shit white ppl say

man someone needs to do a “If Desi people said the stuff white people say” itd be gold can u imagine

“So how did ur parents meet?? OMG did they have a shotgun wedding after a 1 night stand thats so weird haha”

“Wow your food is so tasteless and bland i can literally feel my tastebuds dying!!1!”

“Yeah i dont really like believe in religion but im totally a Christian!!! Your festivals are so meaningful and ~*~exotic~*~ like the one with the baby and the presents and the other one with the dying guy?? So spiritual" 

"Wow i love western clothes look at the total lack of colours, monochrome is my fav!!”

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow stay whitewashing characters while The Flash now has a main cast that is majority POC

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my best friend gave her ex bf a hand job at church like three times

idk their ethnicities but let me just say…. that is some white ppl shit

It's not misogyny if you hate on a woman who's a proven asshole.

If Louis actually did get that girl pregnant, and she were actually “private and shy” and not a gold-digging attention-whore fucking cunt, then we’d be nice to her.

But since she’s not…..and she’s a bitch who let her family call Louis a deadbeat dad……no.

It’s not misogyny if you hate on a woman who’s a proven asshole.

yall make posts like “haha white people don’t season” for as long as u want idc, but fuck off and dont expect my sympathy just bc im a poc too if u say shit like “white ppl cant be raped”, “all white ppl just do incest”, “rape a white bitch lol” etc etc. and i saw some of u sayin this kinda shit fr so i hope u break ur neck

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Hal the kind of white boy that says shit about other white ppl

“they can’t fucking dance”

“aren’t you a terrible dancer too?”

“well i mean….yeah”


Shit white ppl say