shit i did

Djskjsk Young k fell asleep in a restaurant and the members just left him and when he woke up people were laughing at him and he had to call them after an hour and half to pick him up lmao. First he was left behind because he slept and had to eat ramen and next they left him in the car at their rest stop because he was sleeping and he didn’t get to eat and now this 😂

honestly if they ever make a second Venom movie I hope they don’t try and make Anne and Eddie get back together. Not just because Eddie and Venom are obviously already together, but also because Dan seems like a genuinely good guy??? and I honestly don’t know why Anne would leave him for a loser (I love him but he really is a loser) like Eddie.

physically i’m doing great since i’ve joined weightlifting and gain some muscles. mentally i’m still just as bad so i’m hoping that by my next birthday i can get my shit together. y’know that would be a nice self present

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I swear to god you're gonna make me read Twilight, aren't you. It's 2018, almost 2019, but the Twilight Renaissance is in full swing and all these posts are making me curious. I never read it when I was younger, since I liked animal stories (I'm a major werewolf hoe now whoops) so now's the time. Is that what you're saying. ARIEL DO I HAVE TO READ TWILIGHT 13 YEARS AFTER IT'S BEEN RELEASED BECAUSE YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH CURIOSITY. STOP DRAGGING ME INTO FANDOMS GODDAMMIT.

Y 👏🏻 e 👏🏻 s 👏🏻

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I have an observation that I'm interested in your opinion on. The first ever Richonne kiss is when Andy (and Danai) broke character really obviously. It's literally RIGHT there on screen. Danai said that they only did one take of the kiss, my question is why? Why not do at least another one so they can have one without Andy talking all over the audio? Did one of the actors say no? Did someone stop them filming it again? It's a bit odd.

Hmm I don’t recall her saying they had only filmed one take. You can tell it’s more than one too by the way they spliced it. I know in general TWD doesn’t film a whole lot of extras either, so I guess they had to use the footage available and they also wanted it to be as authentic as possible

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my new kink is blake lively wearing suits and being kinda mean

not to sound over dramatic but honestly hiroko katsuki is the cutest freaking character ever made in the history of forever and i would die and kill for her


have some vintage lesbian swing dancing

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