shit t shirt design

that site going around selling their own merch featuring harry’s album artwork? they’re peddling bullshit that this isn’t a copyright issue.

they say they’re not violating copyright, but they’re making $$ off someone else’s artistic output. all they’ve done is take the images and slap them on t-shirts and shit. that’s not design, they have not altered the work by 10%. i had a friend get c&d’d by MLB for using SILHOUETTES of baseball players on his designs, so the idea that using harry’s back is fine is absurd. he’s clearly identifiable, it’s not just about his face. people are idiots.

FURTHERMORE – if you don’t know who’s running that site, you don’t know where your money is going. if they refuse to identify their urls, why would you give them money? they’re probably larries, let’s be real.

don’t support this kind of lazy capitalism. you’re better than this. 

(will they get sued? no. they’ll get a c&d (cease and desist) and orders WILL be canceled. it’s only a matter of time.)

we bare bears is the most aggressively mediocre cartoon i have seen in years but i haven’t seen anyone talking about it on here so i’m going to do the honors of rambling about this children’s cartoon not being funny

the show feels like it was built around two things: 1) the recurring visual gag of three bears stacked on top of each other and 2) a cynical, out of touch attempt to further appeal to millenials who like shows like adventure time and regular show

there are three main characters, none of whom are interesting, and so far no noteworthy side characters have been introduced, so it’s incredibly hard to care about what’s going on. grizz is in charge of the trio, and he’s an idiot, and he says “bros” a lot, and he has a lot of bad ideas, and he’s annoying and not funny. he sort of feels like a horrible mutation of jake the dog. pan-pan is a panda. he’s sensitive and he has an iphone. his whole character is just “haha, get it, he said his phone is his whole life and he texts people using emojis!!!!! it’s humor!!!!!!!!!!!!” he did, however, have the only joke i found genuinely funny in the first three episodes, which was when he started doing a bunch of suspect drawings after their backpack got stolen and all his art was really anime. icebear is the fucking bane of my existence. he speaks in a monotone voice, has a permanent blank expression, refers to himself in the third person, and does weird shit. he feels like he was designed to sell t-shirts and i hate him

every episode has maybe two jokes that work, the rest of it is just boring and predictable. and it just feels SO cynical. the whole second episode was about memes and it was about as painful as that sounds. people have already taken several instances of the phrase “meme con” from the episode and made out of context posts with audio and screencaps and believe me when i say it’s only funny out of context

does it have potential? i guess, but not a lot