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This is the very first picture I ever took of Ed.
He had just stepped onstage on his very first American show here in NYC.
It was January 30th, 2012, exactly four years ago today.
I almost didn’t make this post because I get all nostalgic and shit and he’s gone away to do some ginger stuff so I can’t tell him how proud I am of his artistry, his accomplishments and how good he has smelled during all these years.

I’ve met the greatest people (people that have saved my life in many ways) just because I didn’t think twice to buy that $12 dollar ticket and go see this dude right here. And I don’t want to say I love him because I probably don’t but yeah, I do love him. Maybe. Kinda. A lot.

Anyway. I don’t want to get sappy.
So yeah, Ed played Mercury Lounge on January 30th, 2012 and it was his very first and greatest American show. The more you know!


You may have seen this announced yesterday. Alan Moore’s CINEMA PURGATORIO is running a kickstarter. Here’s how Alan describes it…

In a world of used ideas spun out into unending single-premise sagas and told in full cyber-enhanced Technicolor, unapologetically we offer up CINEMA PURGATORIO, a black and white horror anthology which reaches for something both new and startling beyond the endlessly recycled characters and concepts of the 60s and the 70s. An anthology, to let its authors exercise the discipline and the invention that only short stories can provide – and out of which the vast majority of today’s memorable franchises were created – and black and white in order to impose that selfsame discipline upon its artists by removing the alluring camouflage of colour and requiring the same values that the classic comic illustrators made their byword. Why shouldn’t the 21st century enjoy the craft and quality that the E.C. and Warren luminaries managed, but with an originality and freshness born entirely of our anxious present and uncertain future? Why shouldn’t the world once more have horror stories which compel their audience to tremulously tell themselves “It’s just a movie; just a film”?

And, being Alan, he carries on in full on Alan Moore. Click through, and at least watch the film, so you can see Alan’s awesome hair. Seriously, look at the hair.

That roughly translates as “Alan Moore running a black and white comic weird horror anthology featuring stories by awesome folks. As well as Alan and Kevin O’Neill, the stories at the start are… Code Pru (Garth Ennis/Raulo Caceres) The Vast (Christos Gage/Gabriel Andrade), A More Perfect Union (Max Brooks/Michael DiPascale) and Modded (Ignacio Calero/Kieron Fucking Gillen).

Go click through to read more about them. I’m particularly excited by A More Perfect Union, where Max Brooks applies his brain to make a credible incredibly detailed American Civil Story featuring Giant Ants. Brilliant. My hat is off.

I was going to do a big post about Ig and my story - MODDED or THE MODDED - but I’ll save that for the standard solicitation of the book. For now, have a nose at this image…

Which I describe as R-Rated Pokemon in the style of the Fast And The Furious, in a Mad Max universe. It’s the videogame-influenced comic that anyone from my previous life would have probably expected me to have done by now. I’ve been gone for 5 years, and I’ve things to say, and I’m doing so in this gleeful horror comedy of a book.

Oh - that’s BLOODY SUSAN and MISTER BOOM on the cover, who are a big part of our sprawling cast of fuck-up Daemonatrixes  who like nothing better than fitting overloaded cybernetics to their extra-dimensional entities and making them fight. It’s a metaphor, probably.

As I said, I’ll write more when the normal edition is solicited.

(We’ve hit the target, so you can assume that’ll happen.)

Should you donate? The Kickstarter seems an extension of part of Avatar’s business model, which rests on special editions for collectors and extremely passionate devotees. Avatar do some very limited edition con exclusives, and this is basically pre-selling them to pay for what is clearly an expensive project.

Basically, if you’re the sort of person who thinks “You know, I’d love a unique edition of a book signed by Alan, Kevin, Garth and Kieron” it’s for you, and you should donate. If you’re a “I just want to read the fucking thing” you can wait for a normal edition, which I’ll be hyping in good time. 

(That said, there is a six dollar pre-order for the digital version for the second buyer. Your call, obv.)

Anyway - go nose, and see what you think. Writing MODDED is making me laugh more than anything else I’m currently writing, so I hope you’ll find it amusing.

Hetalia Characters on Youtube
  • Italy:Speedpaints and him rambling about his day or things he likes or whatever
  • Germany:Reviews of things, like, all kinds of things, just everything he buys basically
  • Japan:Sped up videos of his hands creating tiny things
  • America:Has a comedy channel, mostly dumb prank videos
  • England:Cheesy 'book club' channel, videos with a super prescribed format and him sitting in an armchair drinking tea
  • France:21st century restaurant critic, just as douchey as past centuries
  • China:Using youtube as a platform for knockoff animes he's making
  • Russia:Just posts dashcam footage of weird shit that's gone down while he's driving to work
  • Canada:Game playthroughs, kind of tries to do commentary but sometimes forgets to say anything for a while
  • Prussia:Vlogs, god he posts so many, and no one watches them either yet it's still like a daily video almost
  • Austria:One of those channels with tons of recipe videos and you go to watch one but you're at 13:27 and you still don't know have a clue how to make these cupcakes
  • Spain:Just videos of him singing and playing guitar somewhere outside
  • Romano:Speedpaints and him bitching about his day or talking shit or whatever
  • Hungary:What she actually does is a huge variety but the videos end up being quite funny so it's really a comedy channel

k so I was discussion w/ this to a friend but

I reeeaaaallllyyyy don’t think that this was a good move on Ava’s part.

I mean, okay, short term, sure. She’s safe from the Gates to Paradise, has Six cornered and humiliated, and is flaunting her new found powers so all TiTAN followers know how powerful she truly is. It can only go up from here, right?


She killed innocent TiTAN followers for no reason-these civilians weren’t attacking her or actively trying to get her or anything, they were just standing around and BAM they’re all dead. Furthermore, as stated before, she’s flaunting herself around-so everyone knows exactly what she looks like.

Making it very, very easy for TiTAN to turn his forces against her. I mean, hell, he wouldn’t be too off the mark by calling her a villainous murderer who killed innocent people-it’s gonna be hard to get people on her side when, you know, you just murdered a whole bunch of people.

“Okay,” you might say to yourself, “Sure, there’s that. But surely, she has Maggie, Gil, and Odin to run to, right?”

Maybe if the explosion was small, but…

That explosion was able to reach Maggie and Gil all the way at the registration rooms, and both of them very nearly got hurt-hell, the only reason why Gil wasn’t hurt was because Maggie protected him, and the both of them just witnessed a guy being killed right in front of them. They’re bound to see the carnage Ava’s caused, and it wouldn’t matter if Maggie was Ava’s best friend forever and ever-anyone would be horrified by what she’s caused.

As for Odin?

Look, Ava fried the people standing right against the door to the presentation place, and was able to fling rubble at rather high speeds towards where Maggie and Gil were-enough that the injured person the two had seen seems to have had their back or neck broken due to the rubble. Even if the twins and Odin aren’t fried right away, they’re gonna be injured, and badly at that.

And regardless of whether or not the Odin pact theory(where he pacts to save the lives of his sisters) is true, he’s gonna be pretty pissed if the twins are hurt-and again, it wouldnt matter if Odin was ava’s BFF for live, anyone would be horrified, terrified, and perhaps, even disgusted by the carnage that Ava’s caused.

TL;DR, Ava’s screwed herself over tenfold.