Shit days suck pretty bad. If you’re human, you’ve had one. Whether a grandparent has passed away or you lost your umbrella on a rainy day; NO REASON IS “TOO STUPID” OR “TOO SMALL” TO FEEL SAD. Everyone feels sad at times. Saying that “some people have it worse” is a dumb reason to not let yourself be sad. If you tell yourself that, it means that ONLY THE PERSON WITH THE WORST LIFE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE SAD. AND THAT IS NOT TRUE! If you’re in a bad/sad/angry/frustrated mood (or a combination of all those feelings) you’re a normal person! You’re not dumb for feeling sad. It happens.

That being said, you don’t want to stay in that mood forever. And here are some ways to pull yourself out of that yucky mood and back to being the outstanding person you are!!!:

1. CRY! SCREAM! Write on your walls! Let it out! Holding in your feelings will only make you feel worse. As long as you’re not harming yourself or others, it’s 100% okay to let out your feelings, however that may be.

2. PUT ON SOME MUSIC! Put on your all time favorite band. Or walk over to your local record shop and buy a random vinyl that looks cool. This playlist by blogger jamsfranca is, like my number one favorite thing to listen to when I’m angry. Channel your inner punk rock queen.

3. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! If someone who’s in the house is contributing to your sad feelings, or if you just want to clear your head, take a walk! Walk out of your house with nothing but your keys and ten dollars. Go for a bike ride. Go to a vintage shop. There’s a certain satisfaction to storming out of the house and slamming the door, even if no one’s home to hear it.

4. CALL UP A FRIEND! Invite a friend for coffee. Call a friend who you haven’t talked to in a while. Human interaction with someone who isn’t 100% annoying is a great way to feel better.

5. READ! x10000! Reading is one of my favorite ways to feel better. However sucky I may feel, I can get lost in the deep blue eyes of Augustus Waters, or stay till three in the morning at one of Jay Gatsby’s parties. Knowing that my book friends are always there for me makes me feel so much better.

6. TAKE A BATH! So relaxing. Turn of the lights, light a few candles, have the most romantic bath ever all by yourself. You’re not a complete white girl as long as you don’t instagram a picture of your legs in the bubbles.

7. WATCH A MOVIE! Or two. Or ten. Laugh. Cry. Repeat.

8. MAKE ART! Take a picture of everything. Pull out your paintbrushes, markers, and crayons. Get all your old magazines and make a collage. Write a poem. Or a story about how your worst enemy gets eaten by wild wolves.

9. CLEAN YOUR ROOM! “Fine, MOM!” But seriously. Cleaning my room gives me such a sense of accomplishment and cleanliness and is a small way to start over. Go through your closet and give away everything you don’t want anymore. Rearrange all the posters on your wall. Hang up pictures.

10. REALIZE THAT YOU’LL BE OKAY!!!!!! I know everyone says this. You’re probably thinking right now, “I read this whole dumb article to find out that ‘I’ll be okay’? Groundbreaking.” But this is so important. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But someday your shitty mood will go away. The heartbreak, or the hatred, or the sadness, or whatever your feeling will go away one day. I promise. You always have the possibility of change.

xoxo ella