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19; Forceful Kiss - Shakarian :)

oh goodness, I filled another prompt from December. I am on a roll, people!


“Oh damn!” Vega said, sounding half horrified. “Scars is gonna be in trouble…” Cortez looked up from his workstation. Vega turned around from his station, omni-tool out. “Esteban, you see this shit?”


“No idea what you’re talking about, Mister Vega,” Cortez said. “Care to enlighten me?”


Vega walked over, well, half ran over to Cortez. “Look at this,” he said, throwing his omni-tool screen up on the wall. A reporter from Westerlund News stood in the screen.


“Looks like it’s not just work and war for Commander Shepard these days,” the reporter said gleefully. “There have been rumors about the commander’s love life for quite some time, but her only statement to that regard has been ‘no comment.’ Well, we’re quite curious to know what she has to say to this!”


The vid switched to a hallway, one of the nicer apartment areas on the Presidium. The footage was grainy, no doubt hastily thrown together video surveillance. Garrus and Shepard stepped into view. Garrus seemed to be searching for a specific spot on the wall. He crooked a finger and Shepard stood against the wall, her face scrunched up, her head tilted.


The footage was visual only, so Cortez couldn’t hear the words Garrus and Shepard were saying to each other, but they seemed heated. Cortez glanced at the time stamp. Yesterday evening, so probably right after he picked Shepard up from Aria’s fleet.


“It’s about to get good,” Vega said in a low voice.


Shepard was clearly getting annoyed with the conversation. She took a step away from the wall, but Garrus pushed her back up against it and they started kissing roughly. It was strange, watching the kiss, with two mouths that were never meant to fit together. But there was a practiced ease to their movements.


Garrus’ hands gripped Shepard’s waist tightly and Cortez smirked, knowing what that meant to turians. He had dated a turian for a few months before he met Robert. And unlike Shepard and Garrus, Cortez never really bothered with kissing.


During this, Shepard grabbed the collar of Garrus’ armor, clearly trying to get as close to him as possible. After a good twenty seconds, the kiss stopped and Garrus rested his brow against Shepard’s, who took his hands in hers.


It was no secret on the Normandy that Shepard and Garrus were a couple. But watching them like this, not even the kiss, but just the way they looked at each other after, seemed like a gross invasion of privacy. So much that Cortez felt the need to look away.


Behind Cortez and Vega, the cargo bay doors opened. “Cortez, I need to check…”


Vega clumsily shut off his omni-tool and Cortez looked down at his console, feeling a hint of guilt.


“Hey, Lola…”


Cortez risked a look at Shepard, who looked more amused than anything else. “Think the entire galaxy has seen that yet?” she asked. She crossed her arms over her chest. “Garrus said he knew a couple of spots on the Presidium that weren’t covered in surveillance cameras. A C-Sec Officer thing.”


“They change them since Scars was a cop?” James asked.


“Nope. Apparently, it’s incredibly easy to introduce a VI into the Citadel’s surveillance system,” Shepard said, shaking her head. “And more than one news outlet has one tracking every move I make on the damn Citadel. Who knew?”


“What are they going to do about it?” Cortez asked.


“Nothing,” Shepard said. “Bailey says they don’t have the man power to deal-“ Shepard stopped talking when her omni-tool beeped.


As she checked her message, James said, “That’s messed up. No one should be able to access the surveillance like that.”


“Agreed,” Cortez said. He was about to ask a question when Shepard started laughing. Hard. Hard enough to reach out to balance herself against the wall.


“You gonna let us in on the joke, Lola?”


“You guys remember Ashley, right?” Shepard said, still smiling. “She just saw the footage from Huerta and reminded me about a conversation we had once.”


“How kissing turians wouldn’t be necessary on our mission,” Shepard said, her eyes bright as she walked to the weapons bench. “Shows what she knows.”

the signs in las vegas
  • aries: drunk af and yelling at people but not realizing it
  • taurus: always sat by the bar laughing at you
  • gemini: doesn't shut up about how the trip is awesome and how drunk they are
  • cancer: cries when realizes they won't find a significant other in vegas
  • leo: gets any girl or guy they want and wants to be the one who hooked up most
  • virgo: finds out they actually really like partying and gets really drunk and funny
  • libra: flirts with literally everyone they see and never leaves their friends
  • scorpio: the party animal who everyone flirts with
  • sagittarius: wants to know every single corner of the city and tries literally everything vegas has to offer
  • capricorn: spends the night in the casinos playing and drinking
  • aquarius: the funny friend who wants to get a girl or a guy for you but ends up hooking up with them
  • pisces: the one who's fascinated by the place and is always like 'holy shit did you see that'