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Dear John Wells, … this is three words of dialogue in a Michael Bay children’s action/comedy sequel in twenty-seven frames, and with a shit-ton of CGI over top of it. You respecting this talent so little that you wrote it out, and then shat on it every time that you gave yourself the chance, is why you lost “Shameless” viewers and why fans whom used to shout praise now want it to just end. You don’t know how to milk (When Unintentional Puns Are Fucking Painful) the goods you have. And, yes, we already know that you fuck up his comeback intentionally.

Off the bat, there’s the one obvious vulnerability in Freddy’s power: Aside from the occasional possession and mind control, the Springwood Slasher can’t really get you until you’re in a deep sleep. In the later films, the characters realize this and resort to an experimental, hard-to-fget drug called Hypnocil, which prevents sleepers from reaching their REM cycles. After all, how else could a bunch of suburban teenagers possibly drug themselves into a temporary void? By smoking a shit-ton of weed?

Well … yeah.

According to several studies and doctors, weed totally annihilates your REM sleep. This means that all a tormented teen needs to do to avoid the janitor claw is save up for some killer golden leaf. I’m talking Purple Kush shit, or failing that, some ditch Indica. Really, anything will do it – Durban Poison, Gorilla Glue #4, Alaskan Thunder Fuck – if you smoke enough, the legal and health risk of being blazed every evening is hardly comparable to getting turned into a screaming marionette or being eaten by your toaster or some bullshit. Had someone thought to toke up, this entire franchise would be Freddy practicing cackles in the echo-y loneliness of his netherworld boiler room.

6 Famous Movie Monsters (Who Have Really Dumb Weaknesses)

Stiles Stilinski: I could be a spy! No Stiles you couldn’t

You and Stiles were human, sucks to be you right? Well I mean you didn’t really want to be a werewolf to be honest so you weren’t complaining. Stiles loved the research and sometimes you couldn’t lie you kind of liked it too. The interesting part though, not the scrolling through creepy forums but the sneaking into people’s homes, hacking peoples computers, that kind of thing was very you. This is why Stiles and you would always make a perfect team, he was willing to do the boring part and you would do the ‘possibly get arrested and definitely get into a shit ton of trouble’.  

Although the endless teasing you and Stiles suffered due to the amount of time you spent in his bedroom was a proper pain in the ass, nevertheless it was harmless and they didn’t mean anything by it. In fact Stiles would even make jokes about it, you occasionally hitting him on the back of the head. You loved your best friend though and I mean yes you did have a crush on him but you had a handle on it so it was okay. In fact being friends with Stiles at times was more than enough.

It was one of those nights, you and Stiles were gathered round his computer, him researching hard into some facts about some weapon he had acquired, you picking off your nail polish praying it would get interesting sometime soon because you were about to go from picking nails to picking your own brain out.  “Yeah this is it” Stiles spoke pointing to the knife on the screen before reaching over to grab his backpack. Rummaging his hand inside you watched his face drop as he couldn’t find it. “What no!” Stiles panicked emptying the bag onto his desk, he scattered through it before putting his head in his hands. “I left it at school, in my locker to keep it safe Dammit we need it!” he exclaimed, watching as your eyes lit up, now this would be a challenge.

“Stiles chill, this is gonna be so freaking awesome!” you chuckled wrapping your jacket around yourself before opening his window. “It’s easy we can break in!” you ordered jumping out of the window, him following immediately.  Stiles started up the jeep seeing how excited you were and smiling before speaking. “You really love this don’t you? I mean all this, the hands on part” he chuckled driving down the pitch black road hoping that the jeep would make as little noise as possible. “Yeah it’s so cool, it’s like a rush of adrenaline and I love it, wait, pull here the cctv cameras will be on” you spoke tapping on the dashboard making Stiles chuckle. You always had to be in control it was something that would always make him chuckle, something he really loved about you. Waiting for you, Stiles lead the way up behind the trees into the back of the lacrosse pitch, dodging every camera and stumbling continuously. “Here let me” you whispered stepping in front and doing a much better job of leading the way.

See you always came prepared to situations like this, carrying in your pocket what looked like a nail set in a little pouch, but instead was a flat head wrench as well as many other tools, although the flat head wrench would really help as far as breaking in goes. Sliding the wrench into one of the side doors on the old building, a clicking sound indicated you were in. Creaking the door open slightly you and Stiles slipped through the slim gap, before letting him in front to your dismay just so you could find his locker. It didn’t take long to locate it even in the dark and although you were filled with adrenaline part of you had a bad feeling.  “C’mon Stiles we- “you stopped as a flashlight shone your way. “Who’s there?” the familiar voice of the caretaker spoke making you both jump.  Grabbing Stiles hand you pulled him down back through the school, thanking yourself that you took note of the way in the dark. Sliding back through the gap Stiles pushed the door shut as you both ran back to the jeep giggling.

You both hopped back in either side and burst out laughing, stopping and ducking as you noticed a faint flashlight through the trees although it disappeared as quick as it appeared. “That was so awesome” he whispered looking down at the knife in hand. “Although I think I’m gonna stick to the research side” he chuckled the moonlight reflecting on his face just so that it highlighted all of his handsome features something you were just beginning to appreciate. Taking a deep breath you leaned over and kissed him lips softly before moving back to your seat and biting your nails unable to look at him. Stiles just blinked a couple times before pulling you towards him and locking lips once again. Seconds passed before you were pulled onto his lap, making the horn blare and you both giggle and pull apart. “C’mon we need to go before he comes back” you whispered climbing back off much more carefully this time as Stiles started the engine.

Stiles placed his right hand on the wheel and began to drive slowly his left hand found yours gently and intertwined his fingers with yours. “I really like you y/n” he whispered squeezing your hand. “I really like you too Stiles” you spoke squeezing his hand back.

J.K. Rowling’s About To Drop Some Major Knowledge About American Wizards

Are you ready to learn A METRIC SHIT-TON ABOUT THE AMERICAN WIZARDING WORLD? Because Pottermore is ready even if you’re not.

In Pottermore’s last gift to us all, we learned the name of the American wizarding school – Ilvermorny – as well as details on three other major wizarding schools throughout the world. 

Among the topics being explored: The witch trials, skin-walkers, Ilvermorny, and the Magical Congress of the United States of America – The American version of the Ministry of Magic. (x)

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15 days of fandom - day 1: favorite character: sTEP ASIDE, BOYS)) (i know, loving Maria isn’t quite original (damn, she’s errbody’s fave, cause how could she not be??! she’s the best obv.^^))

((i planned to do a li'l challenge for a long time & i suppose it sits well with my current ‘draw a shit-ton of tbol fanart on any occasion of a free time’ agenda. don’t think i’ll be able to turn up much more than a sketch-a-day, considering the srs stuff i need to do, but it should help me to be back into a proper drawing fit. so here we gooooo^^))