I love how even when my little brother is having seizures and I’ve been worried sick about him

He still finds ways to upset me, harass me, and treat me like shit

Why do I even try to care about the people in my life if they’re not going to care about me?

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Do have any heartbreaking headcanons before the Black brothers? Because I feel like being emotional. Especially ones when they were teenagers. x

I’ve always imagined them being really close before Hogwarts, protective older brother and attached at the hip little brother type of relationship. Sirius would do his best to shield Regulus from his conflicts with their parents, keeping him away from arguments, taking the blame when he does something bad. They’d sleep together when Regulus had nightmares as a kid or when Sirius had a particularly vicious fight with his mum. I bet it hurt them both immensely when they started to drift apart, so many resentments and anger because why can’t he be more like us and why can’t he think for himself.
I really really wish Regulus could have gone to his brother and admit he was wrong, confess that he’s in some deep shit and that he needs help. Of course Sirius would help, he’d go through hell for his idiot brother. It doesn’t matter what he did or who he’d become, Sirius would put him back together and keep him safe, help him become a man of his own that belongs to no one. I wish Regulus had known that, because i think he either thought he didn’t deserve to be helped, or that Sirius had left him for good. :/
Imagining him that hopeless and alone, imagining Sirius forever regretting not being able to make his brother see sense. It wrecks me. They deserved so much better.
What’s canon though? Regulus is alive and happy, he teases his brother, snogs Lily and James, third parents Harry and he’s the sole person to blame if that boy ends up in slytherin.

I’m about to get incredibly sappy but words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of this adorable human being. Niall James Horan, this song is amazing. You deserve the world, and you mean the world to me. This song is the type of stuff I want to hear on the radio now. This is the type of deep shit that touches my soul more than anything else. Niall, I’m so glad I stan you, and you deserve so much more than you get. Guys, I please beg you to at least give this song a listen. It’s free on Spotify, and this amazing guy has done so much to deserve success with this. I love you Niall, I love this song, and I can’t wait to hear more. [+BONUS: THIS IS LITERALLY PERFECT FOR RIARKLE IM MAKING A VIDEO EDIT LATER]

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What do you think was going through Zero's mind when Jude caught the bouquet?

“Oh my God I’m in some deep shit now” 😂

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Let's be real, they're bringing him back to try to squeeze out some ratings. They realize they're in deep shit and want to try to bring back some burned fans, without having to admit a lot of the viewer loss is because they prioritized Hook/CS when they shouldn't have.

I don’t think that’s the case.

They clearly said he’s still dead, so it’s not permanent, but most importantly….does he have a fanbase that could help ratings? No, he doesn’t.

Let’s do some math.

The online fanbase is 3% of the actual viewers (evil regals, ugly duckings, SQ, CS, OQ, rumbelle, snowing, and fans of the actors). The 0q fanbase is a part of that 3% and the biggest part of them still watches the show cause they’re Evil Regals too.

Biggest part of SM’s fans are evil regals and they watch for Lana.

In terms of online fanbase bringing back SM means getting back the “hoodies” (RH fans) and losing SWEN. Cause many of us are tired of this shit.

Swen is bigger than the hoodies….so if you think they did it for this small fanbase, I think your speculation is wrong.

The 97% of the fanbase, the general audience who is not online but watches the show every week doesn’t ship.

They may like one ship or another but they don’t stop watching a show cause one ship dies.

Silly exemple: I’m a fan of Grey’s anatomy since season 1. I’m general audience: I’m not part of the online community, I do not read spoilers, but I watch the episode every week.

I couldn’t care less if Jolex breaks up or MCDreamy dies, as long as the story is interesting. Sure, I like some couples together as calzona, but I still watch even if one actress left the show.

This is what the GA does, they don’t leave over a ship and I believe no one missed him in the 2 episodes he wasn’t around (but he was constantly mentioned).
He’s not a good actor, he’s not particularly famous, his character was pretty “meh”, he’s not the actor/character you want to bring back to help ratings.

If I have to speculate……….the only reason that comes to mind for his comeback is Disney’s request. If they feel the need to “rehabilitate” RH’s character cause a movie is coming up, or because OUAT is close to the end and sooner or later A&E will have to put their toys back in the boxes and give them back to Disney.

Either that or some legal stuff we’re not aware of.

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Kim is "so over" talking about Taylor, OK old woman to be. Stop talking about Tay. Oh, you can't, because you have nothing to talk about on SM and in interviews. You're a deep shit with only 3 subjects : family, nude and Tay. You're intellectually so boring.