im so tired of ppl who arent lesbians trying to talk over lesbians and f/f ships like. shut the fuck up.

we get it. you hate bumblebee. yes, it has its flaws, so does every other damn ship in this godforsaken show. yall need to stop. there are some lesbians like me who like bumblebee without having to put some other ship down. so shut up

Ever find yourself overthinking people’s names? Like surnames. How some are to do with trades or locations or whatever? Like Efron is Jewish and comes from a place in the Bible. But then there’s last names like Bumgardner. Where the fuck did Bumgardner come from? I need to find better shit to spend my time thinking about. Or just stop thinking all together.

You did a Jensen one, now I need a little Dean. (If your inspired of course.) This is the Dean gif that gets me all hot and bothered lately. *sigh*

“Lemme guess sweetheart, you think just because I’m a demon now I don’t give a shit about you?”

“You don’t.” You snapped back. “You left me for 6 weeks with a shitty note, Dean. You obviously don’t.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it, princess.” He turned his head, looking at the guy he just maimed. The guy you’d been at the bar with. “Demon or not I could never stop carin’ about you.” He leaned in close, his lips against your ear, warm breath making you shiver. “Let me take you to my room and show you just how much I still care.” 

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ppl need to stop shitting on small talk. it’s a wonderful cushion and a starting point for ppl who aren’t that good with conversations or a little more awkward. i’d rather have small talk rather than an awkward silence. and plus, maybe i am curious about how someone’s day is or how nice the weather is, there’s nothing wrong with that

like that whole quote where it’s like “talk to me about galaxies and the meaning of life!!” PLEASE!!! i barely talk about those things with my close friends we just share memes and talk about how much life sucks

Magisterium: The Bronze Key more like Callum Hunt and the Quest to Build The Ultimate Harem ™


That man had like five other sims he had to get to waltz with him and he got them ALL in one go.

… this is why you play the game, no matter how stupid it is.  xD

At any rate he no longer needs that ridiculousness and can now stop forcibly being a werewolf.

God I hope that man didn’t just get laid.

Hello, Andrei.  xD

The other thing we must do is find a pot of gold.

This means grinding.

I don’t grind.  I DO do the work, like here, but I refuse to sit and grind shit.  This is a job for Retuner.  I will find something.  xD

Edit: Think I found the something.  …. if I have, thennnnn in theory I’ve at least bumped chances up of finding stuff, but not specifically gold.  I’ll take what I can get, tbh.  xD

2014 me: I love dark dumb shit, no matter what Tumblr say

2015 me: People need to stop thinking just because something’s “edgy” it means it’s good. I want some optimistic, feel good lighthearted entertainment.

2016 me: Wait shit, fuck

I feel like the whole Shit-My-Friend-Turned-Time-to-Hide-Out-On-Tatooine could go both ways.

Obi-Wan becomes a deadly Sith? Anakin would TOTES run off to Tatooine if he absolutely had to. Would he hate it? Yes. Would it last about a year before he’s like Fuck it. OWEN, BRO, CAN YOU BABYSIT THE KIDS FOR ME I NEED TO GO STOP AND/OR SAVE MY FRIEND FROM HIMSELF…YEAH, YEAH. I’LL GET SOME BLUE MILK ON THE WAY BACK. THANKS, FAM.

Obi-Wan would never look for Anakin on Tatooine. C'mon. He wouldn’t be Vader levels of stubbornly forgetting everything about his past, but he still wouldn’t suspect Anakin to go back to Tatooine. It’s impossible.


I didn’t believe the last set of spoilers and I don’t intend to believe this set. Guys I wouldn’t put any faith into these so called leaks. I think we should all just wait until the show comes out. Because everything is turning into a shit fest. It’s literally a ship war and we all need to come down. Both ships are great. Stop getting all of your undies in a twist, it doesn’t matter which one becomes canon. Lets just take a deep breath, think on it, and recognize spoilers this early are always going to be false.

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As I sit here on school campus I just wanted to stop bye and say “hey” to everyone lol I’ve been MIA lately trying to focus more on school and build a relationship with myself . I need to get my shit together so leaving this note for all my Tumblr followers and family ❤️"hey I miss you & hope to see you my next login on imvu" .

- Gianna , Gia , baby girl , etc 😭😂

Okay, y'all need to stop shitting on the Uch//ihas in order to claim that the Hy//ugas are better, because last that I checked the Uch//iha was strongest in village. the hy//u/gas are considered strong because all the good cl.ans all died (or wiped) out. y'all will be 4th strongest (let’s not forget the Uzu//m/aki or Se//nju cl.ans).

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You need to stop harassing females on the internet. Feel free to post your own opinion but stop reblogging from random women and tagging them in your posts they want nothing to do with. You're creepy and gross. Please go away.

They can stop posting lies publicly and hiding behind their gender.

I reply to men and women, young and old. I don’t give a shit who they are. I am not sexist like you.

I don’t know why you feel girls are helpless and can’t stand by their own comments.

You must hate women.

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I still don't get why people are saying the cabellos and Jaureguis are fighting. Some fans really need to stop buying fake shit that other haters say on social media about them. They've been in good terms since they met. Us Cubans we don't act like American with shitty drama. So fuck off

it’s because those fuckers started posting suspicious quotes at the same time so since we’re paranoid we thought they had something going on between them lol turns out it was nothing

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I'm literally dead inside I've missed a month of work I now live alone after she left and I can't stop having panic attacks whenever I try to do anything, it's gotten to the point that I wake up already feeling like there's only one answer to all this shit and I'm scared. I'm not dumb and I know what's happening and people say it will get better and I know they're right but I don't want it to. I'm worthless and I don't think anyone would miss me. You don't have to give advice I just need to vent

I’ll miss you. Please talk to someone. I know it’s hard but everything’s going to be ok, I promise.
Stay safe beauty ♡