shit, son

Friend: So. Teen wolf. If you had to choose one person, who would you do?

Me: I dunno, I think I’d be ok with just curling up and taking a nap between Chris and Peter. That works, right? I’m not sexing either of them so that should mean I can get away with having two.

Friend: wait, what?!?

Me: *shrug* That’s the safest place to be. Neither man would let you near them unless they actually gave a shit about you and both of them are the sort to burn the world down for the people they care about so…. plus they’re both pretty and I’ll bet they give of ridiculous amounts of heat since one is a werewolf and the other is a physically active hunter so it’d be a warm, safe and aesthetically appealing place to be.

Friend: You’ve thought about this a lot.

Me: The ‘human furnace due to high metabolism 'effect was spur of the moment actually.

@fixing-steven-universe here is my two cents, feel free to ignore if you dont think its good enough or whatever its up to u

at this point what would benefit the show most is a reboot. Rebecca sugar should set some clear cut and solid long term and short term goals for the show. A reshuffling of the crew would. Also be good.

Take the 75% of the mess that has been the best bits, bin the rest, and streamline it. Take all you have, put them into three categories. Keep, Update, Discard.

Example: opal seems to have some hinduism in her themes. Keep: hindu themes, opals general structure and va. update: pearls appearance, opals loose aesthetic. Discard: nothing stands out, most of the work is done in update section.

Apply this to the whole show systematically, scrap entire episodes if you have to. Merge weak ones where appropriate and thin out ones that are too fast or thematically bulky.

Pacing is an overarcing issue. Tighten the arcs up so that concurrent ones are actually concurrent. Mark new or evolving arcs only when a follow up is shortly afterward.

Character design. Neaten the characters. Standardise palletes and general shape and look. When presenting an initial design, make it ambiguous and add on to it later or stick with it, an appropriate change is fine under the right circumstances (ie, outfit updates with poofing).

Another great thing to do is treat your coded characters appropriately??? Lapis and Pearl have unresolved character flaws/mistakes/issues. Adress them. They shouldnt get a free pass bc they pass as white.
On the other end? Jasper, Sugilite and Bismuth are all black coded and Sugilite is demonized, Bismuth was straight up imprisoned because she was agressive and was not given time to be reasoned with, and Jasper was benched bc she was a major antagonist who had fulfilled her required impact on stevens story.
Treat your coded characters appropriately.

Finalize your romances. Ruby and sapphire are clear. Great ok. Pearl and rose were unclear in show, and now rose is gone, and Pearls grief has been dragging on and on in a retrospective “did they didnt they”, stop. make your point concisely. Say it directly, deal with it promptly, and show how its concluding within reasonable time. Amethyst x peridot has been alluded to, is developing slowly, and is being non-disclosure-spoiler-avoidance-treated so that the fans arent spoiled. If it is indeed going to be endgame, then its buildup should reflect that in a reboot. Steven and connie seems inevitable, but if otherwise it needs to be clearer whether that is or isnt happening.

The beach city residents. If the show had started off just on stevens normal life with hints of magic for a while, building up his regular character until some catalyst that sets the show off on its *magical* arcs, then the residents slow progressions could be justified. Have him fix a bunch of stuff between the normal residents with hints of magic along the way.

Fusion and inter-character (non-particularly-romantic) relationships. Im too tired to tackle this one by myself atm but maybe yall can amend some of it.

Finally, the tiny loose ends. Mystery girl. Pearl needs to not fixate on someone because of someone else. that is unhealthy and bad. If she doesnt become more solidly part of the show, she needs to be cut out by the merits of what she is, or changed so that she isnt what she was.


Pick your poison, i guess?