really need a new messenger bag, but the price tag, though. All-purpose, though. Camera bag, laptop messenger, general day bag, most likely my new carry-on luggage, almost everything except days with more than two classes.

Looks classy as fuck, though.

With the new Valentines stuff for BBS, I noticed that I said that the new Valentine’s characters had new voices. So they must have got the Japanese VAs to come and do voice clips, and I mean that’s understandable and not in any way telling of anything, but…

I really do hope that BBSs popularity could mean a possible return for the Bleach anime. Now I know it has lots of faults, such as animation, etc, but with the return of the anime, it means that it’d be the return of…

Bleach merchandise.


if we’re friends there is a 99% chance that i will pay for ur shit. don’t have money for lunch? i got u. wanna buy smth from a vending machine but ur out of cash? here have $3 in quarters. 

but god forbid someone buys smth for me i won’t allow it (even if i’m broke)


can I just

touch everything

It has an artbook, ahh, the sounds I’m making are just nnnngh seriously I sjksdfjsdklfjd I am seriously like gasping and writhing around on my computer, I have never had this reaction to a game before, not even the last few Zelda games.

It’s $150, Borderlands 2 comes out in September…I can totally get $150 by then. I already have $20 down on it, I just have to ask them to upgrade me to this instead…

Honestly, I mostly just want the artbook. Borderlands’ concept art is what made me decide I wanted to be a concept artist. That gunbox replica is pretty fucking sweet, though.

Fuck. I’m getting this. I don’t care if it’s a crazy amount of money, I’ve only ever bought like, two special edition game anythings in my life and I need this because artbook.I’ll save up for it. I can do this. This is so worth it. So so worth it.

My computer might be dead forever and I am mad. It just needed to last me till april. Just, till april. I’m not sure if I can fix it either, but it just, freezes and beeps forever when I try to turn it on.
I thought it was just the RAM that needed to be reseated, so I did that but it didn’t change anything. So now I’m in BIOS having it run tests to see if it can tell me what is going on. Someone mentioned that maybe a key is stuck which would suck if it is because I will have to take the entire fucking thing apart to get to the keyboard.
Just, computers are horrible and I just want a reliable desktop and not shitty laptop. Laptops are balls and I regret ever getting one

I wonder if I can even get that limited edition Borderlands 2 thing at my GameStop, since it doesn’t even seem to be listed on their website. I hope I can, otherwise I have to order it off of Amazon or something and I don’t want to have to pay for shipping on top of the $150 that I’ll have to pay upfront.

I’ll go to GameStop tomorrow and ask, I guess…I’ll probably have to put down more than the $20 I have. Do I have any money left? Fuck, I shouldn’t have gone to Barnes&Noble today…

Seriously guys. That shit is awesome. I love Borderlands.