Which Japan member are you?

Which look do you prefer?
a) Vintage
b) Sassy
c) Emo
d) As bright and colourful as humanly possible

Which music would you say you listen to the most?
a) David Bowie
b) The New York Dolls
d) Percy Jones

What do you prefer to drink?
a) Coffee
b) Tequilla
c) Coke
d) Fruit Juice

What were/are you like at school?
a) Artistic and quiet
b) A little shit
c) A nerd
d) A clown

If someone were to ask you a question, how would you answer it?
a) Elequently
b) Just for the lolz
c) Mumble something
d) Grin about it

Who would you rather work with?
a) Ryuichi Sakamoto
b) Yukihiro Takahashi
c) Steve Wilson
d) Peter Murphy

What is your favourite passtime?
a) Painting and drawing
b) Going on tumblr
c) A spot of tennis
d) Creating marvelous sculptures

What do you do when you’re sad?
a) Write music
b) Cry about it
c) Bye
d) Smile about it because you are the happiest person in the world

What is the worst thing someone has ever done to you?
a) Told you your music is crap
b) Thrown a tray of sandwiches at you
c) Everything is bad
d) Stole your girlfriend

Who would you like to be friends with?
a) Mick
b) Richard
c) Steve
d) David

What would you do if you went solo?
a) Stop wearing make up, dying your hair and cutting you hair
b) Dye your hair black so you look super edgy
c) Quietly play the synth on every record
d) Write an angry autobiography on lifes nuisances

What are you more likely to do?
a) Knock on David Bowie’s door
b) Knock Brian Eno off his bicycle with your car door
c) Go on a TV show where someone is strangely more obsessed with you than every other member of your band
d) Collaborate with every great artist there is

What colour do you dye your hair?
a) Blonde
b) Red
c) Black
d) Every colour of the freaking rainbow

What are you good at?
a) Bossing everyone around and looking beautiful
b) Playing snooker tangling yourself up in the curtains
c) Playing tennis and looking sad
d) Cooking and being jolly

What is your favourite food?
a) Special K and hamburgers
b) Pastries and red wine
c) Anything Italian or French
d) A bit of Greek Cypriot goodness

Mostly A’s: David
Mostly B’s: Steve
Mostly C’s: Richard
Mostly D’s: Mick

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