no valen-time head to toe

today was veryyyy busy

i woke up around 8

i went to casting for a old-new model agency (change of director)

the funny thing is that the previous director told me “You don’t look right for us and you NEVER will”…

that would be funny to be signed their

+ a great friend of I is with them

that would make us bros :D

Plus the new director is really a SWEETHEART

I have a great siwth sens on people and i can tell

the thing is that im waiting for news from the biggest agency in Paris

Hopefully My snapshoots were good and I would get to be the picky bitch that chose between two lovers 

prayers and finger crosssed

it was rainning and windy and i cant no longer cloes my backpack

so i had to put my portfolio into a plastic bac -_-

#chicalert kellogs would say

i went back home and bought and ate ¾ of a choco cake

then in thr afternoon i had a photoshoot for the first collection of a french designer

my fur was all wet and with my earcaps the esigner said i was looking like a wet kitty loool

the brand is called “HOLLI FUCKERS”

the shoot was lovely

the clothes reminded me of jeremy scott and andre crews

i like being compared so i hate comparing people but just to give u an idea

its a bit like undie jeremy scoot which has become commercial imo

everyone got along well and the classiccal style of the pics/lightenning was perfect to balance the edge  and crazynessof the clothes 

sometimes some designers do crazy stuff

but it becomes like crazy ugly

but this was crazy-cool-edgy-beautyful

at the end the designer ask us to do a family portrait and everyone (but the photographer)wearing the clothes

and he will use it for the lookbook

which is so cool

i like this kind of spontaneousity

the mua was looking sooo cute in the outfit

im working like a cow right now

and feeling so good about everythung

like everything is falling perfectly into place

and im going to have all ive always been yearning for 

after shooting i met a friend photographer from spain i ve been chatting for a following ofor a while

we like each other works

so even if we didnt have time to do anything it was very nice meeting up

to put a personality behind the work

it makes me want even more to work with him actually

then i went home and bought another cake cause its half my bday : i’m 22 and a half today <3

i ate ¾ as well which means i havent have any real healthy meal today (still thinking about making pasta,sausage and veggies , its 3AM)

tomorrow casting again and maybe nude shoot