Our Seungri sings well ♥

every episode this season has made me stressed af even tho i knOW HOW IT’S GOING TO END 

instead of studying, i just added all of these bands’ songs on spotify and decided to listen to their albums once and for all, now i’m falling asleep to nell’s music this is so good ahhh, next up is hyukoh and the solutions, this feels great

imo rock (soft/indie/alt) is probably the most ethereal music genre there is

This seriously made me lose my shit


like the whole point of that post was that people Were Literally going onto posts about ro/adrt and complaining about how people who ship them are  Looking Into It Too Hard because they Obviously Hate Each Other (which, yes, i know im being baited which is why those kinds of statements can trigger unreality shit for me which is why i made a post about it)

but, you know, Go Off I Guess

To the girl that decided to check me out while I was lifeguarding today, I noticed you. As if I wouldn’t notice someone like you. Shit, you made it pretty obvious you were checking me out. I know, Claringtons have a certain something to them that make them pretty irresistible. Why don’t you come on out to one of my fights first, then we’ll talk. I always put on a good show. Clarington’s word.

That invitation goes for the rest of you. I don’t care who the challenger is, I’ll gladly fight you just for fun. Fuck, I’ll even pay you handsomely if you last more than 10 rounds with me. I just love a good fight.

“if you think phoenix is abusive towards apollo and trucy, then why do you keep writing stuff abt him,miles and trucy being a family together or something?” uh because people can get better and change??? because i can dream??? the “phoenix was manipulative” argument is concentrated on AJ and DD if you’ve played SoJ you’ve seen the obvious progress Phoenix has made with Apollo since AJ stop sending me shit like this

Harley scenes in Suicide Squad that were 100% in character:

  • Harley yelling ‘Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!’ and trying to shoot Batman 
  • Actually most of the car chase scene
  • Harley saying ‘this is me being cool’ before stabbing a guard in the face
  • Harley going 'WHEEE’ when they wheeled her out of Belle Reve
  • Harley kissing the 'Puddin’ choker with that look on her face I can’t find an adequate word for
  • Harley asking Chato if he could light a girl’s cigarette with his pinky
  • Harley beating up the dead guy with her bat and then poking him with her toe to prove he’s moved
  • Harley smiling while trying to look like she has not just been crying her eyes out on that car when the Squad came to pick her up
  • the whole Enchantress hallucination scene, including ‘He married me!’
  • Harley demanding an espresso machine
  • Harley reading a trash romance novel while drinking espresso

morrigan was raised by an abusive mother. we know that she was emotionally abused and subjected to forms of neglect

although you may not like her, its important to realize the reasons behind her cold demeanour and somewhat harsh beliefs. flemeth was a horrible mother 

the warden, if befriended, is her first friend ever. she’s never before been in constant contact with anyone but her abusive parent

the way she grows with the warden is reason enough to reevaluate whatever previous thoughts you’ve had about “how much of a bitch she is”. she develops a sense of caring and loyalty. her growth is an important part of her character arc when you take into consideration her isolated and cruel childhood