Is Hook really gone for good, and if so, will you miss him?

Teresa: Hook most certainly isn’t gone for good. I believe he will be absent only before the first commercial in Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 21. A lot of investment has been put into Hook and Captain Swan, so all will be fine. Hook and Emma will be snogging happily by the season finale.

Jim: I would have trouble believing Hook is gone for good. As Teresa said, a lot of time and energy has been put into Captain Swan.  

Allison: I really hope not. Emma and Killian have been through so much, and yet they have never really had a chance to be happy.

Christine: I’m going to be so angry if I’ve invested so much into that character and into his romance with Emma if that’s his ending. Isn’t he a huge fan-favorite? Why? Why would they do this to him?

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incoherent rambling abt cap3
  • im hella in love w/ t’challa
  • t’challa had a rlly great character arc
  • t’challa looked so fucking good
  • his vibranium suit!! 
  • his Iconic Look in his last scene!! that one brown suit!!
  • t’challa
  • sambucky !!! sambucky sambucky sambucky s a m b u c k y
  • “I hate you” rip sam
  • did i mention sambucky
  • tony stark broke my fucking heart
  • tonyrhodey!!! 
  • like “give me back my rhodey” pls i feel attacked
  • also: rhodey!! just rhodey!! hes such a good guy
  • i fucking adore natasha romanoff
  • she takes no shit & always does what she thinks is right
  • i want her to date sharon carter
  • saM wiLsoN is a cutie and i love him
  • “ready to comply” lmao shoot me
  • peter just needs to do his homework pls let him live
  • scarletvision is he ll a !! i am so here for this ship
  • steve’s letter to tony more like “how about i stab myself in the face”
  • steve rescuing his pals at the end!! bless!!
  • scott lang was hilarious 
  • im 100% sure he had no idea what was going on lmao save him
  • stevenat friendship!!! 
  • the hug @ the funeral!!
  • T O N Y S T A N K
  • bucky buying plums
  • plums
  • my son loves plums
  • someone give him more plums
  • wait no hes in cryo 
  • wake him up
  • (wake him up inside)

now I’m not only upset, I’m also angry, and that is eventually going to burn into MORE sadness, so tomorrow is gonna suck, I can already fucking tell

yep, there it goes.

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy you're going to do a trend for Clarke. She really, really, really deserves it after how much shit her character has gone through. She deserves so much better than what the writers are doing to her. I think Clarke Deserves Better Writing or something that points out how the writers have trashed her character is good. It's all Jason's and the writers' fault.

I really want to trend for my babe more than anything to be honest. I would trend for her every day *cries in lesbian*


chaosinourbones asked:

If you could bring one person from the show back from the dead, woman or man, which would you bring back and why?

Juicy! Because I feel like shit wouldn’t have gone the way the did if would just have a friend. Somebody he could really really talk to about everything and he knew that person would love him no matter what. He was just so lonely and scared of being even more alone 😭😭

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The worst part of those revenue numbers is that during MITAM promo Niall said throughout the five years they had to ask for permission t get their birthdays off. Like that simple thing sums up the level of shitty business deals

I honestly get so upset and sad and beyond pissed off when I think about all the shitty shit these boys have gone through. How do these assholes sleep at night? 😡



calum is sappy

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