People get tattoos when they've found there soulmate pt2

After the last one was so popular I decided to add some

-young teens thrilled as they find there soul mate young, they spend year together and after getting married as soon as possible they wake up one day a couple months or years after to clear skin or Cracks in the tattoos
-they’ve realised that they as a pair have fallen out of love and try there best to fix it

- a wife coming home with a new colour tattoo on her arms overlapping the common black swirls that circle her body, her partner sees and can’t stop crying because what the girl can’t see is the black ink eating itself away in a blind spot on her back

- people being stuck in abusive relationships because it’s unacceptable to not be with there “soulmate”, they try to leave but it’s just so damn hard because of all the reasons against it drown out the ones that would allow them to leave

- people born with tattoos never knowing there soul mate because nothing happens. Ever
- until they meet the coffee boy, he hands the cup over, fingers brushing softly and the dark ink swirling like ink in water to a pearly white;the boys tattoos being white also
-they are considered a phenomenon

- (cliche)A bully taunting a nerd but when he finally hits him a bruise is left behind with ink creating small marks over both there skin,slowly spreading.

-people talking over the phones (internet friends) to both fall in love but never know because they can’t touch
-until they call, and the tattoos begin to form
-because they love each other so much that each other’s voices were the only connections needed

Ps: tags are not random They’re often links in each mini story or something I’d like to see in that specific fandom ❤️❤️

Jaune is team mom

Pyrrha: Um….Jaune? Can you help me pick out what to wear today?

Nora: Hey Jauney! Can you cook some pancakes? Pleeeeease!

Ren: Jaune can you…cut my hair? It’s…gotten out of hand.

Ruby: Could you fix my cloak? I kinda…tore it…on a tree branch.

Weiss: I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I need your advice.

Yang: Mind helping me get my hair fixed up?

Blake:….can you…go buy a few books for me? I don’t want the rest of the team to find out.

I was thinking

I think I’ll not use afterdeath tag anymore. Yes I think it is wrong since I never drew it before. I only made a fan child and I’ll draw other fan children too that’s true.
But you can’t tag something with something that’s not truly related and it’s kinda wrong. I know some of my followers are here only for afterdeath stuff so don’t worry I’LL NOT STOP DRAWING AFTERDEATH CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY GOTH but since its not afterdeath, I should use the tag fan children or their name, not the name of the of ship, I guess some people don’t want to see that. And I respect it.
And sorry for the past afterdeath tags I used for fan children.