shit that happens to me

  • Cal:....Mare? Why is your head on my chest?
  • know, just making sure you're still alive
  • Cal:you aren't seriously worried that I'm going to die in my sleep...are you?
  • Mare:*rolls over* Death, demise, die, those are my least favorite words right now.

So anyway me and @anexcessofeverything and @hotsmugstache went to @cupidford’s last night and I made tequila sunrises that were too tequilay and we watched Startup and it was a Problem and we learned that her dog is turned on by Martin and we discussed Johnlock shower scenes and played Cards Against Humanity and it was a great time

(*I am getting so fucking fed up with assholes who insist on sucking the fun out of roleplaying. I’m disgusted by some of the hate I’ve seen my friends receive, and I’m absolutely enraged that these messages are doing damage to their confidence.

There are so many talented writers on here who are afraid to post open starters or put something up about how their muse is feeling because they get attacked for it. If you have a problem with how someone is portraying their muse, then unfollow them. Block them. Blacklist them. There are options, and those options should NEVER include sending hate, anonymous or otherwise.

Like, fuck, man, isn’t there enough hatred in this world? Aren’t there enough people who make it their mission to destroy someone else’s happiness? Why add to it? Why encourage it?

Wake the fuck up, Tumblr, and realize that someone’s roleplay blog doesn’t revolve around you and how YOU think something should be done. If it doesn’t affect you, then don’t be an asshole about it. And if it bothers you that much, allow me to refer you above to those other fucking options I mentioned.

Fuck off with your negativity. Learn to love. Learn to encourage. Learn to not just respect differences, but to appreciate them. How boring would life be if everyone lived by the same cookie-cutter rules?*)

While we’re on Headcanon Express here…

I like to think Dave is more unsettled by the differences between Dirk and Bro than the similarities.

Dirk does something frighteningly similar to Bro and Dave says nothing, hardly even thinks anything of it. They’re bound to be similar. That’s To Be Expected.

But sometimes he bangs his fucking shin on a coffee table at 3am while flashstepping and the goDDAMN X FILES THEME PLAYS IN DAVES HEAD AS HE STARES IN BEWILDERMENT. Dirk proceeds to curse under his breath about asspacking endtables as he makes himself a pot of coffee, all the while Dave’s entire world is falling apart. He thinks back. Had Bro ever clipped the coffee table? No? What the fuck, did he ever trip over a chair? NO? SLIP ON A SMUPPET… NO. No unexplained bumps in the night, no quiet cursing as he goes about his weird routines. Nothing.

I think that after a while he gets used to it, and takes comfort in the differences as well as the familiarity fostered by any resemblance he may share with dead relatives. But it takes time. And so it goes that for like 4 months Dave just quietly freaked out every time Dirk wasnt the untouchable broninja he grew up with.

nymishadhavani  asked:

hey, i was wondering. when rhys and feyre are having sex, towards the end, feyre sits "astride" him and then thinks about why he wanted her in this position & that she understands. why does rhys want her in that position? is there a story behind it?

Hi! Just for context, here’s the actual scene:

“He twisted us, pulling out long enough to lie on his back and haul me over him. There was a glimmer in the darkness–a flash of lingering pain, a scar. And I understood why he wanted me like this, wanted to end it like this, with me astride him. It broke my heart. I leaned forward to kiss him, softly, tenderly.”

This is open to interpretation, but I believe it’s because Under the Mountain, when we know Rhys was used and abused by Amarantha, this would always be the position she would have him in. It must have given her great pleasure, power hungry monster that she was, to know that she had under her the most powerful High Lord to ever have lived–pleasuring her, serving her. She relished that so much–that Rhys was completely helpless and under her control.

This is what Feyre sees that night: Rhys remembering, Rhys hurting, Rhys trying to forget, to erase, to replace–that memory. Because this time, it’s Feyre on top of him and he knows that it’s his mate, this time it’s the one who knows him and recognizes him and acknowledges him and all his scars and flaws and fears and faults and loves him for all of them anyway–because of all of them. I think that was very important to Rhys, and Feyre realized that.

So long story short, my work dad knows about me cosplaying and how I’m a giant nerd. Anyways, yesterday he asks me, “so who is this Keith character?”. I laugh hysterically to cover the shame because I’m complete trash over him and am currently in Sheith hell. I simply reply that I’ve been watching the remake of Voltron which my dad grew up watching in Okinawa when he was a kid. But in reality all that’s flashing through my mind is all the fics and nsfw shit I’ve seen and how much I ship them together.

Story of my life.

mun news

[[some dude took my chai latte for his drink at the local starbucks. I didn’t notice I didn’t have my own drink since we both ordered grande.

He actually flagged me down and told me and he was all stuttery and it was so fucking funny cause here’s this tall dark haired caucasian man who’s all flustered and then offering to buy me a new one because he already took a sip.

I just asked if he had any strange diseases and he said no, so I took the latte from him and started drinking.

There are normal people in this world.

And then, there are Bertholdts. ]]

Today in class this girl was like “I don’t even GET lesbian sex, like what is there to DO without the d?” And I was gonna say something but then this little sophomore (who normally gets really embarrassed when we talk about sex) jumps in and he’s like “TONGUE you use your TONGUE” and I was so proud that I high fived him

when you’re accused of secretly listening to melanie martinez

There is this guy in my university whom with I share some of my classes, and since last year he eventually would come and ask something. He calls me by my name and talks to me like I have a freaking idea of who he is, which I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, the bloke is nice and all, I don’t mind at all his talking to me, it is just super awkward because I don’t even know his name and I keep wondering why or how the hell he knows mine. 

Usually it is always the other way round, people having no idea who the hell am I, so I feel a little bad for this… I think I’m going to investigate a little bit and get to know this boy’s name. So I can scream it to his face the next time he cames to ask something. Let’s see how he likes it. Gosh.