dating namjoon would include...

yoongi’s | jimin’s | jungkook’s | taehyung’s | jin’s | jhope’s | ♡

dating namjoon be like…

▪ falling asleep in the studio while he produces
▪ matching supreme headbands
▪ matching chokers
▪ making you playlists that you can listen too
▪ climbing on him since hes a tree lol
▪ him getting handsy in public
▪ you getting handsy back
▪ making a song just for you
▪ butt grabbing
▪ or boob grabbing idk yet
▪ #kimcoupledaily
▪ him kissing over your body
▪ hearing him say really deep stupid shit
▪ “that made no sense namjoon”
▪ then he says something deep for real
▪ gets you in your feelings
▪ making you sing or talk on one of his songs
▪ laying his head on your boobs during naps
▪ fighting
▪ and not making up till you apologies bc he aint
▪ stealing his polo hats
▪ rough sex hehehe
▪ matching converse
▪ recommending books for eachother
▪ “babygirl”
▪ kissing the side of his head when hes stressed
▪ his body evolving yours when you two cuddle
▪ staying up talking about life
▪ getting emotional when he brings up the future
▪ “i might marry you”
▪ jungkook looking up to you two
▪ “take a picture of my outfit baby”
▪ stealing his clothes
▪ giving eachother matching hickeys
▪ helping you with school work
▪ “mrs. kim”
▪ jealous namjoon when one of the maknae’s like you
▪ “i told you not to touch it because you’ll break it”
▪ “and lookie here, i was right”
▪ getting turnt to cypher
▪ “ok so no don’t naenae nam”
▪ taehyung joining in
▪ back massages
▪ steamy showers together
▪ having sex in the shower
▪ namjoon almost breaking the shower head
▪ cuddling rapmon when namjoons away
▪ struggling to make dinner
▪ ends up calling jin
▪ or ordering pizza

okay but imagine: RImmer and Lister use the better than life simulator one more time, and it tuns out that both of their fantasies are being in bed together but they dont realise it and think the other is a simulation. 

Come morning lister says “this is a great simulation” or something an d rimmer goes “wait i thought this was my simulation”

and then they realise what DEEP shit theyre in

kinda wish i could talk on the phone for hours and hours with marshall about life and the universe and love and religion and god and rap and other rappers and deep shit but someone decided this was not in the cards

I had a slightly feel-good, but confusing, moment tonight.
A bunch of my sister’s guy friends wouldn’t leave, and were annoying the crap out of her. Apparently she had also said that if they didn’t leave “My brother will beat you up.” So when I finally came out of my room with my headset and pajamas on they thought they were in deep shit and cleared out almost immediately.
My tiny self somehow scared off four football player dudebros.
I am so confused.


Personal Review of Keene College in Keene, NH

Pretty nice place, lots of brick buildings with a real homey feel. Rooms are a bit small and makes me feel like I’m at one of those padded asylum places, but I don’t intend on staying in my room much as they have much to offer in rec rooms and other facilities. Pool was deep as shit, gym looked very nice, but it was a shame they didn’t show the inside of the film building. However, if the rest of the buildings are like it, they are very nice! They have little shuttles which is convenient as well as bikes you can rent! Whole place was very eco friendly which I did very much appreciate! They had a greenhouse on the roof of the science building too which was very cute. Downtown was cute with little stores of the mom and pop persuasion— good view of mountains, nice fresh air– a bit eclectic which I do appreciate. Very cute area! Can see myself living down here!

All in all:
Pros: cute feel, nice area, within price range, homey, seems like very nice staff!

Cons: a BIT small in terms of campus, dorms, and student population

thefuckwithit asked:

Man without your whistling in the wind i'd be in deep shit every time I went out for a run. Even though some may doubt you there are those that have benefitted greatly from your generosity of spreading knowledge. Thanks dude

Thanks :D I’m glad so many people have found it useful

- Marci