shit that happens to me

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[[some dude took my chai latte for his drink at the local starbucks. I didn’t notice I didn’t have my own drink since we both ordered grande.

He actually flagged me down and told me and he was all stuttery and it was so fucking funny cause here’s this tall dark haired caucasian man who’s all flustered and then offering to buy me a new one because he already took a sip.

I just asked if he had any strange diseases and he said no, so I took the latte from him and started drinking.

There are normal people in this world.

And then, there are Bertholdts. ]]

Today in class this girl was like “I don’t even GET lesbian sex, like what is there to DO without the d?” And I was gonna say something but then this little sophomore (who normally gets really embarrassed when we talk about sex) jumps in and he’s like “TONGUE you use your TONGUE” and I was so proud that I high fived him

I passed by my bathroom earlier and saw that a couple of friends was sitting on the ground, in front of the fishtank. All I heard was one of them saying “fish don’t have eyelids, Garance” and I really don’t know what to think about that

Using my fingers to contour my cheekbones bcs I cant be assed to wear makeup