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Some hilarious prompts #2

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(Send me requests with 1/1+ prompt/s. I write about a lot of fandoms and also a lot of different things : one shots/scenarios/imagines/headcanons/chats/conversations/aesthetics/alomst anything) REQUESTS ARE OPEN! (for promts from this list and from the first one ; third one)

82. Do you ever talk to a person and your heart starts doing some dubstep shit.

83. If you can’t deal with my sarcasm, I can’t deal with being your friend. 

84. I’m nothing but a constant state of internal screaming at this point.

85. I went to the beach once, 500 years later I still have fucking sand in my shoes.

86. How long after arriving at someone’s house is it appropriate to ask for the WiFi password?

87. Getting real tired of my own bullshit.

88. Thanks elevators, for bringing me up when I was down.

89.  Here’s a little song I like to call “I cherish our friendship so I won’t tell you I would totally have sex with you if you asked.”

90. A: Do you ever get the urge to get up in the middle of the night while everyone else  is fast asleep and just walk places and be completely and entirely dedicated to your thoughts?
      B: Yea, but the problem is I don’t want to get murdered. You feel me. 

91. Let me sleep in your stupid t-shirts and hold your dumb hand, you piece of shit.

92. need a gang to follow me around all day and clap when I make jokes.

93.  You know that feeling when you’re not your favourite person’s favourite person, and it kind of feels like you’re constantly swallowing sand.

94. “Stop being so dramatic” they say, “I don’t know what you mean” I say as I descent from the ceiling, surrounded by mist.

95. Just because you’re trash doesn’t mean you can’t do great things. It’s called garbage can, not garbage cannot.

96. Studies show that I literally did not ask.

97. A: It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside…
      B: Whew!!! good
      A:…It’s who you are on the inside!
      B: Ah, fuck!

98.  A (puts their hand over their crush’s): Ha ha how’d that get there?

99. I express my emotions in long groans at different octaves.

100. I mean you piss me off, but I’d do anything for you.

101. Honestly, sometimes you just gotta let me be dramatic. Because I will get over it. But let me be dramatic first!

102. Do you ever feel like a 4 times divorced 45 year old woman that smokes cigarettes in her fur coats on a grand piano? Cause I do and it’s sad.

103. Single, not sure how to mingle.

104. I love it when people rant to me, like yes, I am entrusted with your hate.

105. My idea of flirting is making fun of each other, until one of us fucks up and says something nice.

106. A: I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking slut.
        B: I hate playing “never have I ever” because I’m a fucking virgin.

107. Do you live on Elm Street, because you’re a nightmare.

108. Remember your parents told you to take out the trash? I’m the trash. They were telling you to take me out. Date me.

109. You know, liking someone and pretending you don’t is a lot of hard work.

110. How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked and on top of you?

111.  A (whispering): I really like you and want to kiss you a lot.
        B: What?
        A: I said you suck.

112. Have you ever accidentally befriended someone who is very very irritating?

113.  If you step on a person’s foot they open their mouth, just like a trash can.

114. How do I get over someone I never even dated?

115. Things I want - snuggles. Things get - struggles.

116. If you see me and I’m not wearing black, you saw wrong, that’s not me.

117. Why do we need to watch the sky to enjoy the stars, when the ulitimate star is me.

118. I hate when It’s so hot outside and a bitch tells you to take your jacket off, like bitch no, this is my outfit.

119. If karma doesn’t come around and hit you in the face, I will.

120. I don’t think I’ve ever shut up in my entire life.

121. A: You don’t talk much.
        B: I’m observing your weaknesses since you’re so freely verbalizing everything about yourself.

122.  A: My kink is when people actually care about my feelings and what I have to say
         B: Too unrealistic, settle for bondage like the rest of us.

123. A: Your future self is watching you right now through your memories.
        B: Not if I get drunk enough.

124. A: Is there a word between angry and sad?
        B: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.
        A: Smad.
        B: Oh my gOD.

125. Does the pale glow of my computer make me look hot?

126. Rest in peace to all the hours of sleep I’ve lost to overthinking.

127. You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.

128. Is “no” an emotion, because I feel it?

129.  I always look sleep deprived is that hot?

130. If you listen carefully you can hear me whisper “shut the fuck up” at least once every five minutes.

131. I’m kind of hurt, kind of offended, kind of not planning on saying anything about it.

132.  I’m tired 8 days a week.

133. I don’t trust people who look good with messy hair.

134.  I may be a shitty friend, but I’m your shitty friend.

135. Seven billion people on this planet and I have 2 friends. What is wrong with people, like put some effort in it, I’m not just gonna come and do the job for you.

136.  I’m sorry, is my swag distracting you?

137. I aspire to get to that level of hot when my hair looks like shit and I smell like black coffee and yesterday’s eyeliner is smudged under my eyes, but I still look fine as hell.

138. A: No, listen! What if one day you just turned into an almond and you couldn’t do anything about it because you were just a fucking almond?!
       B: You need to get laid, you weirdo.

139. A: You wear that a lot.
        B: That’s because I’m the main character of the story here, peasant.

140.  I don’t “dress to impress”, I dress to depress. I want to look so good that people hate themselves.

141. Behind every great man is me, checking out that ass.

142. The future is now, old man.

143. Seriously, all you do is bitch.

144. Are you trying to seduce me? Because so far you’re doing a great job.

145. Forgive and forget? More like resent and remember.

146. I’m that kind of person who between two choices always picks the wrong one.

147. I know what you’re going through, I read “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”.

148. Excuse me, I hate to go and vomit.

149. A: One day I hope I am the girl that walks into a room and all eyes are on her.
        B: The trick is to get a really big hat and scream.

150.  So tired of being human, I want to be a flower.

151. Screenshots don’t scare me, I know what the fuck I said!

152. I’m sorry for what I said, I was hungry.

153. A: Don’t buy a girl flowers. Flowers die. Buy her a dragon.
        B: Because dragons don’t die?
        A: Because it’s hard to say “no” to something that can murder you instantaneously.

154. I want to be rebellious, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

155. A to B: Breaking news: being an asshole all the time doesn’t make you complicated and mysterious, it just makes you an asshole

156. You know it’s really rude to talk while I’m interrupting.

157. One of these days I’m going to roll my eyes too hard and I’m gonna go blind.

158. I’m not a hint taker, you need to speak up.

159. Why allow yourself to be full of hate, when you can be full of pasta instead?

160. I’m an angry person and I want to let it all out and be an asshole, but I’m also a nice person and I don’t want to actually hurt anyone’s feelings, do you feel me?

RFA Reaction to cuddling at MCs place while Family/Roommates are there

So basically this is my HC for the RFA I need to start doing Minor Trio with Baeran dammit me going to MCs place for the first time and trying to cuddle/other but the catch is MC lives with family/roomies.

Some are just fluffy. Some get smutty. *cough* Zen and Jumin *cough*


  • Your room?? Alone?? I-Is that okay??
  • “Yoosung, we’ve hung at before…”
  • “Yeah at my place where it was just us…Is…Is your family ok with this?”
  • “Yoosung I’m a legal adult. I have been. We both are.”
  • “O-Okay.”
  • You’re sitting in your bed cuddling, playing video games. You get a little handsy. A slight blush rises in his cheeks and he pretends not to notice as he keeps playing his level.
  • But your hand rests at the hem of his shirt, and sloooowwwlllly lifts it up, letting your fingers softly trace up and down his sides
  • Blush intensifies “MC..?? You feelin cuddly?”
  • “Maaaybe” You nuzzle into the crook of his arm as he puts it around you.
  • You are not satisfied. More snuggles. More.
  • You throw one leg over him, latching onto him like a Koala.
  • It was pretty innocent, but Yoosung imagining your parents or sibling walking in and seeing you tangled up just made him so flustered. ‘If I keep playing my game, even if someone sees us they’ll no nothing was happen-’
  • You crane your neck and plant a soft kiss on his 
  • This boy can’t keep a poker face. You know you’ve got him. You casually take his DS out of his hands, save the progress, and close it.
  • Yoosung is just wide eyed staring at the ceiling, lips pursed and shaking juuuust a little bit. His hand still in the position as if he was still holding his DS up. He is too shook
  • So you make the move, throw your arm over his chest and start kissing his neck again.
  • “MC are you sure?”
  • “We’re not gonna go crazy…I mean. Probably not.” And you start leaving a couple soon-to-be hickeys on him.
  • ‘Oh what the hell’ Yoosung gives up. He likes you too much.
  • He takes your hand in his and interlaces your fingers with his
  • Turns his head to yours
  • So many kisses. He starts pressing his lips to yours, it’s deep but still soft.
  • You guys just keep it up for a while. Snuggles, kisses, the occasional grope.
  • It gets late into the night and Yoosung figures he should get going.
  • You walk him to the door and he gives you a kiss goodnight.
  • You promise to hang out at his place next time so he’s not as nervous.


  • She thinks your roommates are lovely. They like her too, think she’s kind of stoic, but like her none the less.
  • You two go up to your room. She sits on your bed, no second thoughts about your roommates or anything. Why would they come in? And even then Jaehee’s sure you’re not ballsy enough to try anything crazy with people in the house
  • You guys arent quiet enough for that
  • You sit next to her and put on one of Zen’s shows. You start off side by side but soon end up spooning.
  • You guys have watched these movies so many times you know all the lines, so whenever Zen goes to deliver a really sexy line, you beat him to it and whisper it in Jaehee’s ear.
  • She giggles and it’s so fkn cute. Ugh.
  • You get a little restless at one point. You run your hand down her side, admiring her curves.
  • And sloooowly back up. Your fingers brush exposed skin and her spine straightens a bit.
  • “MC…” She chuckles
  • You two start kissing. It’s sweet and slow. You don’t go very far, because you’re both just feeling more cuddly than lusty. Lusty isn’t a word but shut up
  • Eventually the movie is over. You walk her out to her car. You go to give her a quick peck goodnight, but she cups your face and holds it there for a good minute. You melt a little and put your hands over hers. She’s too cute.
  • You watch as her car pulls out of the driveway. A small smile on your lips.
  • Your roomate opens the front door “Hey, you gonna stand here and think about that steamy ass kiss or come inside already?”


  • He knocks at the door and your roommate opens it.
  • “Holy shit MC your hot ass celebrity boyfriend is here” They yell up the stairs (it’s me. I’m one of your obnoxious roommates.)
  • You come down the stairs “Babe! Hey! Sorry I didn’t get the door I-”
  • “No worries, Angel” And he planted a quick peck on your lips. You heard your roommates snicker as they set the table for food.
  • After you all ate, you and Zen slipped into your room. You expected immediate cuddles and kisses but
  • He just sat at your desk and looked around
  • “Uh, Babe, you can come sit on the bed” You patted the spot next to you
  • But Mc…… T H E B E A S T
  • It could appear at any moment.
  • I’ll take my chances just get over here you egg.
  • So he joins you on the bed. Slowly he sinks into the spot next to you, as if a quick movement might rattle the cage of THE BEAST
  • You turn on your music and start chatting. Eventually ending with Zen’s head in your lap as you play with his hair and he stares at your face with endearment cause he’s just so in love with how focused you look as you braid his hair and chat.
  • So endeared he doesn’t hear you muttering about cutting off the rat tail
  • Soon the braid is done and there’s nothing to occupy your hands while you guys talk.
  • They start off at Zen’s face. Tracing his cheekbones and jawline.
  • “MC…what are you doing?” He chuckles
  • “Just touching you”
  • MC Phrasing please
  • Then your hands trace the tendons in his neck to the well toned muscles on his shoulders. His shirt color tries to get in the way but you just snake your hands underneath.
  • His eyebrow twitches
  • MC please he is using all of his self control right now.
  • You lean over, giving your arms more reach farther into his shirt, your fingertips brush the beginning of your lovers V line. Haha V line. V. Hah you can only think about V whenever you see Zen’s V line now
  • Your intention was to get your face inches from Zen, not touch his hips. That was just added bonus
  • His breath gets a little heavy and husky, brushing your lips which are only about an inch away.
  • You very slowly, and I mean very slowly, lean in to close the gap. Your eyes half lidded while Zen’s are wide af.
  • The second your lips touch Zen jumps up. Well he tries. WIth your hands in his shirt and face above his you both get a little tangled for a second but his feet find the floor and he turns so he’s facing away from you.
  • “Hyun? You ok?”
  • “ I just…. Ugh. If we kiss like that again I don’t think I’ll be able to help myself, Princ-”
  • “So don’t.”
  • He turns his head, a look of shock in his eyes. “What?”
  • “So. Don’t.” You grin. “Don’t help yourself”
  • “But your roommates are-”
  • You turn your radio volume even higher, a smug look on your face.
  • His voice dropped so low you thought it was a new person. “Are you sure you want to?”
  • You got up and pulled him close, pressing your bodies together. “Positive”
  • Music: High
  • Kisses: Heavy
  • Beast: Unleashed.
  • You guys weren’t used to having to be quiet. Zen wasn’t sure how to feel about you not screaming his name. But it was a fun little challenge for the both of you. It made things interesting, added the element of getting caught.
  • Eventually you guys were left panting and just laying side by side.
  • He glanced at the clock.
  • “Oh shit My Love, I’m sorry to eat and run but it’s getting late and I have morning rehearsal.” He hopped out of bed and started pulling his clothes on.
  • “I understand Babe” You threw a shirt and sweatpants on and walked him downstairs, where your roommates were still awake watching a movie.
  • Zen cast a nervous glance towards them, but covered it as soon as they looked in your direction.
  • “It was nice meeting you!” He waved to them.
  • “You too!” They both chimed and waved back.
  • Zen turned to you, gave you a kiss goodnight, and walked out to his car.
  • You shut the front door, and as soon as you did
  • “Wow. Your bed is really squeaky huh?
  • “Wha-” A blush spray paints your cheeks bright red
  • “Celebrity sex scandaaaaaal” The other one sings.
  • “We didn’t-” You tried.
  • “MC….your shirts backwards” They winked.
  • You looked down and sure as shit you were looking at the back of your shirt. Welp. RIP.


  • You were a little nervous for Jumin to come over and meet your roommates.
  • More often than not they were those ruthless Jokester friends. They didn’t get when people didn’t get their jokes and Jumin…he’s not the best with jokes in general.
  • Your friends are also very casual, so when Jumin showed up in his “Formal Dinner Party” attire they were a little confused.
  • You had given them a fair warning…but they didn’t think you were serious.
  • You ate dinner, it went surprisingly okay. You swore there might come a time when Jumin and one of the roomies might hit a rough patch but nope. Smooth sailing, especially when he learned one of your roomies is pre vet and they shared a passion for felines.
  • After dinner you escorted him to your room.
  • Almost immediately you were wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed.You guys try to keep it professional in public, so once you’re alone you two make up for the lost public snuggle time hardcore.
  •  You lay side by side, your head on his chest, his arm around you and rubbing your back. You just chat about things, you ask Jumin about random things just to hear his voice His voice is my guilty fucking pleasure my god bless that VA. It calms you. But if he says the right things it gets you a little… hot and bothered.
  • “So dinner was good….when’s dessert?” Yep like that. Hot. And. Bothered. 
  • “Jumin” You gasped a little, surprised he suggested it
  • “I’m sorry? I assume from the way your hand was inching towards-”
  • Oh shit? Your hand was heading down there wasn’t it. Haha ohhhhh Hand. *cue audience laugh track* Anyways
  • “I mean, I would but uh…my roommates are downstairs. It’s not like the penthouse where it’s just us.”
  • “And?” He is so shameless. Or clueless. Or maybe a little bit of both.
  • “Wouldn’t you be, uh, embarrassed?”
  • “Should I? I assumed it was no secret that we had sex. Usually people assume anways…” He trailed off, but then remembered the situation at hand. “But if you’d rather not I understand. “ He sounded a little disappointed, but then he looked at you with a small smirk. “But I guess now it’ll be only sweeter the next time I get to lay you down and” cue intense details of. He didn’t stop, he just kept talking about all the things you two could do, and his voice kept getting lower and huskier and you could tell how excited he was just by the way he was talking
  • You couldn’t take it
  • Fuck the roommates
  • Jumin was right it’s not like they don’t know
  • You suddenly rolled so you were on top of him, straddling his waist.
  • “Kitten I thought-”
  • You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him into a very sloppy kiss.
  •  When you pulled away for air you just “I don’t care. Let them hear.”
  • You two got wild
  • ….I’ll stop here. You guys don’t need the details 
  • Once you two were finished you were cuddling again. Just cuddling without clothes but that was A OK.
  • Jumin was back to rubbing your back again, and you were cuddled up to him again.Your hand was on his chest and his hand on top, his thumb gently rubbing back and forth. But instead of talking you guys kept exchanging gentle kisses, taking turns leaning in and reaching for kisses from each other.
  • Around midnight he figured he should get going home. You both put your clothes on and walked out to the car. On the way there you saw your roommates. They looked a little shook. Little bit. They waved by to Jumin even though they could barely look at the two of you without blushing.
  • Jumin planted a firm kiss on you at the car, and when you walked back in you turned to your roommates, ready to apologize for the..uh…noise.
  • “Hey guys…so uh…hahaha awkward amiright?”
  • “I don’t know, is it….’Kitten’?”
  • “Or should we ask….’Daddy’?”
  • You’re never living this down. Ever.


  • He came over to meet your family
  • He already knew almost everything about them so he was well prepared to kiss ass
  • He didn’t have to though, they liked him off the bat. They were glad they finally got to meet the boy MCs been spending all their time with.
  • After dinner MC and he decided to go upstairs and hang out a bit.
  • These two nerds legit sat in MCs bed looking at memes on their phones
  • At least an hour went by with you two just giggling and showing your phones to each other
  • Somehow you both found ways to get closer to each other without meaning to.
  • It started off with you two leaning against the wall, but soon you were basically sitting in Seven’s lap, head leaning against his chest, and the two of staring at one phone screen of memes.
  • At some point Seven snaked his arms around your waist, and buried his face in between your shoulder blade and your neck.
  • The giggles continued.
  • Soon you saw a meme that had you dying laughing. Seven was amused, but he ended up getting more amused when you started snorting from laughing so hard. You clasped a hand over your mouth to try to silence the noise, but it was not happening. He thought it was too cute and couldn’t help but kiss your cheek with an overdramatic “MUAAAH” noise
  • More memes and time passed
  • Now you two were laying on your tummies, side by side, memeing away
  • That’s when you look at Seven. A slight grin on his face, the way his eyes sparkle when he’s having a good time, everything about him really.
  • You just feel so much…love for him.
  • So you put your phone down and start peppering him with light quick kisses all over the side of his face.
  • He laughs “MC what are you doing?”
  • “I just…I love you so much” You can’t hold back the smile on your face. Just staring at him makes you happy. “Saeyoung, sometimes…Sometimes I can’t even believe you’re real” and you lightly touch his face, taking in the feel of his skin and the look in his eyes.
  • He seems overcome with emotion too. Some mix of happiness and sadness, but then more happiness.
  • He shifts so he’s facing you more and plants a long kiss on your lips. Eventually you both sit up and just start kissing. It’s not the sloppy make out of when you guys are getting ready to do the do, it’s a long line of passionate kisses filled with innocent love and need for one another.
  • It’s love.
  • You end up wrapped in one another’s arms staring into each other’s eyes until both of you doze off.
  • It’s about 2 am when you wake up. You two are still wrapped up, and Saeyoung is snoozing peacefully inches from your face. You wish you could just stare at him all night, the moonlight bouncing off his face made him look like he really wasn’t real, like he’d turn into mist at any second and slip away Wow I’m getting really poetic. Probably cause it’s 5 am idk sorry
  • But you know theres work he has to get done and normally he’s not even sleeping at this time so he’s probably already behind schedule.
  • You start off as a soft whisper, scared your voice could break the magic of the moment “Saeyoung”
  • He stirrs a bit but doesn’t open his eyes.
  • A little louder, but still whispering “Saeyoung” HIs eyelids lift slowly, and when he sees your face, a sleepy smile spreads across his own.
  • This alone makes you feel giddy and in love and your own mouth cracks a giant smile. Then you start peppering his face with gentle kisses.
  • “Come on” kisskisskiss “Wake up silly” kisskisskiss “I kept you long enough”
  • In his tired lawd kill me if I heard sleepy Seven’s voice I’d probably die voice he muttered “Keep me forever, MC”

anonymous asked:

How about some sin? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) How about Reaper, Hanzo, Genji, and Roadhog getting tired of being teased by their needy s/o decides to pin their s/o down and over-stimulate the crap out of them

oh man oH MAN it’s been so long since i’ve written dirty shit g o o d b y e

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anonymous asked:

a) so glad that the first time I come to your ask box here to ask a question it says the condom story will get done 😂 I love that shit. You read my mind. You're amazing (at writing and otherwise). b) it's my anniversary in 2 days and I wanna read MSR anniversary stuff because msr married is the fucken bomb. Please tell me you've written one!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻Or do you have any recs? Romantic, hot, dark, angsty, whatevs.

I told myself all day yesterday I’d write something for you! But today is your anniversary so I’m in the clear. Happy anniversary. If anyone has some anniversary fic to link this lovely anon to, I’d be much obliged.


The light on in his motel room gives him only brief pause. He’s just too tired to be suspicious. If a black-suited figure perches on the edge of his queen bed, juggling two berettas and a pack of Morley’s, he’s screwed and he doesn’t care. He opens the door, half-expecting to be ambushed, half-expecting to just go along with it.

No smoke or broken furniture, nobody hiding in the corner to take him down. But there is a trail of rose petals leading into the bathroom, a few unscented dollar store candles flickering on the nightstand, the side table, one on the dresser.

Breaking and entering is a whole lot sexier these days.

Hope it’s Scully, he thinks, shedding his jacket, his tie, his shoes, his pants, making a trail of his own as he enters the bathroom. The steam wets his face as he pokes it in, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt.

“What’d you tell the front desk to get a key to my room?” His eyes roam her body, pleasantly pink, very relaxed, all the best parts covered in bubbles. He strips all the way. “Your no-good partner at the FBI can’t bathe himself, so you have to do it for him?”

“I told her my husband was working on our anniversary and I showed her my gun.” Her lips quirk up, her eyes are closed. He loves it when she pulls her hair up in the bath and how it curls around her face. “Wine is chilling on the sink. Pour yourself a glass and get in here, Mulder.”

Climbing in the tub is a struggle but they manage, the water that slopes over the edge no amount to be missed. “I’m too big for this now,” he grumbles, but the tub itself is spacious, and they used to do this all the time. He reclines between her spread legs, his back against her breasts, and her hands lift out of the water to rest on his shoulders, slide wet and warm over his pecs, through his hair. She picks up a sponge floating next to her in the water, squeezes it on his chest, and he moans as it drips down, as her hands run the sponge over his neck and shoulders.

“Didn’t know if you wanted to do something this year,” he mumbles sleepily. The heated water laps around them as she wets the sponge and wrings it out in increments, until he’s clean enough to her liking. Then they both relax, her body wrapped loosely around his body, his head tucked under her chin. Jasmine and red wine loosen up the knots in his brain, and her fingers work at the rest in his shoulders. His cock pokes out from underneath the water, soapy, full and happy, but they’ll take care of that later.

She takes a sip of her wine, ruffles his hair and presses a kiss to the top of his head. “Of course I wanted to,” she says, and the water moves again when he picks up the sponge and rubs it absentmindedly down the length of her arm. She nuzzles his temple, another gentle, lingering kiss. “I just got you back.”

SuperCat headcanon #49

That will never become a fic:

Cat has dealt with poisoned food before and can tell the signs of it. Whosawhatsit harassed the waiter bringing her dish for far too long. So, to confirm, she’s all, “Kiera, you must try the -ridiculously expensive dish of the week-” and offers Kara a bite.

Kara, her assistant (who is confused, is this some Earth tradition between assistants and bosses??), who must now, after her endless poisoning tests with Alex, figure out a way to keep the ricin-laced pasta from her boss.

It’s endlessly amusing to Cat, who launches into a high-moral debate with whomever she’s meeting with (maybe it’s Olivia (side note, lol, maybe Olivia is also trying to get the pasta away from Cat and is Highly Concerned about the Human Assistant until she Remembers)) to keep from eating another bite.

But the end result is usually: Kara asking for the food item with reasons of “It’s amazing” “it reminds me of my home” “I’ve never had anything like it before” etc… so that Cat trades with her.

HOWEVEr. This ends with the person Cat’s meeting with thinking that Cat is absolutely WHIPPED by her assisstant and that is how the rumors start that Cat is hot on her assisstant, thank you for your patience, enjoy your mind’s ending to this. (Which may or may not include Cat forgetting that Kara has consumed the poison and attempting to kiss her and Kara all OH GEE GOLLY, I WOULD LOVE TO, DEF YES, WOULD DO THAT -DO YOU- RIGHT HERE, RN BUT YA SEE, HAHA, GOTTA AH, BRUSH MY TEETH, BRB, PLEASE DON’T GO ANYWHERE, SERIOUSLY, BR- FUCKIN- B— AAAALLLLEEEEEEXXXXXX HOW DO I NULLIFY THE ____insert poison of your choosing here (I like to think of poison dart frog poison, personally)____ SO I CAN KISS THE LIVING BAJEZUS OUTTA MY HOT BOSS WHO I HAVE THE DEEPEST FEELINGS FOR, YES, BUT ALSO HER ASS.

Alex just stares into the camera and finds a toothpaste that will let her baby sis get that smooch smooch on.

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The fresh Prince of the Galra, Lotor?

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: okay so i could go with many things here right a: his voice, b: honestly he seems so cocky and same?? c: he looks like a little shit so far and it’s great d: his v o i c e e: sparkles

worst quality: honestly nothing so far

ship them with: no one so far lmao

brotp them with: im gonna go with lance here - spa day

needs to stay away from: literally i think any galra that’s actually spent more than 5 minutes with him would want to punch him, so im going to say his entire species

misc. thoughts: honestly ive seen about 30 seconds of him in the trailer and he is my new child i love him

Ok guys! I finished chapters 1-7 of twist and shout, here are my thoughts:


. That quote though

. Wait, cas wears glasses?

. Why is cas taking a test???

. Same 😂

. Hhhmmmmm, I wonder who could possibly be getting arrested????

. Is this what an au is? Cause I still don’t know why everyone goes to school

. Beatles, twisting, damn this party’s old school!

. Of course it’s dean 😂

. I’m literally imagining dean on a bicycle. Like, little basket and everything

. Hey I came here for destiel feels, I can’t afford dean and Sammy feels!

. It took me way longer than I care to admit to realize this is set in the 60s 😑

. Wait, is hester supposed to be Hanna?

. Aw, trench coat child has a crush

. Same cas, same 😂

. Plot twist: cas is dr. Sexy

. I’m sure there’s fan art of this somewhere (destiel motorcycle)

. Well That escalated quickly

. Daaaamn… that was smooth af



. Oh my god that was so direct 😂 low key me

. Wow… did they just… that reference

. “Surprise motherf-cker, we’re dating.”

. Dean, do you even know how to date?

. KInky

. Why do I have the feeling that chuck made like, ten trees fall on the road so No cars could show up?

. How the hell do you end up making out on a surprise first date??

. Ok, ok, you win. That was adorable.

. Oh hey, it’s that thing everyone quotes

. Why do l have the feeling Thursday is important?

. Hot damn


. Domestic af

. This whole scene makes me think of “Norwegian Wood” by the Beatles

. Damnit, I love this song

. Ok but for real, this is adorable

. Oh god no…

. Where’s Sammy? I wanna see moose baby

. Imma slap this Hester b*tch

. This is why we have blinds kids

. Part of me really wants dean to beat the shit out of the landlord 😂

. Being gay is my hobby

. BOBBY!!!

. Damnit, someone get cas’s sister over here!

. Oh my god seriously 😂

. Yup. This is happening.

. I literally can’t stop laughing

. It’s at times like this when I think of the comedic possibilities of Sam living with dean

. Well that would be one hell of a wedding

. Someone ship these adorable mothertruckers to 2017 so they can marry and do cute shit in public

. I swear to god if he gets drafted…

. Ack, I hate that word

. Wait when the hell did that happen??!


. Damnit, now I have “rivers and roads” stuck in my head

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Could you pretty please do a headcanon for the RFA playing piano? And MC can't play but really loves hearing others play. Because I feel like Saeyoung can play really well! Like crazy well! Sorry if that's too much. Please and thank you

^^;;; Because I feel guilty for being so inactive here’s one of the ones I finished. But I totally agree that Seven can play incredibly well…almost scary well.


  • he learned when he was a kid but when high school came around he sort of quit
    • wanted to put his time into studying and volunteering with Rika
    • his parents didn’t mind because hey at least he wasn’t doing drugs
  • those skills were still put to use when he was introduced into LOLOL
    • not even Seven could comprehend how fast he can move his digits
    • neither can you
    • you just thought he played too much
  • after one RFA party, everyone was helping wrap up
  • you help put away one of the tables when you start to hear this pleasant yet familiar melody
  • you follow the music and you see Yoosung sitting in front of the piano
  • !!!
  • that dumpling can play piano!?
  • it takes you a second before you realize what he’s playing
  • it’s the fucking theme to LOLOL
  • -_-
  • when he learns how much you love piano, he gets his old keyboard to start playing for you
  • you even have him play the piano during one of the RFA parties!
    • poor Yoosung is so self-conscious but he does it because he knows you love it


  • she started around the time she got her first big paycheck for working overtime
    • wow she got some serious big bucks
    • working until you die is worth it!
  • with some left over money, she applied for piano lessons
  • that was about a year ago so she isn’t quite on the same caliber as someone like Zen or Seven
  • but she still practices when she has the time ^^
    • which is never
  • you were hanging at her apartment when you find her lesson book
  • actually comes home to pick it up but she sees you perusing through it
  • first words that come out of your mouth:
  • “JAEhee pLay ME soMEThIn”
  • oH BOY
  • lord save her because you just have stars for eyes with the purest intentions
  • she has you sit in one of her lessons
    • so much so she keeps screwing up
  • her instructor is frustrating but stays patient with her
    • bless his soul
  • by the end you’re just gushing how good she is
    • she’s not bad it’s just she doesn’t do well if you’re gawking at her the entire two hours
    • and Jaehee can’t stop blushing
  • it’s sort of amazing to sit in her lessons and see her improve
    • improve enough to play in front of you so calmly
  • If the pianist at the RFA party doesn’t show up you just turn to her
    • “jaehEE pLAY soMethiNg ”


  • this man is the best of the best
  • he’s been playing piano even in the womb
  • where’s that sonogram of him with his arms out like he’s playing piano???
  • but he’s such a dork because he does stupid shit like play b-a-e when you’re around
  • you walk into practice at the end and he bursts into song
  • even got everyone to join in
  • has you lay on top of the piano as he’s playing like in the movies
    • “Zen I don’t think it’s safe for me to be up here ;;;”
    • “Nonsense babe. Just lay there and look pretty.”
    • ^^;;;
  • and he sings as he’s playing because he’s Zen
  • will get into intense duets with Seven
  • Seven wants to go faster so Zen does too
  • it ends up being a hot ass mess


  • mr. perfect here learned when he was a kid because it was just something to pass the time
  • and he got really good 
  • but he doesn’t really play it all unless it’s for Elizabeth 3rd
  • when you’re at his apartment you see his grand piano so you just assume he plays
    • or more likely he has someone else play for him
  • you sort of hop on for shits and giggles
  • your playing even attracts Elizabeth 3rd to sit and listen
    • she must really like piano whether it’s good or bad
  • he comes home to you on the piano
  • and he just sits next to you to watch what you’re doing
  • it makes you nervous so you stop
  • but he catches on what you were playing (or trying to play)
  • ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ
  • doesn’t play all the time but seriously all YOU have to do is ASK
  • one time Yoosung was trying to get Jumin to play at the RFA party
    • Y: “The elite want to hear you play! Don’t you want to show off?”
    • J: “No”
    • “O-O”
    • “It’s trivial to ‘show-off’ when I don’t find a reason to.”
    • “Please, Jumin?”


  • you figured this was the last guy you thought would play piano
  • all he does is his job 24/7 so who has the time???
  • but oh boy were you in for a surprise
  • after an RFA party Seven finds you sitting at the piano just fiddling with a few notes
  • he sits next to year just chatting you up
  • one thing leads to another and he puts his fingers on the keys
  • you were thinking he was just going to play terribly for a few laughs
  • but his fingers just go
  • his arms are practically a blur

Originally posted by gifs-for-the-masses

  • HOW CAN HE PLAY SO WELL!!!!!?????
  • th-this is has to be a prank
  • you fucking check the piano to see it’s legit
    • and to your dismay it is
  • this jellybean picked up the piano in college
  • but he started on the synthesizer and just self-taught himself
  • pulls out his old synth to play random sounds with complex concert pieces
  • makes a track of your cute sneeze and plays Canon in D minor with it
~Block B, BTS and Bigbang Reaction~

Hello. Could you do a Block B, BTS and Big Bang reaction when you have a tiger as a pet? (I prefer tigers to be in the wild and all but I think their reactions would be funny)     - Anon.

Block B: 

B Bomb:

You: Minhyuk-ah come meet my pet Tiger! 

B bomb: Uhhh… Tiger? O_O


Oh she wasn’t kidding, huh? “He’s, uh, cool jagi.. I’ll just stay over here thanks but yeah he’s cute…” *stays as far away as he can*


Yeah I bet you think you’re hot shit huh Tiger? I can roar too… *rawr so scary*


*can’t believe you were serious*
“You love the tiger more than me don’t you?… Well he’s not getting any of my food..” 


At first he’d be like: 

Then he’d be like: 

(The dog is the Tiger obvi)


To P.O: That thing is eyeballing me… just… do something cute to distract it… 

P.O: Uh… okay *oblivious aegyo* 


“Okay lil’ tiger… SIT!” *smiles and waits for nothing to happen*



“Uhhh, hi tiger…. bye tiger…” *gets the fuck out of there*


Ahhhhh is she really going to make me pet it?… 


“Wooooooooah, nice!" 


"I thought you said you had a cat…" 


"Oh yeah? Well I have a lion… mine has a belly button…” *^v^*


“I’d love to meet your ‘tiger’– OH IT’S A REAL TIGER.” *o_o*


“But how did you even get one of those?” *baffled*

Bonus: BTS all reacting together lmao… the gif explains itself haha



“Oh you were serious?..” 


*already featuring your pet in his vids*


“Jagiya… why is there a tiger in my bed?…” *too sleepy to care*


“Nope. I’ll stay right behind these bars where I’m safe, thank you…" 


"Huh?!” *giggles* “No wayyyy…" 

justasleeplessnight  asked:

Ok this started because of my love for boys in crop tops but just imagine Nursey going for a run in a cute crop top and some compression shorts or something. By the time he gets back to the dorm/Haus, he's tired and sleepy and pretty much passes out on the closes bed. Dex walks in only minutes after and sees nursey on his bed, sleeping. His face all soft and relaxed, mouth open a little. He looks further down and chokes a little as he sees what nursey's wearing. Nursey wakes up and accuses Dex

(Pt. 2) of judging him of what he’s wearing and shit and gets really defensive and goes off into a rant about boys being able to wear whatever the hell they wanted b then he stops when he realises Dex isn’t fighting back and doesn’t even look remotely pissed. Only red faced and nervous and looking at his tum and abs and shit and nursey frowns and says “hey my face is up here” and Dex just blurts “sorry you’re just really hot” without thinking and blushes harder and idk where I’m going with this.
Also I hope you feel better! Sending love from across the ocean <3

thank you!!!! just pre-exam blues and frustration :) this is actually the cutest prompt i’ve ever seen tbh

Nursey is comfortable in his body. He’d been an average-looking kid until puberty hit, but he doesn’t carry any issues. He works out because he enjoys it and he likes to look good. He knows he looks good.

So he isn’t concerned about working out in any particular clothing, really. It’s a blisteringly hot day and Nursey barely even thinks before pulling on a crop top which says suck it up buttercup. It’s hot pink and he bought it on a dare in high school from the women’s section of Target, but he loves it. He tugs on a pair of short shorts and tucks his phone into his armband. 

He gets a few appreciative looks while on his run and he’s cocky enough to wink back occasionally. Eventually he settles into a groove and tunes everything out but for the music filling his head and the feel of his feet against the pavement, the slow burn of cardio. He takes the scenic route, going by the lake, and by the time he gets back to the Haus he’s a lot more worn out than he had intended.

He barely makes it up the stairs and into the attic, and the thought of climbing into his bunk (why did he choose the top bunk? Not wanting to admit his fear of heights to Dex seems stupid now) is unbearable. So he collapses onto Dex’s bed (he’ll understand) and is passed out almost immediately.

He’s woken by a distinct coughing sound. He squints open one eye and sees Dex with an awful look on his face. He’s staring at Nursey’s chest and seems almost disgusted.

“Seriously, dude?” Nursey groans. “I thought you were past this!”

“What?” Dex chokes.

“Clothing doesn’t have gender!” Nursey throws up his arms and lifts himself up with enormous effort. “So what if I wear something from the women’s section?”


“People should be able to wear whatever they like without everyone judging them all the damn time!” Nursey says. “And I look fucking great in this crop top so I’m gonna wear this crop top.”


“Honestly you would think Shitty had gotten this through your thick skull in freshman year,” Nursey shakes his head. “I swear to God, what is your problem?”

Dex doesn’t answer. Nursey looks up at him and sees that he’s blushing up a storm. This isn’t weird, but the way his eyes are still pinned to Nursey’s navel is. 

“Hey, man, my face is up here.”

Dex snaps his head up and flushes harder.

“Sorry you’re just really hot,” he lets it out all in one breath but Nursey definitely heard that, right? Judging by the way Dex practically combusts, that did really happen.

“Say what?”

“Nothing, oh my God,” Dex looks utterly mortified and he hides his face in his hands. “Ignore me, please.”

“Dex…” Nursey gets off the bed and walks up to where Dex is standing utterly still. He reaches up to touch him but Dex won’t move his hands. “Hey, Will…”

Dex lowers his hands but he still looks scared shitless.

“Nursey, I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“You’re really hot too,” Nursey is absolutely blushing as well now but he’s wanted this for so long, he can’t just pass up an opportunity.


“I said…”

“I heard what you said,” Dex is staring at Nursey with wide, amber eyes. His flush is still verging on ridiculous levels but to be honest Nursey’s always been a fan of red. “What I meant was…”

When Dex kisses him he tastes of plain chapstick and summer. Nursey grins into it when Dex’s hands immediately go to his bare waist.

“I can’t believe you admitted it first,” Nursey mutters, when he’s been backed onto the bed and Dex’s hands are trailing over his abs. 

Dex smiles and goes to whisper in Nursey’s ear.

Suck it up buttercup.”

[multimedia message received]

aka that gta verse freewood sexting fic for ryanthepowerbottomguy, suiteheartsin, and thebeatneverleaves (and others who were excited about it)
on ao3

rating: rockin’ out with their cocks out, etc etc

‘What would you do?’

That makes Ryan frown, brow furrowed. ‘What would I do?’ he sends.

‘If you were here,’ comes the reply, immediate, and he sighs, because they’re not doing this, are they? Sexting? Really?

‘Sleep, he responds, a flat shut down. He gets the appeal of phone sex, maybe, because that’s vocal, that can be hot, but words on a screen? Where’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s late, and he’s tired, and he’s just— No. Not indulging Gavin in B-grade erotica roleplay.

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"Just Watch" Luke Smut

REQUEST: “Umm can you do a Luke smut where he’s vanilla (even though we know he’s not) and you try something new (riding, restraints, etc.) and he’s super awkward?”

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Gold Derby Norman Reedus Emmy Interview

Well, that interview was interesting. Glad I made it home for that, but that interviewer? Leave your ship at the door, bro! On several occasions he practically force fed Norman the answers and then tried to make him regurgitate them. To Norman’s credit, he was very diplomatic. This is an Emmy’s-based interview and he’s trying to give props to fellow nominee MMB, and it shows how generous and thoughtful he is as a human being and a co-star. Norman focused more directly on MMB than on her character, and how fortunate he was, as Norman, simply to work with her. He never actually answered the C@ryl question. Regarding the show, he just sort of recycled answers from previous interviews. Some people find this annoying; I find it smart. You can’t risk letting things slip if you stick to one story, I say.

Norman is a master at taking you on a snaking route to an answer. It might not be the answer to your question, but it’s an answer. Let me give you a hypothetical example. You could ask that man what he likes in his coffee, and if he’s not allowed to tell you, then he’ll just give you some long-winded answer, with lots of distracting hand gestures, about how coffee is an excellent caffeinated beverage that is delicious hot or iced and which he feels compelled to enjoy every day. You still don’t know what he likes in it, but you know he drinks the shit out of it. See? 

He’s not an A to B sort of guy when he’s trying to keep things under wraps. His answers are like a labyrinth; by the time you get to the end of it, you know you’ve missed a few things, been misled here and there, and aren’t quite sure how you ended up where you did. You just have to read between the lines as best you can. He’s definitely hiding stuff, but Norman doesn’t want to be responsible for giving away Gimple’s game plan. Especially with this season. There’s more focus on this season than there has been on any other (damn you and your cliffhangers, Gimple – no, I love you, but you’re killing me) and a lot more pressure to keep mum about it. I’m sure they’re being instructed to talk circles around people and avoid direct answers when and where they can. He did a good job. I love that he tries not to step on any toes and that he really takes strides to skirt the questions and still give an answer that satisfies everyone in some measure.

I have to caution all of you shippers out there. I strongly recommend, if you are a Bethyler, do NOT venture into the C@ryl tag for a while. If you are a C@ryler, do NOT venture into the Bethyl tag for a while. It wouldn’t be pleasant for either side. Everybody is taking something different from this interview, and that was the point. Norman is trying really hard to keep people off the trail. Personally, as a Bethyler, even I got nervous for a hot second, but then he started dropping these tells and I walked away from that interview feeling mind-numbingly confident about my ship. The great debate carries on. Just don’t go putting yourselves in front of the canon fire. It gets bloody.

For my Bethylers, the lovely Bethyl bits:

“I think that if there were feelings like that [for Beth] it’s because he doesn’t quite understand those feelings and he might say the wrong thing or he might be shy to make a move in either direction. I don’t think he’s like, ‘Hey, Beth. Come here.’ I think he’s more like, 'Hey, I might like you. I – yeah– you know – I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t know if I’m doing this right or if I’m not doing this right.’

“I spent the first half of that episode just growling. I barely – barely– spoke an audible word. But as the episode progressed, he saw something in her that was sort of like a little candlelight at the end of a dark tunnel. And she was saying there’s, you know, there are are good people left in the world and there are, you know, reasons to go on. And don’t give up hope.”

“I think she was that little glimmer of hope for him. And, I think that’s what he was attracted to. I think if he misconstrued those feelings as a– possibly like a crush, then that’s even better! But I don’t think he went in there like, 'Hey, me and you.’ I think he was kinda like, 'There’s something good in you and I haven’t seen anything good in forever.’

“It’s like – it’s being like lost in the woods for miles and miles and starving and finding an apple tree with an apple on it. You know, it’s like, there’s something good out there and–and maybe that’s you [Beth] and maybe you can show me whatever you know and you can make Daryl have those hopeful feelings too. And I think that some people might have interpreted that as, you know, he thinks you’re cute or he wants to be with you. But it –  I think it was deeper than that, to be honest.”

savechahakyeon  asked:

Ravi is that nigga who be rude as fuck to his friends but he talks sweet to you and offers you a ride home after he finishes dunkin on that sanghyuk nigga who been talkin shit all game

b r u h

yes like, he aggressive as a muhfuckah on the court and be cussing people out

calling them all kinds of pussies and little bitches and shit. but when he see you it’s like he a different person and he sooooo nice.

he be like “you want some of my water? i know you hot sittin out here. want me to drive you home later? i know you don’t live far, but i would feel bad if you had to walk home in this heat. and it’s gettin dark. don’t want you to get bit up by mosquitoes”

and you tell his momma how polite her son is when you see her a couple days later getting out her car after work.

that. is. ravi.