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🅱lease stop for a min and read @hopelessfountainkinkdom ‘s amazing and so so fluffy (bless) fic bcos it cleared my skin and watered my crops

More about “nice costume.”

So we all know this gif from the Mall of America meet and greet in March 2012. A girl dressed up as a carrot and Louis went:

I randomly found the video of the girl’s friend who was in front of her. Here’s the girl’s costume in case there was any doubt:

You can hear Louis say in an overly dramatic voice as he first sees the girl:

“Look. There’s a giant carrot (girl/character?). Hello.” 

The girl filming is further down the line, in front of Harry, but you can see Louis do the sassy nose rub:

Harry, always attentive to what was going on with Louis, watches the girl dressed as a carrot move down the line and just doesn’t know what to say. And never spoke a word to them.

And that’s that on that.


Galra Hybrid Keith & White haired Keith

Look, I was going to make only white haired edit but it just got out of hand?

(Also is it just me, but are Keith’s thumbs in a strange position?)

Taehyung takes being mean to you too far. Part.3

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Taehyung’s p.o.v

I don’t know what I’m doing here. I don’t know how I suddenly ended up walking my way here. But here I am, standing right in front of her front door. I knocked and I heard slow shuffling on the inside, I could’ve sworn she took five minutes just to get to the door. I hear the door unlock and the door handle turn. 

“Ya-” I cut myself off from telling her how she took so long to open the door. “You look like shit, what’s wrong with you?” She honestly looked as though she was about to pass out any second now. So I held her arm. 

“What are you doing here?” She slowly spoke out, obviously didn’t have the energy to fight back when I said that she looked like shit.

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Okay but honestly if they didn’t mean for Keith and Shiro’s interactions to be read as romantic instead of more brotherly, they really are doing a shitty job of it.

Imagine...Trick or Treating With Dean & Your Daughter

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Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader where their daughter wants to go trick or treating? Dean is paranoid that something supernatural might come at them and he looks around making sure they are costumes and not a supernatural creature.

Pairing: Dean x reader

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