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fluff prompt souharu - haru comforts a jealous!sousuke :^) (sorry if I ever sent this twice! I was not sure if it got through)

I definitely didn’t stay up till 4 am writing this instead of sleeping.  Nope.  Anyway, the continued adventures of Olympic celebrities Haru and Rin, and Haru’s bf Sousuke.  Also domestic souharu because I’m weak.  I love these dorks.

“Haru, what are you wearing?” Rin asks in a disbelieving voice.  His eyes survey Haru’s outfit incredulously. “Just… how?”

Haru shrugs, indifferent.  “My warmups,” he mumbles, as if that should be obvious.

Rin runs a hand through his hair, gritting his teeth.  Leave it to Haru to do something this ridiculous right before a fan gathering and act so distinctly nonplussed.  

“Why are they… pink?”  Rin honestly doesn’t want to know the answer, but he can’t just let Haru be seen during public events like this.

Haru blinks, and then glances down, as if he’s just realizing for the first time that his uniform has gone from a crisp white to a dull salmon.  “Sousuke messed up the wash.”

Rin chokes.  Beside Haru, Sousuke makes a small moaning sound and hides his face behind his cellphone.  

“He- what?  Haru, those are official Japanese National Team uniforms, you can’t just-”

“I like them better this way.”

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eggsy is the dreamy lead singer of a popular boy and , and harry is the uncle that was dragged there by his niece/ nephew . ( I think I read it some but I cant remember where ) but juST IMAGINE + have a nice day . xx ~a.ju ♡

More under the cut cause wow I’m a loser who has other prompts and HW on top of that to be doing instead of writing for this ;u;

“Uncle ‘Arry come on, come on!” Emily had squealed, tugging the elder man aggressively by the hand. The older man sighed exasperatedly but with a fond smile spread across his lips as the 12 year old girl dragged him towards the meet and greet areas for the lead singer of Easter, Eggsy Unwin. The band he sang for was a new one, only really appearing about a year ago. But already, Easter was a highly successful band capturing the hearts of millions around the world with its’ charming Eggsy heading it.

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In hindsight, Shepard probably should have expected something like this.

Not that she routinely went about her life expecting people to confess romantic feelings for her. It always came as a surprise, because he didn’t see herself as empirically worth attraction. She was a good soldier, a decent leader, pretty damn handy with a gun, but utterly abysmal at feelings. In her experience, it made any attempts at connection a doomed, futile effort.

She winced. If only she’d kept this in mind with Kaidan, instead of pacing awkward, wanting circles around him and forgetting that she was not meant for it. But she’d been distracted by the sense that it was inevitable, that connection of such magnitude could not be denied, and they were destined. Stupid, romantic notions.  She would chalk it up to another learning experience and leave it all behind. This was exactly why she should put this shit away and focus on her job.

She stared into Liara’s achingly earnest expression before dropping her gaze to their entwined hands. She noted physical details as if from a great distance, as if she no longer properly resided in her own head. Her skin is a nice shade of blue, Shepard thought vaguely.  They’re cold. She’s trembling. She’s nervous about this.  That made her wince again. Either way she sliced it, this was going to be an incredibly painful, awkward conversation. Because she too understood what it felt like to lay your heart out, every pathetic, small corner, every scrap of darkness, for it to be rejected. God, she knew. She was still recoiling from that particular pain.

Liara swallowed, seeming to steel herself. And at that exact moment, she was incomparably beautiful in her bravery – far more than Shepard, a battle-hardened soldier, had ever managed, on the field or off. “I … care about you. I know that I don’t know you very well, but you’re – well, you’re Shepard.”

“I’m not sure that means as much as you think,” Shepard joked weakly. // ao3

Let Me [Mature] ♕

AN: okay hi this probably sucks ass & it’s super duper long, but anyways it was inspired by my own personal struggles and anyone else who has exams coming up! but y'all got this! but if you wanna procrastinate instead, i wrote this so you could waste your time :) warning: this is unedited and probably has a shit load of typos if you see chick it was probably supposed to be dick but whatever

WARNING/DISCLAIMER: Use of profanities; sexual content.

Summary: teach me, teach me; all this learning here is by you (+) // the one where Justin wants you to stop studying and go to bed

Justin Bieber

“Just one more chapter, then I’ll go to sleep, promise.” [Y/N] said.

Only thing was she said that six chapters ago.

I admired her perseverance, but she’s worse than my mom. And I love my mama, but Pattie Mallette never does anything when she says she’s going to. Always says we’re gonna leave the house, but we never do.

I fidgeted under the sheets. It had to be after ten, even close to eleven by now. [Y/N] had been studying her ass of for over four hours. Intelligence is sexy and it looks especially fitting on her. [Y/N] has to be the smartest person I know, but I can’t watch her waste away studying while her boyfriend pouts for her to turn the lights off and cuddle.

I won’t lie though, a part of me liked watching her study. I love the way her glasses are too big for her face and sit on her cheeks and how she bites her pencil when she reading or solving a problem. The way she twirls her highlighter when reading and the little crease between her eyebrows that forms when she doesn’t get her math homework. I especially love her handwriting. Weird, I know, but it’s so neat. Maybe because she’s a righty, but it sure beats my left-handed chicken scratch by a mile.

The amount of concentration she put into her schoolwork was admirable for sure, and she looked good as hell while doing it.

Sometimes I would ask her a question I knew I would never understand, just so I could hear ramble. I love hearing her talking with passion and conviction about the answer. She made calculus and cellular respiration sound hot. But cells and math were getting too much of her attention right now.

“Baby, come on, stop reading now. I wanna go to bed. You know I can’t sleep with the lights on.” I groaned.

[Y/N] shushed me and flipped a page. She sat up in our bed with a thick textbook on her lap. She held a highlighter in her hand and had too many sticky notes to count all over her book.

Her left hand scratched a spot below her neck while she licked her lips. Her thin, white cami barely covered her boobs, which looked great with the cheetah print bra she had on (one of my favorites, might I add). A dog tag she had stolen from me sat right above her cleavage.

Something about the way her chest stuck out when she reached up to fix her hair made me wish I wasn’t such a horny little shit, but also made me want to turn her around and have my way with her.

I touched her here and there; tracing along her stomach or running my hands up and down her legs – anything to distract her. Anything to get her to give up the damn studying and pay attention to me. I wanted her all to myself and I refused to let a textbook be my cock block.

She scribbled on her paper and sighed. I looked at her nightstand and as the clock struck eleven, I decided that work time was over.

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I am the worst kind of person.

I meant to write more 3months or Magnets or Friend in the Dark and what did I do?

I wrote something for my Dresden Files crossover AU instead. I made myself cry at half past one in the morning and now I’m going to inflict it on you because what even is wrong with me

Hopefully i’m writing it in such a way that you don’t necessarily have to read the Dresden Files to understand what’s going on, like just know it’s an awesome urban fantasy series with wizards and and fairies and vampires and shit


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Every time I looked at tumblr today and saw nothing but wank I went and wrote at least 200 words of fic instead of letting tumblr be that timesuck. Thanks to all the negative shit in the tag today, I’m working my way up to a really awesome crisscolfer sex scene. 

(And for the record, I include everything under the umbrella of wank. I also have zero interest in reading hateful posts that have nothing to do with Chris or Darren yet somehow end up tagged there anyway.)

i wish to etch my touch into every snowflake and grain of sand i want you to look around and only hear my voice because i don’t want you to forget this or me

we rip paper into tiny pieces with our fingernails and sprinkle them above our heads and say that they’re clouds but let’s be honest: the closest we ever came to having our head in the clouds was when i thought you loved me back. at least i’m back on earth now, my feet missed the ground and being back down.

the crinkles in my lips devour sweet air
because i wanted your essence under them instead but i guess that’s not happening, so i guess i’ll kiss the summer sun rays because they never fail to drown my skin with their love

i got this piece of shit idea in february and i wrote my wishes on my pinkies and painted my nails lavender to match the way my smiles tasted when you were the one to create them

now moon rays envelop my throat in their light but i think your eyes are still brighter than that.

—  when did i start wishing on stars for things that were never bound to happen//you

Cold air still lingers hours after I closed my bedroom window.
I have stared into the mouth of hell and screamed until I tasted rust,
And I wrote the word “void” and erased it and rewrote it until the paper tore.

Dust floats in the early hours of the morning and collects on basement antiques.
I pluck petals off daisies and alternate between heaven and nothingness,
But this gets old so I bury myself and claw at the dirt instead.

My lover has left me in the company of Sisyphus and watching him
Is almost as bad as feeling the stone tear at my back.
If I am careful I will mimic his infinity without the broken skin.

One day I am going to regret not being the first one to say “I love you.”
Here’s my formal apology for insensitivity; it is in this world I have loved too much.
I sit across tables and look over people’s shoulders instead of into their faces.

I need to ask them questions. Does it feel like being pulled underwater?
Does your mother greet you in white light? Can you tell me what forever feels like?
I am shaking and the wind is blowing and the rain is coming in sheets.

One day passes. There are bouquets of flowers being given to unsuspecting friends
And there are little hands making shadows in front of flashlights on walls.
There are one-year anniversaries and I am nothing and I am nowhere.

—  Claire Fallon, “All of This Happens at Once”
Young Richie and Big Sis Sharon moment

“Ha! Told you’d I’d win.” Virgil said playing his last card.

“Whatever man.” Richie said, a disgruntled look on his face.

“Boys!” Mr Hawkin’s voice said from downstairs.

“Get ready for bed. Get your showers and brush your teeth.”

“OK POPS!” Virgil yelled back down.

He looked back to Richie and challenged. “Race you to the bathroom.”

“You’re on!” Richie squealed chasing after Virgil.

Virgil got to the first, mostly because of his lead.

“Ha!” Virgil says as he shuts the door in Richie’s face.

“‘Ha!’ nothing. You cheated.” Richie laughed, not really caring if Virgil got first shower or not.

Richie walks back down the hall when he notices Sharon’s door is open.

Sharon was laying on her bed math book in one hand and pencil in the other grumbling.

“Stupid Math. Who needs this garbage anyway? When am I ever going to actually use Trigonometry?”

She slammed her book shut and saw Richie at her door.

“What are you doing at my door you lil’ geek?”

“I-I-I uhh, nothing.” Richie stammered before turning around to reverse his action.

“Actually, can I ask you something?”

“Oh God! Please don’t have a crush on me or something. Or anything about puberty. Please god no.” Sharon worried in her head.

“Why not ask Virgil or even our dad?”

“Virg won’t tell me and he said not to ask your pops.”

“Not ask daddy. Ugh. I don’t want to deal with this right now. Oh. but look at the little face.”

Sharon sighed and sat up on her bed.

“Sure what is it?” She patted the spot on her bed.

“Well - um, today Francis called me something and the other kids laughed and Virg got real mad. Like he almost hit Francis mad, and he probably would have if the principal didn’t show up, but don’t tell your dad about that. He’d be real mad at Virgil and I don’t want to get him into any trouble. And anyway, I don’t know what the word means and when I asked Virgil he got all angry again and told me not to worry about it and that I wasn’t but he seemed really upset by it and and and, Sharon- am I. Am I a faggot?”

“Is that what Francis called you?”

“Yeah. What does that mean Sharon?”

“It’s a bad word Richie. It’s used to call other people, homosexuals- you know-gay people.(She supplied because she could easily see he was confused by the word)

“ But it’s a bad way to say it. It’s a horrible world to say.”

“So, it’s kinda like when people call black people by the ‘n-word’?”

“It’s exactly like that.”

Richie waited a moment, letting this knowledge sink in before asking.

“But, I’m not gay. Am I?”

“I think, I think you and Virgil are a little young to be trying to figure out things like that. I mean, you two aren’t even at the age where you’re supposed to be liking girls. I wouldn’t worry about that for a while longer, ok. For now, just be a kid. Afterall, you are only 10.” She finished by ruffling his short hair.

“Kay.” Richie got off the bed and walked to the door.

“All you man. Virgil said, drying a towel on his head.

“Sharon. Thanks.” Richie said before going into the bathroom.

“What was that about? What was he thanking you for?”

“I gave him some advice. That’s all. Now here’s some for you, take your butt to bed before daddy finds out you took so long in the shower.” She told him shutting the door.

“Man. Sisters.”

im grouchy so for an assignment in html shit, instead of “List of Baby Boy’s Names” like the prompt said, i wrote “List of Masculine Baby Names”

and i reread it and i cant stop laughing because “masculine baby” is a gr8 phrase

what is a masculine baby

a baby fulfilling standards of traditional manliness

a baby driving a truck and looking emotionless while eating red meat

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Whats the sehun drama about? What have i missed?

Sehun is the male lead in Boa’s new mv. The news came out today and Sehun was happy to announce it to the world and commented on instagram posts about his role. He was pretty excited and happy about it. You can read his comments here.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with them. People were just giving him shit on randomly commenting on posts instead of commenting on others/theirs. The typical butthurt k-netizen shit. So that’s why he wrote the “apology” post on his insta bio, but deleted it and his latest pic later.

The hate was fucking pointless as usual and I am just so infuriated right now…



My band PG playing a very dirty song I wrote. 

PG- Melissa Rickson, Louie Poole, Alex Dombroski ft Danielle Green on tambourine.


If there’s one thing people say about you,

It’s that there’s no one you wouldn’t do,

I don’t know why you’re not in my bed,

I mean what could you be doing instead.

Chorus: There was a time we stood so close,

I could taste the smell of your cologne,

Behind your eyes I know there hides a storm,

Your skin on mine would be so warm.

If there’s one thing I think about you,

It’s that we should just fucking screw,

There’s so much tension when I meet your gaze

Let’s burn it off in a hot sweaty haze.


I can’t help but stare when you run your fingers through your hair, 

I can’t help but stare and imagine touching everywhere,

I can’t help but stare and think we’d be the perfect pair.

Just take me home. Just take me home


It’s been a while since I last wrote a life update, so now here it is. 

My days have been very dull, mostly because acads took over my life completely. As much as I want to do other things like go to places or watch movies or just chill, I can’t because school work seems to go on forever. There are nights when I just want to cry all the tears I have been keeping for so long, but then these tears never come; instead, I only sigh and continue studying because it’s not like I have a choice. Failing is not an option – I have experienced this so many times and not once did I feel good about it.

I have become numb. Every night I stay up until 4am just to finish my homeworks (and usually I couldn’t finish them in one night). I wake up late and I come to my first class late. Cutting class is already out of the question because I’ve done it so many times already, I’m afraid that if I cut any more classes I might reach the absences limit without even realizing it. During my 2 or 3-hour break, I go back to the dorm to catch even just an hour of sleep, and I have to always force myself to wake up and review or finish a homework before going again to class. After class, I eat dinner, then go back to the dorm to study again. Study, study, study. I don’t even want to think about the number of hours I spend everyday on studying. I don’t do things for myself anymore because I’d rather sleep if I’m not studying.

I’m not depressed. I’m just exhausted. I never thought college has to demand this much studying. The education is really good in our university, but must the lessons get so crazy hard? I hope that teachers would realize that students need to have a break every now and then. I mean, I get it – hard problems are great because they pressure us students to think really hard, but when all your subjects give you the same high level of difficulty, bad things happen. Ha, I can’t even fulfill some of my org duties. 

Two more months.

I hate when teachers assigns projects based around their interest instead of picking a topic that will interest the whole class. My lighting teacher assigns us to make a light plot for a concert. Now I fucking hate lighting but if we had been assigned to pick the singer of the concert I would have been a bit more excited to do this project. I would have obvs chose Nicki and played around with color but instead I have to do The Who and based the lighting around the song Behind Blue Eyes. I mean the songs ok but he clearly chose this old ass songs because he likes it and us group of 18 through 20 years old could really give a shit about it.

So for my concept statement that I have to do for this project. I’m going to tear this song into two. This song has a slight ‘fedora’ feel to it as the singer wrote it after he felt ‘tempted’ by a groupie. So, just going to write a 2 page paper about how this song is basically the theme song for nice guys.

i realized ill never be able to live normally again now

ill never have a normal healthy romantic relationship again

ill never be able to shake the feeling that im just being used to get someone off. ill never be able to walk down the streets without hating every eye that is on me- and every single eye is on me

i realized what i am. i already knew who i was. but what i am. im a mistake. its ok, its not so bad to say it- the 400th time, but its better to know what you are instead of being stuck in a loop. my parents think theyre just raising an average kid. but theyve already finished raising me. and theyve raised a mistake. im just a fat, stupid, useless, ugly, no-good, desperate, depressed mistake. and i know that. i cant handle anything anymore. im so pathetic.

ill repeat this until it kills me.

if i forgot i wrote this; here you go, you worthless sack of shit, you’re a mistake.