i wrote a poem when i was drunk one night lemme tell u its the best fake deep shit ive ever read im literally laughing so much who do i think i am 

“Following the absolute awesomeness that was episode 4x04, I thought it’d be fun to set up a little tag game! Standard fare - answer the questions and tag some peeps, but most importantly, have fun! :)” - From @tashonix. Love! Thank you, dear!!! <3 Also, thanks to @pumpkinpeggys. <3

Fave moment: Gotta be the domestic Fitzsimmons’ phone call! Hands down. That was our first time being privy to them saying “I love you”. They revealed to us they had conversations about moving in together off-base. Jemma lights up when she thinks about seeing him later that day. They mention Radcliffe/May. It’s just such an amazing scene. And the first one to boot.

Fave quote: “Why do you think her dynamic force reaction is so low?” Like. Fitz can’t resist bragging to the love of his life - even though he thinks he’s in deep shit.

Funniest moment: Fitz going berserk on Radcliffe was pretty fucking funny. “Your eyes DO bug out.” Like. Comedic gold, those two.

Best brotp: May and AIDA. Are you kidding me? May bonds the quickest with a robot. It’s so ironically funny.

Biggest punch in the feels: James thinking the only way he could atone for his sins (while under sway, I might add) was rounding up and killing all the inhumans and then giving his own life to the Watchdogs. Sad. 

[BUT also the FS shipper was gleeful when Daisy mentioned Jemma moving in with Fitz. And fucking BOUGHT them a place - a different kind of punch in the feels]

Biggest OMG moment: Um. Honestly. When Daisy whips out the gun on Jemma, I was like, WTF?!

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1.For me there are two kinds of happiness. There's euphoria: dancing wildly to ur favourite song, laughing with ur friends, winning a football match+highfiving everyone. When ur body is pumped with adrenaline and ur eyes are wide and u feel So Much

2. And then there is contentment: whispering secrets to your friends late at night, watching the sunset, sitting with your loved ones, seeing pretty things. There is something sad about it, but everything is so soft and calm and achingly Beautiful.

> holy shit this is so deep and beautiful i never realized that happiness could come in different forms

what makes you happy?

Your tumblr speaks volumes about who you are as a person. It shows what kind of images you see in your head, who you love, who you hate, even what you think about other people. But most of all - it has all of the words you never said to people, all of the words you couldn’t have said but should have said.
—  unknown