I cant believe eliza killed that bollarke shit AND posted an elycia selfie she’s so good to me i dont deserve her



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today has honestly a good day so far & i was somewhat happy with my makeup but since im a snapchat filter hoe i had to use this flowery one bc it made me look 1000x more fleeky and prettier lol

anywayzzzzzz im going to tag some ppl i follow and blogs that i love (pls follow them! ♡) but pls note that you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to! :’)

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pls tag me in your selfies, id love to see all of you beautiful people! ✨


ok so i got tagged by @modelsoo to do the selfie x bias thing and honestly it’s really dangerous to put ya own face next to someone so gorgeous…… anyway here’s me and suho w matching snapchat filters :’) couple looks 🌸 

i tag @lawlliets @etherealay @yixingsmonodrama @domdaddysuho @kaizzzi and @peachysuho !! do it if you want 🍃  no pressure!!

someone just messaged me on my main blog asking if i have an amazon wishlist and offering to buy me shit off of it (i guess that’s what happens when you post butt selfies bc you like your underwear idk)

but ’m just sitting here thinking like

he would be real disappointed upon seeing that the only things on my wishlist are books, peppermint extract, a vacuum, foot cream, copic opaque white pigment, a food processor, the entire series of seinfeld, and peanut butter flavored pea protien