shit that happens on facebook


There’s a trend going on with some roleplayers on Facebook with Wendy’s Facebook page, and some funny shit is happening as a result.

I want to eat at Wendy’s right now.

OKAY guys!   i wasn’t here yesterday because aside from my always busy 24/7 lifestyle, some GOOD SHIT happened. 

if you have me on facebook ( if you want to add me just ask !! ) then you know this already. but to refresh -  i’ve been partially homeless since October 31st. and then i proceeded to be laid off in January due to the minimum wage raise. ( our store wasn’t hitting totals, so hours were sparse and the boss couldn’t pay ALL of us min. wage right out the bat. ) 

BUT yesterday, sitting at the post office, my mom got an email saying WE WERE APPROVED FOR A GORGEOUS HOUSE ! it is so much more than we can afford but at the moment, we are completely willing to go without everything for a few weeks. what matters is that WE ARE NOT HOMELESS ANYMORE. 

I also had a job interview yesterday, with the company that laid me off, and i am now working again ! they hired me back BEFORE we even had the interview because they had planned on calling me anyways when the store was making some more money!  

so i have a place to sleep in a bed, i have the job that i love and cherish back, and my makeup is getting SO much recognition in tuc.son it isn’t even funny! 

i’ll be here off and on today until my photoshoot tonight, but i wanted to post this because there was quite a few people that were worried about my situation lately. i love you all !! <3

The cognitive dissonance re: the peaceful protests and mass arrests in Russia recently-

Like y'all, protests in the US look like that too.

There’s a really obnoxious tendency to condemn shit like goes down in Russia, while ignoring when similar shit happens in America.

Like I’ll see family members on facebook make cranky posts about how it’s shameful that the Russian government reacted the way they did, and yes that’s tru but uh we’ve got cops in what are essentially goddamn tanks responding to protests just as violently.

ANOTHER EXAMPLE: all that public outcry over Russian anti-gay laws, especially during the 2014 Olympics, that conveniently ignored the systemic homophobia across the US.

I distinctly remember my cousin complaining about those Russian laws, and it’s just like bitch you legit told me all about how you think marriage should be legally defined as between a man and a woman, get fucked.

I tend to steer clear of fandoms but getting to see Justin shut down fatphobia that’s occurring on a platform he DOESN’T EVEN FREAKING USE is some A+ content creator behaviour right there.

Like, he knows that he has a degree of authority within a fandom and instead of shifting responsibility, he uses that authority to make it the most inclusive and positive space possible.

It would be one thing if he did it in response to something on twitter or Facebook but shit that happens on tumblr means NOTHING to him and he STILL made the effort to make it a positive space.

Just, yes. Yes, good. Sweet boy.

Also, [REDACTED] clearly a troll and doesn’t need to be paid any more attention so we can all get on with enjoy all the good Taakos.

… And this is another reason why abuse happens. Because adults on Facebook spread this shit and it encourages abusive parents to look through their child’s phone (like my parents often have) when they have no business there.

On Kik and Snapchat, you can only add contacts whose username/Kik codes you already have. Predators can’t message you unless you make your username/Kik code public, or you add the predator yourself, which is highly unlikely. Yeah, people often take screenshots of people’s Snapchat nudes and spread them around, which is why you need to be careful when sending nudes.

On Tinder, you don’t “rate” profiles - you swipe left or right. And you can turn location off.

You can send sexually explicit and abusive messages on ANY platform, not just YikYak and Whisper. What, do adults want us to get rid of all social media? is problematic, but no one really uses it anymore. That’s the one app I agree with on this list, though.

And Vaulty, Audio Manager and HiCalculator are apps that can protect kids from abusive parents by hiding the stuff they don’t want them to see. Yet, by publishing articles of this kind, you’re endangering children even more.

Good job.

i haven’t read tokyo goul in a while, it’s just so hard for me to concentrate, but i really like it…..