shit's been stuck in my head all week

Preference #285: Forgetting your birthday.


Request: can you do one with he forgets your birthday a fan/friend reminds him and he feels awful and tries to make it up to you
A/N: It wasn’t stated if you just wanted one boy or 4/4 so I did 4/4.

Ashton and the guys were heading out of the recording studio, they had been working all morning. As they came out they were greeted by fans who wanted to talk to them and take pictures “I can’t believe you’re working on Y/N’s birthday” a fan said and Ashton’s face dropped. He had completely forgotten about your birthday and he felt awful about it. He made his excuses to leave and immediately rushed home to you. He ran up to you and pulled you into a tight hug “I am so sorry” he’d whisper into your ear. He’d then take you to a really fancy and expensive restaurant and tell you to order anything you wanted, whilst continuing to apologise all throughout the night.

Calum would be standing in line waiting to order from Starbucks when fans crowded around to get pictures, autographs and ask questions. He didn’t mind at all but he stopped dead in his tracks when a fan handed him a small gift and said “can you give this to Y/N it’s a birthday present for her” he nodded and said “sure” a part of him breaking inside when he realised he had forgotten your birthday. He grabbed his coffee and immediately headed home. He grabbed your hand and took you to a jewellery store and told you to pick out anything you wanted, hell pick out five items. And once you got home he’d continue to apologise for, forgetting your birthday.

Luke had been writing with John Feldman all morning, Luke had some lyrics stuck in his head and immediately went to John. After two hours of writing they both took a break “so what did you get Y/N for her birthday?” John asked “nothing it’s not her birthday for another week” Luke replied, “dude look at the date” John replied. Luke looked at the date on his phone and gasped “shit” he said before rushing out of John’s house and returning to you. “Baby I am so sorry, I’m getting all my dates and days mixed up I thought your birthday was next week. I am so sorry” he said pouting, he hugged you tight “whatever you want name it and it’s yours, I’ll do anything to make it up to you” he said.

Michael was with the guys working on some new songs for the next album, when they took a break he noticed the guys trying to wrap a present “what’s that for?” he asked inquisitively “dude” Luke said staring at him and Michael just responded with “what?”. The guys looked at one another “really you seriously forgot Y/N’s birthday?” Calum said “how could you forget your girlfriends birthday?” Ashton asked. “Shit” Michael said before making arrangements to take to out to dinner… Once you were at the restaurant he apologised again and again about forgetting your birthday and told you he was going to make it up to you by buying you any three things that you wanted.


Three Justified scenes that have been stuck in my head all week, in no particular order.

Season 4: Tim Gutterson vs. Colton Rhodes

How do you pick a favorite moment from Decoy, but then how do you not pick the showdown of Tim vs. Colt over IEDs on the side of the road? Colt’s “Holy shit. They circled the wagons,” in that exact way Colt says it, is the line I’ve been saying to myself all week.

Season 5: The brothers Harris riffing on King Lear

I started rewatching season one of The Wire a few days ago, now that it’s released (and remastered in widescreen!) on Amazon. Every time the magnificent Barksdale is on screen, I want Steve Harris to come join his brother Wood Harris and just riff a little more on the Bard. Othello this time, perhaps?

Season 3: Raylan’s goddamn family name vs. Boyd’s hillbilly heroin fiefdom

Stop talking. And listen. You wanna run your hillbilly heroin fiefdom up here? That’s between you and the great state of Kentucky. I got no interest in shitkicker-on-shitkicker crime. But you will not drag me into this. The next time you set up any operation in this county or anywhere else it better not have my goddamn family name on the deed or so help me God, I will lose this star, and the dance we do subsequent to that? Will not end with you finding Jesus in a hospital bed.”

Enough. said.