shit wrong size

The biggest problem with this boy
is that he doesn’t seem to believe
that he’s beautiful.
This is a problem, of course,
because he knocks the wind out of you
every time he so much as looks at you
and you can’t help but think
that if he understood his own radiance
he would never touch you

inspired by: x

My Puppy

Originally posted by krismehard

Title: My Puppy

Characters: Reader (Y/n) / Park Chayeol

Genre: Smut

Notes: I’m getting really bored and it’s fall break so get ready for alot of one-shots. I think the next is gonna be a LuLu smut seeing as his new music video has got me up in the Luhan feels.


He sat at the end of the bed, hands tangled in his hair and his right leg shaking. His eyes where shut tightly, bottom lip in between his teeth and the vein in his neck was pulsing. You didn’t understand why he was mad, the main reason because he wouldn’t say a word to you. The only contact he made was a deadly look, causing you to back away.

“Chany.. Please talk to m-” You were cut, off loudly, causing you to yelp and stumble back and fall.

“Don’t call me that you bitch!” He yelled, getting up and clutching his fists. His jaw was clamped shut and the whites of his eyes were stained with red. “How the fuck could you do that to me?” His voice calmed a bit, but it was still at a yell.

You covered you face and whimpered, your eyes beginning to burn with tears. “Chanyeol please.. Whatever I did I’m sorry.”

His face began to drop and he knelt to your level, pulling you to him by your arm. “Babe..” He mumbled, pulling you to his chest and holding you there. “Why would you do that? Why would you act like that in front of them?”

You remembered last night, Suho invited you over for dinner with the boys. One of them must have put a little something in your drink, giving you a kick. Chanyeol was the only one who knew you were weak with alcohol, but he must have told them which sparked their idea. You soon became tipsy and they began to pry your clothes off you one by one before Chanyeol walked in from his sleep.

“Chanyeol they did something to my drink. You really think I would do that?” You looked up at him with hurtful eyes. “The only man I would give permission to see my body is you. Only you.”

“I love you, baby.” Your words came out shaky and Chanyeol attacked your lips with his. His lips tasted like beer and mint, but you loved every second of it. His hands lifted you by your waist and he pulled off your lips. He mumbled a lazy ‘Jump’ against your lips and you complied, wrapping your legs around his waist and you arms around his neck.

He carried you easily to the bedroom, laying you down carefully on the bed like you were a fragile piece of glass. His lips never left yours as he pulled your sweats down your legs, leaving them on the floor. He quickly pulled his tee over his head, attaching right back to your lips. This time, the kiss was hungry and needy.

You looped you fingers to his jeans, shoving them down to his ankles as he pulled your tank over your head. His cold hands skimmed up your thighs, prying them open for him to slip inside.

He pulled you up by your back, but you set your hand in the middle of his chest. “Chanyeol, wait.”

He patiently knelt down, staring into your eyes. “Baby, what’s wrong?” He whispered, rubbing your sides to relax you. “Do you have a…-a..” You hesitated, not wanting to say it. He smiled coyly and reached to the dresser beside the bed. You didn’t realize until now that there was a full box in the drawer, but you were happy there was.

He kissed you forehead as he sat up on his knees, slowly pushing his boxers down. His erect length sprang free, standing proud and tall. Chanyeol ripped the package and spit it to the floor. Rolling the cold latex onto himself, you couldn’t help but hear the low groan that he tried to hide in his throat. Your hand snaked to the back of his head and your fingers slipped through his already messy hair. Your other replaced his hand on his length.

He grunted and let his head lay on your shoulder. His hand reached to your back, unclasping your strapless bra and allowing it to fall into your lap. His knuckles kneaded your breasts as both your hands slowly stroked his length. You leaned down to envelope his head with your lips, breaking his touch to your breasts.

“Oh, fuck.” He growled, running his fingers through your hair before keeping a strong grip on the back of your head. His wrist was pressed against your nape and you felt his pulse. It was almost scary how his vein pounded, and you looked up at him.

Before taking him in all the way and pulling  him out, you drug your teeth against the slit at the top. He whimpered and his cock twitched inside your mouth. His grip on your hair pulled you up so he could take your bottom lip tightly in between his teeth, drawing blood.

You sucked the blood off your lip and pushed him onto his back, straddling his lap. You leaned forewords and licked his ear lobe. Chanyeol growled lowly and his fingers dug into your sides - obliviously leaving bruises.

One of your hands pushed your underwear to the side and Chanyeol lifted your hips up, waiting for you to set your hands on his chest. You did so and soon enough you were lowered onto his erection.

Your head was thrown back and your throaty moan echoed off the walls. Chanyeol’s grip on your hips seemed like it couldn’t get tighter as he growled and screwed his eyes shut. His hips bucked upwards and he grunted, the bed moaning along.

He flipped you onto your back and he began pounding into you at and extreme pace. “Ch.. Chan- Oh God, YES!” You whimpered, your breath catching in your lungs as his head hit your g-spot over and over. The bed’s base began to crack at the force Chanyeol had and he groaned loudly before sending the bed foreword with one last strong blow.

His release was hot inside the condom, but it felt hotter than it should have. You were too busy grinding your hips upwards to finish off your own high to notice, but his excess seed spilled out of you and onto the bed. Your eyelids hung tiredly and Chanyeol’s head hun loosely on his neck.

Chanyeol pried his eyes open and pulled out only to find a darker spot on the condom. He realized that spot wasn’t covered by the condom and he noticed the ripped edges.

You looked at him, startled by his terrified look. He looked up at you.

“FUCK.” He yelled scrambling off the bed and to the drawer beside the bed. “Chanyeol wha-” You saw the tear, leaving most of his cock visibly clear. Your eyes widened and you gasped.

“Shit, I got the wrong size.. They’re too small!!” He cried, grabbing his pants and shirt. “I- I’m gonna run to the gas station a get a plan-b. You stay here and if the boys get home, lock the door and don’t take any drink the offer you.”

His words were stumbled and quick, but you protested before he could scramble out the room. “Wait!” He grabbed the door and looked at you worried.

“Chanyeol, what if I want a.. what if I want a baby..?” His face looked cofused as he dropped his hands to his sides. “Baby.. are you serious?”

There was a small bit of silence before you hopped off the bed and ran to him, throwing your arms around his neck. “Yeah, I am.”

Chanyeol dropped his clothes and wrapped his arms around you tightly. You felt he was squeezing you so hard you couldn’t breath, but you didn’t care. He leaned back, taking your feet off the ground and spinning you. “Oh my god, I love you Y/n!! I love you, I love you, I love you!!”

You giggled as he set you down, sweetly kissing your swollen lips. “Any day of my life would I have a kid with you, baby.”


'Oh my lord, do you ever stop crying!!’ You yelled in your head, whining and throwing your head back in frustration. You scooped up a spoonful of cereal and brought your hand back. “Here comes the airplane!!” You said in a high-pitched voice, making train sounds as you swerved the spoon in the air.

Chansung just pouted and gave you his big eyes - the ones that always reminded you of Chanyeol. “I want daddy!!” Your son screamed, hitting his high-chair.

Speaking of Chanyeol, the door swung open and a wide-eyed happy man stepped through. “Babe, I’m home!” He sang. He walked over and smiled, kissing his son on the forehead.

You crossed your arms and Chanyeol furrowed his eyebrows. “Why didn’t we just get the plan-b.”

“Don’t say that. It’s like having a puppy, they pee in the house while they’re really young, but if you can get through that stage, they’re just loving and amazing to be around.”

You snorted. “Well we already have one puppy, why do we need another.”

It took Chanyeol a second to think, seeing you two didn’t own a dog. His eyes widened and he gasped, causing you to bust into laughter.