something that really grinds my gears is people labelling and over exaggerating this whole “possessive jongin” trend and it’s really annoying and I wish people would stop pushing a disgusting and toxic trait like that onto this sweet person and a friendship/relationship that they know nothing about in real life.

Being possessive and controlling and overly jealous are not “cute” things to have in a relationship, they’re not “sweet” or “full of love” – they’re toxic and unhealthy, and shippers need to fucking stop glamifying these things and make-believing and teaching younger, more impressionable shippers that that’s what love is, and that it’s okay, because it’s fucking not.

Some people need to realize that Jongin is not the immature, whiny, clingy, bitterly jealous child you constantly make him out to be for “the feels.” He’s a grown ass man.

So please stop, it’s gross.

Oh shit, I really need to write down my ideas.
I just figured how I want the next gen to play out, wtf. Peach pls, stop planning so far ahead, you’ll never remember it

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me and my best friend have been shipping nygmobblepot since before their 1st scene even aired here in australia. i remember we saw their scene (pictures and gifs) online and so when we saw it on tv we got so excited. ah memories!!

Ah when life was easy, for both us and Ed & Os ugh. Let’s happy ship s1 Ed and s3 Oswald, adoring and loving each other til no end. Ah I imagine when ep15 trailer came and we saw a second of their meeting it was unbelieveable aaah omg, much feels! Also you know after that meeting I hoped their relation would start to develop like it did in season 3 haha like Oswald went home and just couldn’t stop thinking about that dork he met and they would cross paths again VERY soon. But man did I do my waiting! but FINALLY! But now they need to solve their shit huh, yes they will. 

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Unfortunately it's the same thing when ppl blamed amber heard for being married to johnny depp. Ppl attacked her on Twitter (good thing amber doesn't have an account) bc so many nasty things were said about her. It just rubs me off the wrong way when ppl attack (obvi you never did that, I'm saying in general) the women in the relationship when the man is the pig. Just hope that Flo leaves that relationship ASAP. The fans need to leave it alone and stop tagging her in shit posts.

I agree with this. I’m not attacking Flo and I’m not going to. like I said we know next to nothing about her. I’m just not going to be blogging about her only Maggie

oh guys I need to tell this mothafuckin whump community about the shittiest anime I’ve ever watched

So this shit was called Rumbling Hearts

and it’s about this girl (orange hair chick) who falls in love with one of those guys (who are both so dull I can’t even remember which fucking one it was)

so she gets hit by a car and goes into a coma

for ten years

and while she’s out, blue haired chick starts to take care of her bf because he’s stopped eating, showering, etc (see why I watched it? such whump potential, but just wait for it)

so she wakes up ten years later and the doctors tell her friends that it’s gonna be too much of a shock to tell her how long she’s been asleep, so they should act like it’s only been a few days

but this bitch’s hair has not been cut at all and it’s literally a foot longer

but nevertheless they decide to fuckin roll with it. So her sister squeezes her enormous fucking anime tits into her middle school uniform and they’re all in her hospital room, noticeably older, and she’s just like “yo I slept through Wednesday? that sucks”

but then the old boyfriend gets fed up randomly and shouts “You’ve been in a coma for TEN YEARS”

which shocks her





And that’s the worst anime I’ve ever fucking seen in my life.

To be real it’s mad frustrating when you can do like 10 applications, get like 1 interview out of that and still not even get called back, and people just think it’s fun and games. It’s not and I’m constantly outchea on my last.

So nah I can’t chill out, I can’t just stop asking because I need a whole job outchea like real shit, I’m trying not to just get money but to actually FUCKIN save shit, like I wanna get this apartment for me and my girl, I wanna have a way to fucking breathe but I honestly don’t think a lot of people even see that shit man.

This is bigger than I want a paycheck, I’m trying to start some shit for my future family

i’m always trash for College!Binu here we go 

  • bin rly likes watching jinjin dance 
  • jinjin moves with so much power and precision, lines fluid but strong and bolded 
  • he lowkey wants to be like his hyung some day but he knows his style is vastly different 
  • different as in like, all he does is flop around aesthetically 
  • but of course he doesn’t let jinjin know about his admiration bc that lil blonde shit will make fun of him forever 
  • like how he still makes fun of the time when they were five and bin licked a frog because he wanted to know what the colour green tasted like never mind the fact that bin could have licked other green things, like the vegetables laying untouched on his dinner plate

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"OKAY SIR I DON'T KNOW YOU AT ALL FROM ALL THE TIME I'VE LIVED IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD BUT YOUR CAT KEEPS ON GETTING IN MY BACKYARD AND I'M ALLERGIC SO THIS NEEDS TO STOP- oh shit you're beautiful and wait you made pie and you've invited me over for dinner to apologize for it okay I'll stay for a little bit" AU. Double points If it's top!cas. Sorry if this is a lot you don't have to do this if you don't want to >-<


Honestly you guys - drop toxic people right fucking now. Stop putting it off and waiting for them to change. I no joke, dropped everyone last august, and have never been more productive, happy, healthy, and had as much money as I do right now. You don’t need more than two friends - (unless friend number 3 is going to be absolutely fucking amazing) - Just do it. Only invite people into your life who are going to bring you value - not suck the value out of you. Surround yourself with people you want to be more like, make plans and get shit done, and don’t WASTE YOUR TIME ON ANYONE! Just fucking do it

Y’all need to chill with the rings. I know they’re an important statement but just hear me out. First of all, the artists probably forgot to draw them. Ask any artist, they forget shit all the time. Secondly, Victuuri is still canon, and they will probably get married after a suitable time of getting to know each other. That’s probably what season 2 would be about anyway–their domestic relationship as equals. Yuuri only knows Victor the coach, not Victor the boyfriend, and vice versa. So calm down, stop panicking, and enjoy a cookie :)

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do you have any good studies to stop those bullshit YouTube comment ppl who go "2 genders because 2 sexes uwu", reply to "actually intersex ppl exist" w/ "um no just let me move these goalposts those are ~~~disorders~~~ not sexes", & reply to "there are more than 2 genders you shit" w/ "aw are u triggered poor sjw do u need a safe space" I need some links to copy and paste bc they make me so incoherently angry I can't form an argument

Neptune, Mar, either of you wanna take this one?

-Mod Yuya

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I may be a bit of a masochist when it comes to my babies pain. But more Yaku please?

Morisuke glanced over his shoulder and spotted the same broad-shouldered thug that had been behind him the last four times he’d checked. Shit, he really was being followed, wasn’t he? Morisuke pulled out his phone - he needed to call someone, maybe Kenma or Daishou, to pick him up. 
Someone touched his shoulder. He’d stopped walking to peer at his phone. That was a mistake, he realized as he was swung around to face the person who’d followed him for the last fifteen or twenty minutes. 
They reached for his wallet, and Morisuke twisted away, swinging his fist out wildly. 
“You think you can beat me?” his assailant laughed. “You’re too small to be a threat. But if you keep wiggling it’ll be annoying, so…” The attacker’s hand came up to Morisuke’s throat and clamped down, not hard enough to crush his windpipe, but hard enough to restrict his breathing. Morisuke choked and lashed out, found his fingers closing around something firm. He latched on, squeezing with everything he had, digging his nails in. 
His attacked bellowed, a sound that was cut off as Morisuke realized he’d hurt the larger man and tightened his grip desperately. Morisuke clung on as the pressure on his own neck increased, and then pain lashed across his side, his attacker trying to pummel him into letting go. Morisuke summoned every ounce of strength he had. 
They both fell. The impact made Morisuke wince, but he managed not to lose his grip. 
A gurgling, choking sound reached his ears. 
His attacker? Morisuke couldn’t risk letting up. The larger man convulsed, whatever Morisuke was gripping starting to give way. 
With one last choked cry, the attacker went limp. Morisuke shoved himself away from the man, triumph shooting through him as he stumbled to his feet and risked a glance around as he patted his pockets to check for his wallet. Yeah, it was there…
His gaze landed on his assailant. 
The man lay in the street. 
Throat bruised. 
By Morisuke. 
Morisuke stared in horror, then leaned over and vomited. 
Sirens wailed in the distance, getting closer and closer as Morisuke emptied his stomach onto the pavement beside his attacker’s corpse. 


After last month’s possible chemical pregnancy debacle, I’ve stopped actually trying. I stopped tracking. I slipped up twice and did OPKs. But I haven’t looked at my period/ovulation app. I can’t handle that kind of hope and then utter despair again. I made an agreement with myself that if we were to get pregnant, it was a plan of the Universe and I need to let go of my obsessive control of it. On top of tracking like mad, my anxiety has been out of my control. I have had very little to no ability at all to keep my shit together. I’ve freaked out at work, I’ve freaked out on Chris. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve told him he’s better off with someone who isn’t so sad and so scared all the time. I’ve smoked a little and that’s helped me more than I thought it would. Chris is a huge pothead (save your “advice” on why he shouldn’t for someone who cares for it) and I used to be, too. But I thought if I put having a baby at the center of everything, shit will make sense and I’ll be able to handle everything. I can’t. I took a few hits off a blunt he was smoking yesterday and I was so calm. I still have my period so no worries on a possible weed baby (which I did read about and there is a huge divide on it in the scientific community) and I felt good. Today though, I was off and I have to work tomorrow. I’m anxious because of the lack of sleep. Getting up before the sun does really fucks with your emotions. So I try to sleep around now (8:30-9:30 pm) so I can get up easier at 5:20am. I’m really moody. And I forgot to tell y'all we have house guests. We’re temporarily loaning our living room out to my friend at work who does 3rd shift. She and her husband are here. It’s not too bad, really. We operate on opposite schedules. She works 11pm-7am and I work 7am-3pm. I work when she sleeps and she works when I sleep. I’ll update more as the time they’re here goes on.