“Dean, you asshole, lay off! The only one who doesn’t seem to care about Cas is you right now!”

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I wanted to point out how Dean saying he drove Sam to the ER on his handle bars meant he had a bike when he was little. The fact that they were both dressed at the same time meant it was probably Halloween and they had costumes and spend the day playing outside (probably with Dean’s bike).

It was not an A+ childhood all day all week, sure, buy they also had good times. And they had good times by each other’s side. 

They didn’t ruin each other’s childhood respectively, like some people in here love to point out in their metas. They were not sad kids 100% time.

Being together made it all better. So you all remember that.

I have seen so many people claim that it was a canon fact that John never talked about Mary with Dean, that Dean never had closure because of John who would yell at him and/or slap him whenever he even merely mentioned his mother.

And I am so happy that now it’s absolutely canon that John talked about Mary with Dean, that he told him how they met, what Mary liked, what she was like. 

And I am also dying because now I am imagining this conversations and John’s heartbreaking smile and teary eyes as he talks about Mary and I can’t handle it.

Plus, the story of how they met is too cute.

Can we just appreciate this hilarious thought my brain just had?

Picture if you will, that Dean Winchester was born Deanna Winchester (yes @wincechesters I’m looking at you darling)

Picture Deanna spending her whole life fighting monsters with her little brother and their Father, taking down any baddies that go bump in the night on their quest to find the one demon who killed their mother.

Picture Deanna and Sammy on a hunt together, and they get ambushed. Let’s say they’re witches. Sammy’s trying to take out the altar while Deanna keeps the coven distracted.

Just… picture the fight. Deanna’s thrown a few good punches, but it’s three against one. There’s blood on her lip, a cut on her face, her stomach is inflamed from the knee she took just now. She’s shaking as she picks herself up, but she’s also laughing.

She’s spits the blood out her mouth as the witches stare at her in disbelief. How is this huntress still standing? they wonder. And Deanna’s still laughing as she picks her hands up.

“That’s the best you got?” She taunts them. “I’ve had period cramps that hit harder than you three bitches.”