go up against?
  33. What are your general views on the Parallel universe?
  34. Which of the Amazoness Quartet is your favorite and why?
  35. Challenge: insert the characters from Sailor Moon into the last movie/tv show you watched that isn’t SM. What happens? Who plays what role?
  36. What kind of media is shown in the 30th Century? Are books electronic, or are there still physical books? What about movies and shows, what format are they in?
  37. For that matter, just how technologically advanced is Crystal Tokyo?
  38. What kind of holidays exist in Crystal Tokyo?
  39. What is the general atmosphere inside the Crystal Palace? Is it warm and loving, cold and harsh, etc.?
  40. Your headcanon on how school works in Crystal Tokyo
  41. Your favorite moment in Sailor Moon
  42. Your headcanon on the Asteroid Senshi’s speeches
  43. Your headcanon on how Diana interacts with the 30th Century Senshi
  44. Your favorite kind of headcanon (for example the worldbuilding ones, the romantic ones, the angsty ones, etc)
  45. Your favorite thing about Sailor Moon in general

anonymous asked:

pssst fellow sailor moon fan here! Top 10 things you're looking forward to seeing in the reboot?


In no particular order (because that’d be way too hard)- 

1. Rei’s character being ACCURATE TO THE MANGA 

I’ve mentioned this many times already but that’s because it’s incredibly important to me. I loathe what the first anime did to Rei, it’s the main reason why I just can’t get into it. The anime (especially the version with the english dub) made Rei into this quick-tempered loudmouth, who constantly argues with Usagi over her being the leader, who also crushes on Mamoru, and who wants to be an Idol??? Now, these aren’t bad qualities- it’s just that they aren’t Rei. 

Rei is, at first glance, a “cold beauty”. A cliche description but also one that conveniently sums up the fact that Rei’s character is made up of a mix of desirable and undesirable qualities in women in traditional Japanese society. On one hand, she’s extremely beautiful and ladylike, with a familiarity with social etiquette and housework (or temple work). On the other hand, she is devoted to her dream of becoming head priestess (her neighbors call her “creepy” for her divination abilities), she lacks interest in romance or marriage, she has a blunt tongue and a proud, serious, withdrawn demeanor. She can also be too intense for some people- her disinterest in romance is partially caused by her being aware that if she falls in love, she’ll want the person all to herself, ruining them in the process. I think in some ways, ignorant dudes could label Rei as a “bitchy feminist” but Takeuchi-sensei treats her character with nothing but respect. No one ever tries to change her- no one should change Hino Rei, because she’s perfect as she is (which is why the anime version of her feels like such a betrayal). 

Now SMC is supposed to only cover the Dark Moon Arc but there have been rumors that it’s also going to include the Rei-centered short story “Casablanca Memory” which makes me ecstatic because I WOULD DIE to see this scene come to life on screen: 

Every time I read this scene I get such extreme feels OTL 

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