shit's hot


Lena: Have there been moments where you wanted to give up and go and do something else?

Pedro: So there were moments where I actually truly did try to formulate what I would do. You would start to put a fantasy together - you’d call it a fantasy but really what it felt like at the time were ‘practical plans’. 

L: Yeah, of course, you need to pay the fucking rent!

P: Yeah. I never knew what I could fall back on ‘cause-

L: We’re stupid! 

P: We’re stupid!

L: I can’t even make pizza.

P: We don’t have skills.

Lena Headey and Pedro Pascal for HUNGER TV

why does the su fandom pretend to want “less human” alien designs from the show when as soon as someone has a slightly weird hairstyle or they realize the zircons’ “hoods” are all hair they immediately puss out

apparently when y’all say “alien” it just means basic shit like dark sclera or shark teeth when truly we should be grateful they managed to make a neckbeard look hot

Look, I know this new Star Wars movie is gonna push some underdeveloped bullshit hetrosexual romance. But we all know that before he fell in love with Leia, known bisexual Han Solo was getting the dicking down of his life by Lando Calrissian.