I’m auburn and that’s just not right for Sherlock. He’s a creature of the night. He’s got a dark, sociopathic side to him. The archetypal image of him is that he’s a slick-looking, dark-haired gentleman with aquiline features. The first thing my mum said when I mentioned to her that I’d got the part was “You don’t have the right nose.”

Benedict Cumberbatch, on dyeing his hair dark for Sherlock, Esquire interview, July 2010 (x)

He starts out as a very cold, smooth operator. But the mask begins to slip and it’s about where those cracks appear. The things he’s asked to do are pretty reprehensible, and his loyalty to Smiley is what motivates him.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on what drew him to his character Peter Guillam, Total Film interview, September 2011 (x)

Martin’s a very fine actor, and by ‘fine’ I mean in that very carefully balanced, nuanced way. He is a very delicate screen actor, and though he can do comedy at the drop of a hat he is achingly real as Watson, this man who is slightly lost in the civilian world, traumatised by his experience of the Afghanistan war but also slightly in thrall to it and missing the adrenalin. Also he’s an audience figure, an Everyman through whom to meet this slightly odd creature, this character of the night, this sociopathic, slightly autistic, slightly anarchic, maverick, odd antihero.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on Martin Freeman’s John Watson, Times interview, July 2010 (x)

I had a superb audition with Martin, and I immediately knew that he was my primary choice. He was definitely the person that I immediately sparked off and raised my game for. He’s an adorable man and blissfully, ridiculously funny and entertaining. He’s a great support and companion in real life as well. We have tremendous fun doing the show.

Benedict Cumberbatch, interview, October 2010 (x)

I have found myself casually [analysing] people on the train. At the businessman, say, who had a pale line around his ring finger, I’d think, ‘Hmm, I wonder what’s going on there, then?’ And I’d look at his shirt collar to see whether he had washed it, and the size of his luggage to see if he had been away overnight… Well, you can’t help but go there in your mind, can you?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Telegraph interview, July 2010 (x)

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are a fantastic pairing. They are in many ways… not quite chalk and cheese, but they complement each other, really. It’s not a thing of difference being a problem; it’s the thing that allies them. They are the missing half of either part of them.
—  Benedict Cumberbatch, Unlocking Sherlock
They’re over the moon. I flew them out here recently and they came to see me on the Star Trek set. All the stuff that’s happening to me is useless unless you can share it with someone you know. And who better to have by your side than family?

Benedict Cumberbatch, on his parents’ response to the progression of his career, InStyle Magazine, August 2012 (x)

The coat was interesting, because there is so much about Sherlock in the original Conan Doyle books, that is modern, so the hardest thing to get right were the clothes and how to dress him for a contemporary audience and what should the silhouette be. The coat was Ray Holman’s, the costume designer’s idea. Sherlock’s suits have a clean, linear, perfunctory beauty about them, there’s nothing showy or flamboyant. They’re very well cut, functional but still very stylish and I think that sums up Sherlock perfectly.

Benedict Cumberbatch, on Sherlock’s coat and suits, BBC Press Release, December 2011 (x)