shit that i'll never finish

Eat Your Heart Out


The woman hums in acknowledgement, but does not look up from her microscope or otherwise attempt to greet her boss.


This time, she gets up, the urgency in Gabriel’s voice tells her this is no ordinary house visit. “Yes? To what do I owe this visit, Commander?”

She watches the man lock the door and type something into his holo-tablet, noting with mild interest that the red dots for the surveillance cameras have shut off. When he seems to be done sealing the room off from any communications and monitoring, he takes a seat near her. She sits back down, waiting, eyebrow raised.

Gabriel takes a rattling breath (one that Moira didn’t even need to be a doctor to know that it is not the way a person should sound).

“I need your help,” he rasps, finally.

“Oh? Explain to me the nature of the help you would like to receive.”

For a fleeting moment, she thought the man was going to throw up with the way his face blanches and he covers his mouth with a hand. It’s certainly surprising when he begins to cough violently, retching at some points. To see such a hardy man reduced to such a feeble mess should faze her, but it doesn’t come close to what catches her attention, and suddenly, she is keenly aware of why her commander is here, asking her for help instead of a bleeding heart like Angela.

In his hand and scattered on the floor were several bloody red petals.

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Am I doing this right

diya’s cap fell cos they were busy making out



The lovely @anunyun hosted a MakoHaru gift exchange this year. Huge thank you for giving me this fun opportunity to draw some MH. 
This is my gift for @chancedony ! She requested anything MH in Tokyo related. I wanted to draw them in their new outfits anyway so this was perfect!

Forgive me for being a bit late, but I hope you had a lovely Christmas regardless! <3

I originally planned on painting it but I didn’t have enough time T.T 
If you’d like me to finish it and send you a fully colored piece later on you can just message me :D It’s not my greatest work and I’m not particularly proud of it but.. Well, for now.. I hope this is okay!


I’ve been in this fandom for months and 2 entire games later I finally drew the toys together. Look at these assholes.

Because the drawing I did yesterday was for an update for askmaresombra (which is now done) and because I don’t think I’ll be having much time to draw today.. here’s a wip post: special edition!

I call it “shit that I’ll never finish!”

Because some of this stuff have been sitting in my to do list for months (that layton picture has been there since november of 2011!)

So yeah, maybe one day I’ll finish them but my motivation for these are at an all time low