So because I only got one offer for my stuff on here that never ended up going through,

I figured I’d just sell it on Amazon. 

So if you guys wanna buy old shit from me, I’m gonna be putting more stuff on here and hopefully I’ll be adding more stuff as I find more things I wanna get rid of! You’ll still be supporting me, and I’d really appreciate some financial help this way!


oh my gosh?! thank u all so much !! i wish i could do something nice for you guys but im broke :( maybe i could do a raffle for a shout out or maybe draw stuff for y'all?? idk message me or reblog if u got an idea
but again thanks, you guys r the best!!


can I just

touch everything

It has an artbook, ahh, the sounds I’m making are just nnnngh seriously I sjksdfjsdklfjd I am seriously like gasping and writhing around on my computer, I have never had this reaction to a game before, not even the last few Zelda games.

It’s $150, Borderlands 2 comes out in September…I can totally get $150 by then. I already have $20 down on it, I just have to ask them to upgrade me to this instead…

Honestly, I mostly just want the artbook. Borderlands’ concept art is what made me decide I wanted to be a concept artist. That gunbox replica is pretty fucking sweet, though.

Fuck. I’m getting this. I don’t care if it’s a crazy amount of money, I’ve only ever bought like, two special edition game anythings in my life and I need this because artbook.I’ll save up for it. I can do this. This is so worth it. So so worth it.

anonymous asked:

I love your cover of Ifuudoudou with Sojiro so muchhhhhhhh. I really wanna buy it. *o*

oh shit thanks a bunch!!!

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You're so FUCKING BEAUTIFUL, I wanna buy you shit just to see you smile

Thank youuu! ❤️
prove it prove it :O
lol I’ll definitely smile a lot if you do :P