shit the mun makes

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shit i’ve said

“Shower me with socks.”
“Name it pënis, that way it’s PEEnis instead of just penis.”
“Shit, I forgot a mushroom.”
“Did you just call it cocksmack?”
“His voice is kinda hot, though. It’s like all dark and mysterious.”
“I thought I’d give you a little piece of my uh… coffee shop wisdom.”
“They’re so straight for each other.”
“Why are their feet so fucking big?”
“*Goofy voice* HFYUCK!”
“Well, I mean, I guess there are things on a girl that she might not want you to grab…”
“*yawning* Shut up, I don’t care…”
“I want my veal! I don’t care about the back of your truck.”
“Who the fuck is Whippy Goldberg?”
“She was too eager with the white, and now she’s gone and fucked up my trim.”
“Pepe the Frog has more sex appeal than you.”
“It’s just a big, happy Santa!”
“We found a giant, golden dildo under her mattress and I just dropped it and lost my shit. I started calling it Hercules.”
“I want to live out the rest of my life, not be incinerated by flaming feces.”
“Do you just casually have cocaine?”
“My left tit is calm, it’s the right one that’s a little feisty.”
“But I usually look emo! At least I’d be being honest!”
“I have a lot of long things haha, but arms aren’t one of them.”
“Did he just poop that out? ‘Cause it made a pooping noise.”
“Why do you have such high cheekbones you fucking weirdo?”
“Have I unleashed hell?”
“Hi, my name is Daddu. I enjoy hoe and spitting cock on the biich.”
“That dad lowkey has a bubble butt and he’s rocking it. Damn.”

The god has been approached

(( redvixenhard))

Nazo was looking around. He had found out that there was another dimension called Moebius, and it intrigued him. Mainly because in this universe, everyone and everything was the opposite of what they really were. The cyborg hedgehog was hoping to find Sonic’s opposite as he walked upon this new world.