• Cis person:I support trans people 100%! They should be free to be themselves!
  • Cis person:Have you heard of these disgusting "kid sex changes?"
  • Cis person:Ew, he should NOT be allowed in our bathroom.
  • Cis person:My tax dollars are paying for his sex change?!
  • Cis person:God, this pronoun thing is too hard for me.
  • Cis person:If you're trans you need to disclose it IMMEDIATELY to protect NORMAL people's sexuality.
  • Cis person:Don't get upset, gay marriage is just more important than your civil rights. We'll come back for you eventually.
I'm sorry, but I'm really annoyed with the straight dudes on Facebook.

They’re talking about Ellen Page coming out and it’s either “Aaaw, I wanted to bang her” or “I don’t care” “It’s not a big deal” “My opinion hasn’t changed, she’s still a great actress.” You know what? You should care. It is a big deal. This is a big deal for queer visibility. You should care about queer role models. Why? Because some of you are fathers and your kids might need people like Ellen Page to look up to or to understand that it’s ok to be themselves. Also, because you all claim to be allies and that does not mean dismissing someone’s sexuality, it means recognizing what it means to have another person out in the public eye. You don’t have to take this moment to remind everyone that you’re not homophobic by saying it “Doesn’t change your opinion of her” no one cares, no one it sitting around waiting for you to proclaim that you are not a bigot. And you couldn’t have had sex with her anyways so get over it.