shit tee

Most other groups: *basically live on music shows with their five costume coordinators but get either amazing outfits or everything from the second hand store five minutes before the show no in between*

Day6: *gets one week of music shows per year*
“what we wearing?“
“shit I don’t know I thought you knew”
“what about jeans?”
“should we all match?”


tee’s fave movies

chihiro (sen) + lin development


Okay so. 

For a very long time now, I’ve had this idea for a fan comic, that I sorta put on the back-burner for various reasons. It’s mainly for some encouragement for myself, to get some motivation to work on my one comic series that I have had in my head for like frickin’ decades (I’m not lying. It literally has been that long…). I thought maybe if I did this comic series it would put me in the mood. 

Anyway, it’s sort of this modern day-ish Middle Earth AU, that follows the often ridiculous adventures of Kili and Fili, and their dealings with friends and family (Hilarity to ensue). I’m not going into more details, but here are some sketches I came up with for their designs. Fili turned out pretty much how I pictured him, while I’m still stuck on what Kili’s jacket/attire is supposed to look like…I basically took their current designs and meshed them with modern clothes (at least that’s the idea. If you’ve seen it, think Ella Enchanted, kinda.) Kili is supposed to have a guitar but that is clearly not pictured. I couldn’t get his pose right at all…

I actually kinda like how this came out so I might redo these and colour them. I’d still like to do this if there’s any interest in it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and honestly aside from the occasional like “reapfist cancelled r76 lol” joke i??? am really not seeing a whole lot of Ship Hate!!!!!!!!!! coming from rfist’s end. im seeing a lot of r76 shippers like “stop shitting on r76!!!” but its like????? where tho????? wheres it at????????????????