So this cute ass shit at Build-a-Bear made me think of the awesome future this store has with the new life we discover. Like I can imagine Jim dragging Spock there on a date, or Bones making him a stuffed Sehlat for a gift. And what if they have a Secret Santa dealio for Christmas and each member of the bridge ends up with a Build-a-Bear that their Secret Santa thought represented them best?? And they have the matching uniforms for each person! How cute would that be?



This made me laugh too much not to do it… made me think of @lil-miss-starshine

@professorrasuel‘s comic! Check them out!


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dude shit i knew a straight girl who's sorta known for leading lesbians on who posted on ig "i'm here i'm queer i'm full of existential fear" then when asked if she was straight she was answered smth bout how she likes dick too much or some dumb shit

JESUS fucking christ. I really cant handle straight girls like they REALLY think they can get away with being blatantly homophobic just bc they’re girls. 

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like,,, i love info dumping about su to other people but?? they get like uncomfortable quickly and drop the subject so im just like ‘time to never talk about su again with this person for months’


yeah hi so these are really gross and im just seeing if i like making these or not yet, but i wanted an icon or two of steele and then i was like “fuck lets make all the borderlands ladies flower crown icons” and yeah these are hella gross im just getting started

feel free to use and shit, i dont care they suck but if you want a character done message me lmao

so yeah ill be making many more these are just all that i got done last night haha


“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“I wanted my family to be proud of me, once in my life, Ruby! I know no one really has been noticing me as I was growing up. Middle child, always in the shadows. I proved, yeah, but what did I prove? That even something I sacrificed years to isn’t worthy in the end. You know how many doubts I had before sending application? Just because it’s my art, something dear to me, my little world. Felt like I was exposing myself. I thought fellow artists will get it like no one else, and they made me understand it’s all shit.”

“Kyle, I’m proud of you. You have no idea how much.”

“You’re lying, Ruby, you’re not.”

“I assume there could have been… a bribe, for example. It happens in universities.”

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Lmfao kpop fandom aint that shook as we thought before Leafyishere posted one photo of him and it got him trending and shit damn they need to chill

This made absolutely zero sense to me because i dont know who Leafyishere is? Someone please enlighten me.

-Admin M


Met some of the gymshark crew today at Stephens Green in town!

Took a couple hours to meet Nikky but totally worth it she was so sweet!! Same with Lainey and Lex so nice!

We were getting moved cause the gardai were moving the whole meet up out of the park and I really wanted a pic with Lex and he was so nice he stopped to take a pic when we were walking away! 😁

I went with two other gymshark fans and my friend Sean took a hell of a lot of pics when we got to Nikky , which I’m thankful for! 😂

There were so many people there I swore there wouldn’t be that many!!
Seeing so many fit people made me really want to get my shit together and build up but I know it’ll take time and I’m on the right track! 😁💪🏼

Harley scenes in Suicide Squad that were 100% in character:

  • Harley yelling ‘Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!’ and trying to shoot Batman 
  • Actually most of the car chase scene
  • Harley saying ‘this is me being cool’ before stabbing a guard in the face
  • Harley going 'WHEEE’ when they wheeled her out of Belle Reve
  • Harley kissing the 'Puddin’ choker with that look on her face I can’t find an adequate word for
  • Harley asking Chato if he could light a girl’s cigarette with his pinky
  • Harley beating up the dead guy with her bat and then poking him with her toe to prove he’s moved
  • Harley smiling while trying to look like she has not just been crying her eyes out on that car when the Squad came to pick her up
  • the whole Enchantress hallucination scene, including ‘He married me!’
  • Harley demanding an espresso machine
  • Harley reading a trash romance novel while drinking espresso