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Some more art student Yamaguchi Tadashi AU. I can imagine him working more with his fingers when he paints.
And he wave at Tsukishima, so I made a fast sketch for it. 

Too late Yama, he has already seen you. + have a fluffy giggling Hinata

(And holy shit I forgot to add


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and if you like this au, you should check the fic out! And thank you guys so much for the nice tags! I read them all!)

More of the AU here, here and here.

A Little More Than A Lesson Plan // S. Reid

Prompt: You’re my college professor and I got a C on my test, oops…”

This is my piece for ( @spencerdamnreid ) Mish’s 4K Writing Challenge, and I’m actually kind of proud! This is my first Spencer smut (that I’ve posted…I think)

I also just wanna say sorry for my inactivity & FOR FUCKING 812 FOLLOWERS AHHHHH!!!!! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH 

Warnings (??): Smut, Unprotected sex, Swearing, Choking(?? he grabs your neck for like four second)

Enjoy??? I guess???

(There’s definitely some typos cause i suck)

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Enemies to Lovers! -Johnny

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Request: Hi!! My birthday is on 31st of October aka Halloween and I was wondering if you could write some enemies to lovers!Johnny? Maybe make it a bit angsty? Thank you!

A/n: I truly don’t think I’m the best for angsty but I tried! I hope you like it, It’s one of my longer posts! This is also a student! au. 


  • I spent awhile thinking if this should be an au or not
  • but then I didn’t know how to approach this if it was idol Johnny
  • so this is high school to college student! Johnny
  • so continue reading if you love that shit 

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Choices, Part 1

Billy Russo x Reader

Warnings: Language, Eventual Smut

You shook your head at the sound of the manic pressing of the button attached to the patient’s IV pole.

“It’s timed. You can’t have more until the timer goes off. If it’s not covering your pain, we’ll need to let your doctor know,” you said professionally.

“I can deal with pain,” a voice rasped from within a mound of bandages.

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Actually helpful education hacks:

“I don’t understand any of the things the teacher just said“

Try to catch some keywords in chronological order, note them down and research them on the internet. Having more than one keyword helps finding the right topic.

“The teacher picked me but I wasn’t raising my hand“

The teacher is shitty but that doesn’t help rn.

First recall: 1. Nobody in this room expects you to say the right answer and everyone feels a similar discomfort as you do right now, because everyone has been in this situation and knows what it feels like.

2. “I am not sure“ “can I get help“ “I don’t know“, teachers usually go on as soon as you said something, and if you really don’t know the answer, this is the fastest way to get out of this awful situation.

“I’m hungry but I don’t have anything with me“

Get yourself some food. It’s a priority now. Your brain can’t work without proper nutrition.

“I don’t understand the question that I have to do this lesson“

Try it. Don’t freak out if you don’t understand. This is the most important part, AND IT’S TRUE. Wait for the teacher to explain it and note down the solution, and research how they got there at home. Don’t come to any conclusions if you can’t solve it. Your brain will not be a great help if it already saved something negative for the task.

“Everyone else has a higher word count on the paper than me. Did I do something wrong?“

If you reached the word cound the teacher set and you wrote everything you knew, it’s probably alright.

“This teacher doesn’t like me.“

Try to ask yourself: Do they really personally dislike me, or do they not understand the reason behind a certain behavior?

Theachers most likely don’t dislike you because you are bad at their subject, or because you forget your shit. Normal reasons to dislike a student on a personal level is that they ate personally rude; like disturbing the lesson purposefully.

Also, teachers can’t read your mind, and a lot of them can’t difer between being shy and not paying attention. Try to somehow explain to them the reason behind your behavior.

Your teachers probably don’t hate you.

“I am reall sick. Should I go to school anyway?“

No. Not only will you not be able to pay real attention since your body is occupied fighting; you will also just make it worse and have to stay home longer in the end.

If you have a nasty cough, coming back to PE early can actually seriously damage your body.

Also, you might infect others.

Definately don’t come to school if: You have a fever, are less than two days into a cough, feel dizzy, have severe cramps or headaches.

Missing one, two days or even a week of schoom won’t ruin your education. Coming from someone who is physically sick 90% of the actual school year.


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Summary: Soulmate AU where you see color when you touch your soulmate for the first time (but with my own spin, kind of), Connor x Reader

Author’s Note: The ending sucks but I tried

Warnings: cursing, mentions of suicide, i think that’s it???

Tag list: @robot-anon @stargirl-murphy @diamond-anon @spade-anon @hellakinkyconnor

* * * * *

You were walking through the hallways when someone slammed into you, causing you to fall and your books to scatter.

“Watch where you’re going,” a broken voice said.

“Watch where I’m going? You ran into me, asshole!” you snapped, gathering your books as you sniffled and wiped the tears from your eyes. It had been a rough day for you. First, you left a critical assignment home, then you bombed a test, and then, to top it all off, your boyfriend broke up with you claiming he found someone better. You knew there was a chance he found his soulmate, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. 

Soulmates were a funny thing; some people found them, some didn’t. When you had your first encounter with your soulmate, you saw color. If you didn’t find them, everything remained in black and white. Eventually, some people gave up and just dated to date. You didn’t really care about finding a soulmate, finding the concept of there only being one person for everyone a bit ridiculous. What if the soulmate died? What if the two of you lived on opposite sides of the world?

“Whoa, are you okay?” the voice asked you, kneeling down and helping you collect your things. 

“Just give me my stuff and leave me alone,” you said, wiping your eye as you took your notebook from a long haired boy. Your hand brushed against his and the world flooded with color. You knew he saw it too because you heard his breath hitch. 

“I’m-I’m Connor,” he said, pulling you to your feet.

“(Y/N),” you said, holding your books to your chest. “So. We’re…”

“Guess so.”

You cleared your throat and tried to make it look like you didn’t spend all of the last period of the day crying in the women’s restroom. “Do you want to, maybe, go talk somewhere? Get to know each other?“ 

 "Yeah. I might know a place.” Connor reached for your hand. “Can I…?” 

 You nodded and took his hand in your own. He led you to a stairwell that no one uses. When the two of you settled down, you noticed a piece of paper in his hand. “What’s that?” you asked.

 “Oh, it’s, um, it’s nothing.” You raised your eyebrow as he stuffed it into his bag. “You know, i actually find the concept of soulmates ridiculous,” he said. “I mean, one person for everyone? That’s bullshit.”

 "No fucking way! I think the same thing! I mean, what if my soulmate lived on another continent?“ You explained. "What if my soulmate died?” You saw Connor stiffen and looked at him. “You okay?" 

 He nodded. "Yeah. It’s just… if you didn’t find me today, there’s a large chance that that would have been the case.” He fidgeted with the strap of his brown bag and you rested your hand on top of his.

 "Why? Why today?“

He sighed. “I was, um, planning on, well, you know.” You nodded as you understood what he was trying to say. “I’m just tired of it all, you know? Nothing seems to go right for me. Today just seemed like the right day to snap.”

“Does it have anything to do with the paper you had?” you asked.

“Why would you think that?”

You shrugged. “You seemed really possessive over it.”

He smiled at you. “How can you see through me when we literally just met like half an hour ago?”

“Because we’re meant for each other, Connor,” you laughed. He laughed as well and it was a beautiful thing to hear. Connor realized he hadn’t felt this happy in a long time. “So… Can I see it?” He shrugged and pulled the paper out, handing it to you. “Evan Hansen? Isn’t that that really anxious kid who gets worked up when he gets called on in class?”

Connor shrugged, something he seemed to do a lot. “Keep reading. He wrote some creepy shit about my sister.”

“I don’t think this is what this is, Connor. Look at this.” You scooted closer to him and showed him the bottom of the letter. “I think he just clung to Zoe because she’s active in the student body and someone he could look up to.”

Connor chewed his lip. “Should I… Should I apologize?”

“Possibly. Maybe give it a day,” you suggested. You checked your phone. “Well, my mom is here to pick me up.” You pulled out a pen and scribbled your phone number on Connor’s hand. “Text me later?”

He smiled. “Okay.” 

When Connor finally left the school with his sister, she noticed how he had a faint smile still on his face.

“What’s wrong with you?” Zoe asked. “Are you high?”

“Fuck off, no,” Connor said. He pulled out his phone and typed in your number.

“What’s that on your hand?”

“Don’t worry about it.”


He rolled his eyes. “Fine. If you must know, I met someone today.”

Zoe hummed. “Well, you seem happy.”

And he was. He was happier than he had been in years.

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If The Magicians gang are in Potter AU, which of houses will each of them will be sorted in and why? Btw, huge fan of your blog, especially your #queliot tags!

Hello there and thank you! Okay, I’ve seen people break this down before and I tend to agree with them, so I doubt any of this will sound new.

Quentin Coldwater: Hufflepuff - Tries to help people, sticks by his friends even others turn against them, will do the work needed.

Margo Hanson: Slytherin - Competitive af, may feel like she’s the worst but you can be damn sure she’ll always act like she’s the best (catch the reference?), so ambitious that she’s High Motherfucking Queen.

Eliot Waugh: Slytherin - Becoming him was his greatest art, this boy crafted a new life for himself, went from Brakebills Prince to Fillorian High King because it’s in his blood, deathly protective of those worthy of him.

Julia Wicker: Ravenclaw - She’s a knowledge student that’s reading a year ahead, figures things out faster than an alternative timeline truthseeker, bitch gets shit done when she needs to know something.

Alice Quinn: Ravenclaw - So smart that she broke into school, has all the answers you need even if she’s dead or in a different world because she always know, she’s Queen Alice the Wise for a reason.

Penny Adiyodi: Gryffindor - He bitches so much but always helps out because whoops he’s loyal to these people, have you seen the sort of shit he gets into because you should know that of course he’s brave, okay now I’m not saying hotheaded and sassy is a Gryffindor trait but that boy’s mouth causes trouble.

Kady Orloff Diaz: Gryffindor - Literally half the fucking fandom has headcanons about this one, so I’ll just leave it here.

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What are your 5 favorite woman on HP universe?

1. Ginny Weasley. I’m not talking about the shoelace obsessed movie Ginny, but the badass, bisexual Quidditch player who told people off. She isn’t afraid to hex ignorant wizards *cough* Zacharias Smith *cough*. She is unapologetically independent, which is something every woman should be.
2. Emma Watson, of course. She is my role model for life. She’s beautiful, strong, confident, and graceful. You should check out her recent “Book Fairies” thing for IWD - it’s so awesome. She is the epitome of an intersectional, inclusive feminist.
3. Molly Weasley. Can I just say, “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!”
4. Professor McGonagall. If you don’t think she spent the entire Women’s History Month teaching her students about gender equality and all that good shit (Binns would be the history teacher that totally disregards it), you truly don’t understand her level of badassery.
5. Hermione Granger. INTELLIGENCE IS SEXY AS HELL, GIRLS. Reading books is awesome. Nerding out because you cannot contain your inner fangirl for something you love is so effing cute and it shows how passionate you are. She wasn’t afraid to be different by being completely and utterly herself. Embrace your quirks and flaws because they make you even more beautiful.

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Hey! Let me just start off by saying I'm very glad I found your blog and a fellow Dirk Gently lover. Its an amazing show. I saw your previous post about last nights episode and I just wanted to know; do you think that Broztly is going to become canon? Because I really want it to. A lot of people in the show have acknowledged that they thought something was up between them in every single episode so far this season. Do you think that its just a running joke or Max foreshadowing something?

First of all hi, nice to meet you! I love Dirk Gently so much, it’s such a brilliant show and literally all the characters are my children (except Priest, he can choke. And after last night’s episode Friedkin is in probation, let’s see how he does.)

To answer your question… honestly, I have no idea? The whole thing is a bit complicated and I’ve been in fandoms for way too long to actually give you a clear cut answer… okay, I’ll try to explain my thoughts properly under the cut:

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Awkward // Park Jisung

A/N: OMGGGGGG JISUNG PWAARK. This is lowkey based on a situation at school, there’s this really awkwrd boy i kind of like sooooo yeahhhh this is based on the situation,,,,, not directly bc i dont think he likes me, but i thought Jisung would fit this role realllyyyyy well! hhehehhhe i asked the guy for a little help with this scenario ooooooooo sssshhhiiittt,,,,,,, OH! And it’s bullet point :D I hope you enjoy,, this is gonna be cute oOOoOOoOoOoO

pairing: jisung x readerr

genre: awkward, adorable fluff ya’ll

wanings/notes: minor mention of stress and anxiety. ALSO. THIS ABOUTA BE SOME HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEART SHIT SO BE READY.

word count: 1633

(y'all should just assume i don’t proof read ;-;)

Backstory thinggggyyyyyyyy/the situation???

  • so you’re like 16,,, grade 11
  • and you’re like a good student and all
  • but you can’t stay focused for very long periods of time
  • mainly with “hands-off” tasks
  • like sitting in a presentation, or getting instructions in class,
  • or reading
  • you kind of had a short attention span
  • like you could type for hours on end
    • because your hands are moving
  • but you just can’t read
    • (well i mean you can but the focus thing- you know what i mean)
  • you have this class book that you’re reading
  • and you’re having difficulty reading the book and answering the questions on time
  • whereas the cute, quiet, awkward kid, has read the whole book the weekend you got it
  • as much as you hated the idea,,, you asked him for some help
  • because, let’s be real
  • you were fucking struggling and n e e d e d help


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Comey’s prepared testimony, translated.

Jame Comey’s testimony is dense and somewhat difficult to read if you’re not well versed in politics.

Thankfully, my friend [name redacted], law student and all around smart dude, was kind enough to translate.

“ I don’t remember every goddamn detail of these meetings and you don’t wanna hear every goddamn detail, so don’t be obstinate dickbags with your questioning. Here we go: 

Trump wasn’t the president yet but he was elected. We knew some shit about Russian involvement in the election. Some FBI, CIA, or other intelligence people thought we should tell Trump this shit. They’re dumbasses for XYZ reasons. Also this information made the FBI look incompetent and we don’t need that.

So anyway, they made me tell trump this shit. And you should’ve goddamn been there to see it. It was Paaaainful. And just like I told those dumbasses, this info made trump think we were investigating him for directly colluding with the Russian government. I told him we weren’t investigating him, and we weren’t

I have a rough transcript if you want it. Also I have rough transcripts of every other conversation I had with him. Because I knew some shit like this was gonna go down eventually and I make good on my threats.

He took me to Dinner a month later and asked me if I still wanted to be FBI director. It was weird for a normal-ass government person to do, but Trump has a warped sense of reality. He wanted me to ask him for the job I already have, and Comey ain’t nobody’s bitch. Nobody’s.

He basically asked me if I’d say shit that he told me to, to make him look good or further his specific agenda. But, Comey ain’t nobody’s bitch. Also Trump is corrupt as fuck, just thought i’d spell that one out for ya hint hint hint.

Then he asked me about the Russia thing again and he told me to investigate it to prove it didn’t happen. And i’m really not sure what part of “Comey ain’t nobody’s bitch” he doesn’t get. So I goddamn told him he wasn’t personally under investigation, and that investigating him WOULD MAKE IT THAT WAY. He’s senile and corrupt, sorry that’s all I got for ya senators. 

Aight so, Valentine’s day right? I show up to tell him about counter-terrorism. Briefed him, and everything’s fine and the briefing ends. Know what he does? Tries to convince me that allegations about the Russians aren’t why he fired Flynn, as if I believed him or cared. He tried to convince me not to arrest Flynn, he said some shit about leaks, he asked for all the info we had on Flynn and Russia, and lemme tell you. God fucking damn. Do I need to say it? Do I have to? COMEY. AIN’T. NOBODY’S. BITCH. Did I mention that I keep memos of these conversations? Do you want ‘em? Cause I’ve got 'em. Any way it’d be a cold fuckin’ day in hell before I did any of that. We didn’t tell Sessions any of this because we’ve got a ton of shit on him and that would’ve been a fucking stupid thing to do cuz he’d have to recuse himself. Which, thank god, he did. But I’m sick of this shit so I call up mah boi Sessions and tell 'em I don’t goddamn wanna talk to the president anymore.

So next month I’m talking to the president again. Still real sick of this shit. He tells me he can’t think straight cuz he’s afraid of the Russia investigation and wants it to be done with. So I have him repeat after me. Comey – Ain’t – Nobody’s – Bitch. Just in case it’d stick this time. Spoiler: it didn’t. So I try to explain to him that I’m doing this investigation because y'all congressmen wanted me to. You’re welcome. See what I put up with for you? Anyway I told him for the uptenth time we aren’t investigating HIM specifically. We’re looking into the campaign. Cuz politics. Then about 10 days later the same shit goes down and that’s the last I heard from the president then he fired me for investigating the Russia connections. And now we’re here. So lemme know if you want these transcript memos, because Comey ain’t nobody’s bitch. And don’t you forget it.”

(B)romance pt2! you/xiumin

a/n from the random sentence drabble promts earlier! it’s not a drabble and the prompt doesn’t show up until much later, but i kind of always wanted to write a second part to this thing, and i finally got to! thanks anon, i hope you like it here’s the original Bromance if you’ve never read it (you should read it first but you don’t have to 

pg-15 for mentions of sex, language

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Hey, I was wondering after reading You Found Me (which was very sweet), do you know if the dorms just for the Heroic students or for all students? I tried checking the manga but it was kinda ambiguous. (I'm not trying to say you should change anything though)

the way i write it/headcanon is that the dorms are probably just for the heroic students! my reasoning is that the dorms are built because the heroic students keep getting attacked/involved in bad shit and are moved to the dorms to keep them safe. there’s really no reason for gen ed students, support, and business to be in dorms because there’s no threat on them

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root/shaw fic recommendations? :)

Oooh, you got it!

This fandom is so talented, honestly, like I couldn’t even begin to list everything I’ve read & gone “aaAAH” over without going back through the whole archive again. So this is kind of a starter kit, I guess? Hah. I’ll list some of my favourite writers (& my personal no. 1 fic from each), but if you find yourself with overwhelming amounts of free time, you should totally go through all 80+ pages on ao3, would 100% recommend.

And so, in no particular order…

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11/16/2017 - Be grateful for where you are today, for you’re one step closer to your goal.

I came home in between classes to get some work done, before heading back to campus for my afternoon and evening classes. I still have my next class to prepare and a book to read for my journalism class tomorrow.. So I’m basically running on adrenaline, mountains of fructose and oceans of tea right now.

Also I just realised, that I have over 400 followers here?!? That is so crazy, thank you so much, loves! If anyone has questions, requests or just wants to talk, feel free to message me :)

i know in my heart all foreigners aren’t de-racialized and simply called 外人 in Japan because

every once in a while, a coworker will come up to me to ask questions about you white folks’ behavior.  

i don’t always have answers for them.

this afternoon, for example.

I was helping with a school assembly, not even prompting or looking for conversation, when a teacher i’ve only recently regularly started talking to walked up and told me about his college job at a coffee shop here in Tokyo.  

apparently he got really nervous when a lot of white folks would come into the cafe because someone would always aggressively try to correct the little English phrases he was told to use when English speakers came into the shop.

  Specifically when he said “Be careful.  It’s hot!”  and he’d pronounce “hot” with a ほ sound instead of a は sound I guess which evidently grated on a lot of white folks’ ears.  To the point where he said he was never really nervous about trying to speak English in front of any foreigner unless a white person was nearby.  another teacher chimed in and said they had a similar experience except ALTs from “white countries” would always laugh at them when they misspoke in class and it made them hate English from middle school onward.  They asked me why their accents were made fun of and what was wrong with them.  My heart eroded a bit. 

these are actually the best and most recent examples.  of course i’ve fielded some problematic/lowkey white supremacist inquiries as well, but that usually involved a very racialized form of misogyny that comes up less often these days.

tbh after hearing this it made me ( openly ) reflect on WWOOFing in south africa and selling milk to folks in the countryside and other black folks getting their life when I would sell stuff to them speaking (rudimentary) isiZulu or isiXhosa. 

 But every time I tried to speak Afrikaans to old white folks they’d read me to filth and say some awful, entitled shit that i’d have one of the full time farmhands translate for me later.  eventually i stopped asking them to translate.

anyways in other news

I try not to play favorites with my students, but we’re all human in a social landscape that offers incentives for interacting with some people over others so let’s not kid ourselves.  

One of my favorite students to speak to overheard me telling another English teacher “I think this year he’s the best English speaker in the entire school.  You should get to know him.” 

 we were discussing this while walking down a stairwell and just as I finished that statement I realized he was behind us the whole time so I’ve noticed quite a change in his demeanor since then.  

he was already fun to talk to but now he’s actively seeking out conversation.  He even wanted to chat afterschool on his walk between the school and his train station.  I wish I could give every student such a confidence boost.  

I’m trying my best.  


i think it’s shit, but saba said i should post it so here we are ladies, gents, and distinguished guests. | context: saba said the lunch squad (me, mollie, ashley, and saba) should be roommates and so this was born. what’s in me & mollie’s speech bubbles isn’t important, it just matters that we’re arguing over some marvel headcanon ( i literally forgot wanda and vision are in love when i made this, oops), and ashley isn’t having it. saba, the leech law student needs to study, and is being the voice of reason. | i just realized you can’t read what’s it the speech bubbles very well oops: mollie: no, hayley, wanda is not a lesbian, / me: but she IS. / ashley: haha, don’t make me turn this apartment around, guys. / saba: guys, shut up i need to study… and she’s bi.

The Duel

Oh my god. I did it. I finally wrote Flaming arrow. It’s supposed to be fluffy? Also any Harry Potter fans who read this and realize I shit on trying to describe duels tell me now or forever hold your peace. Thank you and enjoy. (based of scaredcoffeebean’s post)

The Duel

It was another day in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. Professor Pedri Nanezgani had suggested that all students should duel, to “practice” their magic. Or really, just to show off Odin Arrow, a Ravenclaw, his star pupil, who had managed to knock out every student that tried to face against him. At the moment, he was fighting, Maggie Lacivi, Gryffindor, a strong opponent no doubt, but she lacked the patience to think and strategize. “Herbifors!” she commanded, sending a red stream of light, directly towards Odin. He expertly dodged, swiftly moving to the right, which sent the spell right into the face of Gil Marverde. Gil screamed, jumping back as blue roses sprouted out of the top of his head and ears. “S-sorry Gil!” Maggie called out. Distracted, she hardly heard Odin as he called out, “Immobulus.” pointing wand at her, freezing her into place.

Smirking to himself, he stood smug as Maggie was carried off to the Hospital Wing for some rest. Professor Pedri applauded him, “Well done Odin. Now, is there anyone else who hasn’t gotten up yet? Anyone?” Looking around, Odin only saw battered, bruised, and defeated faces. But then a small hand went up, hesitant to make itself known. “I haven’t gotten up yet…” a small, meek little voice went. Odin watched as a very short girl, wearing a Gryffindor robe (which didn’t fit her, she looked like she should be have been in Hufflepuff) who could have easily passed off for 12-years old, walked up to them. She stood, seeming unsure of what to do, fiddling with her wand and avoiding their eye contact. She had long red hair, that practically were up to her hip, skin that seemed to be glowing. The professor gave Odin a look that meant: Win, but go easy. Odin understood. Stepping to meet each other face to face, or really… face to chest, they gave each other a respectful bow. Professor Pedri called out “Wands at the ready.” as Odin and the small, short girl raised their wands up to their faces. Before he turned around, he studied that she seemed terrified. He felt bad for what he was about to do, but she should have just kept quiet if she didn’t want to get hurt. Turning their backs at one another, they took 6 steps forward, before turning around holding out wands. “On the count of three, cast your charms, to disarm, attack or defend against your opponent.” Odin noticed she didn’t seem as scared as she was before, almost looking confident. He didn’t have much time to think on it, for at the count of three, he heard, “Incarcerous!” as ropes tied itself around him quickly. Struggling to wiggle his arms free, he looked up at the girl, who now looked ready to fight a dragon. Forget that, she looked ready to kill a dragon. Wiggling, as fast as he could, he was able to free his arm that held his wand. Quickly, he shouted, pointing at the rope, “Evanesce!” freeing himself. The girl, surprised he broke free so easily, quickly squeaked out a “Inflecto Telum!” as arrows shot out from her wand. Odin summoned a shield, that took the blows as arrow heads were beginning to peek through the thick wood. As he tried to speak out a Alarte Ascendare, she spoke quicker, using Incendio, shooting a stream of fire at his shield, powerful enough to push him off his feet and fall face flat on the hard floor. When he looked up, the girl stood high and mighty, at wand point. He expected her to smirk or even laugh at him for losing, but all that came out was a “Sorry.” as she held out her hand.  He didn’t take it, picking himself up and dusting off his robe. When he turned back to her again, she stood there, looking as unsure as she had at the beginning of the duel. Rubbing her arm, she looked up at him, giving him a sad look as if she had just lost. He sighed, as he held out his hand. She gave him a small smile, accepting the handshake. Professor Pedri stood in awe. Odin was his best student, he spent much time with him, training him with spells and charms, teaching him to quickly speak incantations. And yet this small girl had him on ground in meer minutes. She reminded him of his wife, chuckling, he would have to tell her what had happened today. Hands behind back, Pedri walked up to her, and told her she did a fantastic job. She blushed a bit, thanking him for teaching the class so well. Odin stood by, positively fuming, but muttered out a “G-good Job.” While the professor and the strange girl talked, like she was his favorite student or something, he stormed out of class. But as he was walking off, he heard the small pitter patter of small feet following behind him. Great. “H-hey! Wait up!” the small voice called out. Odin sighed to himself, standing in place as he heard the girl run up to him. “Hey, that was a good duel. You’re really good.” she complimented. “Th-thanks.” he stuttered bluntly. Arms folded, he looked down on the girl, as she cocked an eyebrow up. “You don’t have to be so sour about it, Mr. Grumpy.” “I-I wasn’t t-trying to be-“ he tried to start but she cut him off. “You’re still probably the best dueler in the entire school.” she reassured to him. That shut him up. He only looked at her with curious eyes. Never in his life has he had someone beat him, without them gloating about it in some way. Isn’t the whole point of winning, being able to brag about it? Well, that and you show off how talented you are. He just didn’t understand her. But he did feel better. He barely knew her, but she was able to comfort him in a way not even his own mother could. He gave her a smile, which she blushed to. “Y-you’re still p-pretty good too, ya know.” he said, earning a grin in return. “Wh-what’s you’re n-name anyway?” he asked her. “Ava, Ava Ire.” she answered, “You?” “O-Odin, Odin Arrow.” “Well, Odin, it was a pleasure. Maybe I’ll see you around?” Ava asked. “Y-yeah well, w-we do have the s-same class and all…” Odin joked. She giggled, which sounded really cute coming from her compared to some of the other girls at this school. He then felt four small hands give him a great shove, causing him to fall down. “Odin!” Ava called, trying to help him back up. Looking up, he saw Raven and Crow Arrow, his annoying little sisters, who were not wearing their Slytherin robes. “Hey big bro! How are ya?” Raven asked him, with a hint of mock in his voice. “Someone told us you just got your big nerd lord butt kicked, by some little girl.” Crow said. Looking at Ava, she asked “Is this her?” pointing a finger, with nail painted bright purple.   “Y-yeah, so what?” Odin asked, as he got up. “So what?” Raven repeated, “How could you lose to that?” she almost shrieked, pointing at Ava. “Olai is not gonna be happy when he hears you ruined your perfect winning streak like that.” Crow said, shaking her head. Rolling his eyes, he said, “I-it’s not that b-big of a d-deal, and it’s n-not like I di-didn’t put up a f-fight of m-my own. She’s g-good.” Crow rolled her eyes in return, “Yeah well, good luck explaining that to Six. They want to battle you, see if you’ve still got what it takes to be the best dueler at school.” “And if you’re still an Arrow, after all.” Raven chimed in, squinting suspiciously at Odin. “Wh-what?! Of c-course I’m an A-arrow!” Odin exclaimed. “I don’t know, maybe mom an’ dad will come by to tell you you’re adopted or something…” Raven joked. Odin scoffed. “W-well you can tell Six, I’ll duel with them, no problem.” “Alright then.” Crow said, and as quickly as she could, she added “It’salsoadoubleduelsofindapartner,bye.” grabbing Raven and running off to cause trouble somewhere else. “W-wait a double what?” Odin exclaimed, but it was too late, they were already down the hallway, running up into some stairs. Odin didn’t do double duels. He never really found someone he could trust enough to be his partner. Wracking his brain, every person he thought of for a partner just ended in a disaster. But then he had a crazy idea.  Facing Ava, he asked “Ava! Would you be my partner for the duel?” She was taken back by the request, and didn’t answer. “Ava, please? You’re the only person who is as strong, maybe even stronger than I am. Will you be my partner?” Odin practically pleaded. He searched her face for anyway to know if she was going to accept or refuse his offer. He couldn’t tell, but she sighed, and nodded her head, giving him a faint smile. Immense relief poured over Odin. At least now he had a real fighting chance to beat Six. Without even thinking, he gave her a tight hug. She was taken off-guard by the hug, but eventually hugged him back. When Odin realized what he was doing, he released his arms from around Ava, burning a purple-tinted blush. She was blushing too, only it burned, literally, and glowed orange. Looking into Odin’s eyes, Ava asked in a hushed voice, “You think we can beat Six?” He gave her a grin, “Y-yeah, I think w-we have a g-good chance.” As a response, she kissed his cheek, causing their blushes to return, worse than ever.

Author: @xerxia31

Rated: M for brief depictions of violence and coarse language. Warnings: same.

A/N: I have this vision of everyone naming their ficlets ‘Stolen’ this week, future asks at the everlarkficquestions blog ‘I’m looking for a drabble called ‘Stolen,’ ‘well, there are 17 of them…’

I’ve always thought of myself as invincible. Strong for my size, tough, intimidating - those are all words I have used to describe myself. And we live in Panem, sleepy little Panem, where everybody knows everybody. The absolute picture of safety.

So when Peeta protested the idea of me walking home from work alone at night along the river pathway, I didn’t take him seriously. I knew nothing was ever going to happen.

Until it did. 

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anonymous asked:

clarke accidentally leaves her diary at octavia and bellamy "accidentally" reads it (and finds her hilarious or sg) - please ^^ thank you - s.

T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T.

So this was supposed to be a short little drabble and then it developed a giant plot and it kind of exploded?  So moral of the story, this is much longer than I was originally intending.  Have some pining!Bellamy.


“Bell?!” Octavia yelled from her bedroom.

Bellamy sighed, and looked up from the papers he was grading on the couch.  “There’s a thing called walking out of your room to talk to people, O!” he called back.

She stuck her head out of her room and stuck her tongue out at him.

“You’re a child,” he informed her drily.  “What do you want?”

“Rude,” Octavia chastised, coming the rest of the way out of her room and flopping down onto the couch next to him.  “What are you doing anyway?”

She twitched one of the essays closer and read, “Social political structure of the Roman Empire prior to the death of Caesar. Okay, forget I asked, that sounds horrifically boring.  Count me out.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes and carefully pried the essay out of her hands.  “They’re all shit so I wish I could say the same.”

“Bellamy Blake,” his sister said, hands on her hips. “As an esteemed TA of the university aren’t you supposed to treat your students with the utmost respect?”

Bellamy snorted.  “You should see their grammar.”

Octavia smiled.

“What is it?” he asked, much more kindly this time.

“Is Clarke still here?”

That got his attention.  He put down his grading pen and turned fully to face Octavia.  “She left twenty minutes ago.  Why?”

Octavia held up a book.  “Because she forgot her very secret diary.”

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