shit this stuff kills me

this took me 6 hours to do im dying squirtle

anyway; poster-ish thingy for TAAO, one of my favorite comic series at the moment!

Im a horrible person… what if i was a uterus in my last life?

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

(thank you @novembon for the request and the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoy what Ive got on my blog. hope this reigen trying to be cool suits your taste.)

this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here

Period rant

This has been the worst period ever. Last night, I tried to go to bed at 10:30, but I couldn’t sleep because I was shivering so badly and finally after I finally did go to sleep, I woke up sweating and overheating so badly I couldn’t go back to sleep until 2 in the morning. I woke up to nausea and cramps at 7:30 and got stuck in the bathroom for a little while until I came crawling out to my mom who finally woke up. She told me to lay in her bed and was stuck in one position moaning because my cramps were so awful until she got me some tea, which FINALLY made me throw up after a couple of sips. I somehow managed to stomach a couple of crackers and drank two glasses of water to take my prescription pain meds and just kinda laid in my moms bed and waited and moaned out the cramps for about an hour until the meds finally kicked in.
Fast forward to 2pm, my mom told me when the meds wear off (the pills only last 4-6 hours) to take and Aleeve, which I did, but it didn’t work so now I have to wait until 8 to take my pill again. I’ve been sleeping for an hour (to make up for the sleep I lost last night) and trying to wait out the cramps again. They aren’t as bad as this morning, but they still suck, I can’t really move, and it’s hard to eat my dinner because I feel full but i know I should eat.

So moral of this story is, periods are fucking awful and whoever says otherwise, doesn’t have bad periods. If someone tells you “oh, you’re being over dramatic. Suck it up, we all have to go through it.” YOU HAVE PERMISSION BY ME TO SLAP THEM AND TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF.

Mermaid and Sailor boyfriend; after they get Tweek out of the tank this is how they keep him hydrated.

Oswald surrounding himself with men who look or in some ways act like ed it makes him feel better cause in a way it proves to himself that ed was nothing special that he can move on if he wants to he doesnt need ed but none ever live up none tell riddles the way ed does eyes shining cheshire cat smile head held high some can’t cook or sing they all always bore him some overly sweet and kind to get on his good side and they never match eds intelligence and love for the darker things in life and he finds himself sinking into that cold lonely sadness realising no matter how hard he tries he cant replace ed he cant move on he still needs him