i want it to be to fucking explicit that they’re together. i want to be hit over the the head with it. i want the homophobic dudebros to rage at how fucking gay Edward and Oswald are for each other in the future and lose their goddamn minds

Edward, gently swinging from where Batman has tied them: “now now, bat boy. just because we’ve been experimenting with bondage doesn’t mean we consent to this kind of treatment.”

Oswald: “we’re not really looking for a third, now or ever. isn’t that right, darling?”

Ed: “and even if we were, it certainly wouldn’t be with someone who ties everything so tightly, or uses such uncomfortable material. for future reference, i prefer silk.”

Oz, stage whispering: “he has expensive taste, silk is the only thing that doesn’t bother his wrists”

Ed: “it’s not like you can’t afford me, Ozzie”

Batman: “please let’s just wait for the police quietly i’m begging you”

I had to do it okay? 

This is not even all of my oc’s (Dorian is there cause I write him on a multimuse blog) but it’s almost all of them. Some of them are in fanfictions or on my other blog, or even just in Pelle’s canon. I love this meme XDD so I felt the need to do it



Fen Sibil

Pelle Lavellan

Talwinne Yevys

Faolan Sibil

Mikael Burke


lowkey I kinda wanna turn this into a tag game. You dont have to do it if I tag you but I just wanted to spread a little fun

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Toby: *gives us loveable new characters like a cinnamon roll goat wizard, an angry Barny, a murder baby and many others.*

Toby, with his old characters: *makes Asriel alive but we can’t see him, makes Mettaton sad and alone, makes the only cannon couple from the last game not even know each other in this one, LOCKS PAPYRUS IN HIS OWN HOME.*