shit why didn't i color it more


Mawaru Penguindrum Ending 3: “Haiiro no Suiyoubi (灰色の水曜日)" by Triple H

My feelings can’t reach you, our bonds are being torn apart, the clouds drift away regardlessly on a Grey Wednesday. Now, remember the spectacular past, when everything was bright, when you fell in love. Now, remember the time we loved each other, when we stared into each other’s eyes. Now, remember the spectacular past, when you lived for a dream, when we loved each other.

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For white people, few things more sad than losing a friend of color because you say something they think is racist. Maybe you were racist, maybe you weren't but it doesn't matter anyways because they won't talk to you about it. They just tell you to fuck yourself and they block your ass. And seriously, sometimes you didn't say anything racist at all. Just like "I like cats" and they be like "fuck you racist ass piece of shit!" and they're gone and you don't know why.

Hey, do you think maybe your “friends” who aren’t white wouldn’t be so keen to avoid you if you stopped being a weird paranoid racist liar? Just a thought, homie.