More Mikasa and Sasha lovin’.

In my mind, Mikasa would bind her breasts and wear spandex like shorts to keep herself together while using 3D gear and Sasha is kinda more feminine, but not by much. And whenever Mikasa sleeps, she likes to drape the scarf over herself so Sasha just goes with it and snuggles up with her.


We are fed up and hating this weather. Got us a nice fire going to keep warm! #cat #cute #fire #shitandstuff #itsfuckinghorribleputside

I wanted to make a really intricate  RP forum signature without any photography or w/e so I’ve been busting my ass on this and now I’m sad because it’s not what I envisioned and I quit.

I was going to start RPing an aerial dancer but now I just… eh


fuck this is hard. 

I’m still experimenting, but I’m about to drop this project. it’s too advanced for me right now. ;-;

Only checking on what settings do what.