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Fun fact: before knowing Kageyama’s name I called him potato head.

If this Fandom could get through some of the SH*T that went down in season 3 with Olicity, then we sure as Sh*t can get through anything. 

Lets review some of what happened Season 3 shall we. 

So 3x09 this happened 

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And we were all like 

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Then this happened 

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And well did we loose our shit or what 

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Then things take a turn and this happened  

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And I’m sure we all screamed out our screens in disbelief, anger and/or sadness. Lots of emotions going on I’m sure. 

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I remember being kind of angry at Oliver with him thinking well just you know I’ll just go up on this mountain and we’ll sort it out and then I’ll come back blah blah blah……. Well wasn’t he way off. 

And then we had to wait god knows how many weeks until the next episode. 

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Yeah it was a rough period. And then when he did come back. BOOM  

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And then she started dating Ray, and I wanted to smack my head against a wall. I still think it was just nope, I didn’t really get it but hey it happened and it’s done and gone now, so I guess we must move on. 

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Then the gods decided to shine upon us and grant us a god damn miracle in the way of THE SEX SCENE. Sorry not sorry. 

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Which made us so happy!

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And we were all riding high and life was good again….. until some asshat had to go and crush our dreams by doing this 

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So from the end of 3x20 until 3x23 we had to yet again deal with the separation and the pain and the despair ( I know I’m being a tad dramatic, but oh well). 

Omg how about when Oliver married Nyssa. 

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Again why the fuck would they make Oliver and Nyssa marry. I don’t agree with the writers doing that, I was totally confused and pissed off. 

But then 3x23 came around and after some more angst, which by now the fandom was use to…. lol maybe not. 

This happened 

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And then this 

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And finally we could all breathe and be happy at least for a little while. 

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Basically what I’m trying to say is were gonna get through whatever happens season 5. I’m positive things will work out, just give it some time. I’m not going to get into season 4, I’ll leave that for another day. It’s still a but too fresh. 

Okay so hear me out:

Fake AH Crew Ray who used to be a pharmacy tech. 18 years old, fresh out of high school Ray in NYC, working in a chain pharmacy to support himself, learning the ropes for a few years until shit happens and he leaves for Los Santos. After all, it pays way better to sell drugs illegally.

He makes his name with the sniper rifle, but when money’s tight he drifts through a store in the daytime, checks out the camera situations, then cruises back through at night, stealing all the good stuff and cashing in for the next few days. He doesn’t even have to show weapons, thanks to policies that he knows value employee lives and lawsuits over drug inventory.

Once he joins the crew, it doesn’t come up until some low level boss tries to sell Geoff a couple cases of what he claims to be Percocet. Geoff and Jack aren’t sure whether or not to close the deal, when Ray pops in and says, “Yep. That’s Mallinckrodt. Real deal.”

Later on, Gav gets a serious case of the snuffles, (and with that nose, it’s a mess) and Michael and Ray go to the closest drugstore.

“Put down the fucking Mucinex. He doesn’t need any dextromethorphan.”

“My IDs a no-go, dude. Non-driver its suspicious. Just go ask for Aleve-D and don’t look so shady.”

Something I don't think OUAT gets enough credit for

Is what it does SO WELL with its couples.  Yeah, they have their differences, and they fight, but unlike SO MANY OTHER SHOWS out there, one fight doesn’t mean OH WE’RE OVER LET’S HAVE SOME UNNECESSARY SEPARATION ANGST.

No. CS has a long road ahead of them. It’s not going to be easy, they both have their demons and bad shit is going to happen.  I don’t know about you, but I’m FAR more interested in seeing them deal with these things, as they come, TOGETHER.  You don’t have to play on-again, off-again with your ships to make them interesting.  If it works, in the case of Belle and Rumple, and it’s NECESSARY, then they do it, and they do it RIGHT.

But I so appreciate that on this show, if people are together, they’re built to last.  I get tired of seeing the back and forth, the nonsense drama that comes when you break a couple apart for the pure SAKE of drama.

I’m way more invested in ships like Snowing and Captain Swan. I’d rather see two equal partners, fighting the world together, than fighting EACH OTHER, any day of the week.

Why is it, in stories about teens, when the introvert “”boring”” kid is like “I’m finally going to live my life!!!” they always go to a party and all this wild shit happens and they’re like “I am changed forever. I’m a new me. I’m now a ‘’’fun’’’ non-boring person!!!”

Like. Aside from the fact that I was that introvert and all the times I’ve gone to parties I found them incredibly dull because there was no way to connect with people bc they were too drunk/stoned/the music was too loud so I ended up on my phone the whole time–

Why is it that going to a party is the Quintessential “I’m going to live my life” thing??? I don’t even??? Life is this infinitely complex thing with so many opportunities and experiences why is a house party considered to be such a huge deal I just don’t

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When Cas dies Dean doesn’t speak much. Sam is not surprised. He knew that if something happened to Castiel this would’ve been his brother’s reaction. Of course, he didn’t know that Cas was going to die. Not like this, at least. But when he found Dean, knees on the ground, with Castiel’s body laying lifeless in his arms he didn’t even have to ask. In the back of his head, Sam always knew that Cas would have always protected Dean.

-We should give him a funeral. -Sam says -Like, a proper one.

Dean doesn’t say anything.

-But then again, do angels even have funerals? -Sam sighs, looking at his brother’s back -Let’s… let’s just give him a hunter funeral.


 Sam raises an eyebrow, confused by Dean’s sharp response.

-What do you mean no? You don’t want to give him a funeral?

-We aint gonna burn him. -Dean says, and his voice is almost shaking -No way. We bury him.

Sam doesn’t really understand his brother’s behaviour, but it’s not his decision to make. Sure, he and Cas were friends, good friends, and he loved that angel. But Cas and Dean? Something was different when it came to them. Something was always going on between them, built on looks, glaring, sighs and little touches that looked innocent to a stranger, but not to him. 

Sam looks at his brother as he digs in the ground violently, without resting a single second. Then he tries to help Dean to lay Castiel’s body in the pit but Dean doesn’t let him and he does it by himself, carrying Cas and carefully placing him on the ground. 

It takes Dean one whole hour to cover Castiel’s body with the dirt. 

They start hunting again after a month, a month that Dean spends locked in his room, eating almost nothing and watching way too much tv.

Nothing is the same again, even though Dean tries his best to make it look like nothing changed. But everything changed, Cas is not there anymore. No more awkward staring, no more werid conversations, no more sudden appareances in the back of the Impala. 

It takes Sam three more months to realize why Dean didn’t burn him: he’s hoping he comes back. In that particular body. It doesn’t matter if Jimmy’s body was just a shell, a vessel. Dean wishes Cas to come back with that body. So that everything returns the same. Because Dean loved Castiel. And he still does.