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Good Neighbors | A Drunk Fluke

General (AU)Series Recap: Living next door to, and being best friends with, Rafael Barba while the two of you are in your twenties.

Others in this series: Original Good Neighbors / Original, Part 2 / The Hot Day / The Cold Day / Rafi Had To Decide / Your Date Night / Opportunities

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Setting: Late at night, on a Saturday evening, after multiple hours of you enjoying your time (with booze) at a bar- when your dear friend Rafael finally made it to escort you safely home… 

“You asked me to meet you at this bar,” Rafael motioned grandly to the little pub you’d previously told him to come to. It was a Saturday evening, he had been out at a lecture all day- but he had promised to meet you there afterwards, to make sure you got home alright. “I’m not going anywhere other than the apartment, I’m in sweat pants…”

Why oh why did he have to be so stubborn sometimes? “But Raaafiiiiii,” you whined, and tugged on the scarf he wore, “You proooooomised, just the joint down the street!”

“Okay, let’s get one thing straight,” despite how you pouted, he wagged a fingertip directly in your face. “I promised I would walk you home, I in no way promised I’d escort you on a pub crawl.”

You whimpered childishly, and stomped your foot, “But how was I s’posed to know you’d be comin for me so earrrrly?”

Rafael took a look at his watch, then rolled his eyes to the ceiling: "Oh my God, how much did you drink? It’s almost midnight.”

Thoughtfully, you tapped at your chin with a fingertip… Or, at least, you tried to. In all actuality, you missed, and for some reason- trying to locate your face with that finger was not a successful venture. “A… Uh… A lot.”

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